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tifosi optics sport sunglasses

If you've seen my Instagram photos, you'll know that I love prescription sunglasses but most of the pairs I have are standard sunglasses designed for wearing at the the beach or relaxing with a drink while enjoying the sunset. On the other hand, when boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities the open sides of those sunglasses becomes a weakness that allows the sun's rays to reach my eyes and face creating eye strain as well as ultimately vision damage depending on how long I'm out there without shade. 

So when Tifosi Optics reached out with a chance to try a pair of their Prescription Sport Sunglasses I was excited to give it a try. What I discovered though was something I really hadn't expected since this is a completely different shape of lens than I'd experienced previously.

Specifically, while my "flat" lensed sunglasses don't distort vision, these have a thin lens that bends around my face to block the sun from entering on the sides. When I first placed the glasses on my face, this effect was a bit disorienting and I thought perhaps the glasses we faulty.

tifosi sunglasses on stump

However, as I got familiarized with them a bit more I began to acclimate and my brain took care of the distortion that I had initially noticed.

While I'm sure the PR person would have preferred me to omit that part and only focus on the good stuff, I think it's important since had I been a paying customer (instead of receiving a pair for review) - I'd have been fairly upset and probably not given them the time to adjust.  I'm glad I did.

With that being said, I do think that I prefer a more traditional style of sun glasses though these are a great option for someone who wants a more aggressive look for biking, boating, or even golfing for instance. Plus, they have a great feel to them.

tifosi fishing sunglasses on stump

What I can say though is that the glasses are very attractive and the carbon fiber frame gives it a sport, cutting edge tech feel that I do appreciate. Likewise the polarized lenses do a good job of cutting down on glare while fishing, even on cloudy days.

Aside from the fact that these glasses are incredibly light, one thing that I do really appreciate about these - and why they will likely be coming with us on future cruise vacations to tropical places - is that they are vented. You can see in the image above that there's  small open slice between the lens and the frame. That is designed to allow air through so it doesn't get trapped against your face. In theory this will help to significantly reduce the fogging that I experience with most other classes.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed by these glasses. To learn more about Tifosi Optics, visit their website. They offer a wide selection of prescription frames for men and women like I chose from, as well as non-prescription options.