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Chase Guttman is an award winning travel photographer and a drone photography pioneer who has traveled the world and frankly achieved success by looking at things from a different angle. We had a chance to chat with me and learn more about how his craft and some of the awesome places he loves to visit.

Thank you to Chase Guttman and also to Old Spice for coordinating this interview and your support of men who are doing great things!

Q1: How did you get into drone photography?

A1: I was always interested in perspective as a light-based photographer. Anyone in the world can get out of a tour bus, stand in the default position and snap the same photo as everyone else. Perspective allows you to get a unique photograph. Drones are magnificent in that regard, because they allow you to see that things that may never have been seen before. That’s why they became a larger part of my storytelling while abroad. And you can see it in the book I recently authored, The Handbook of Drone Photography, which covers 20 states and 10 countries and shows the different energies and cultures that we can see and experience around the world... with a little twist from above.

Q2: I feel like a lot of guys were sold a concept that jobs would be fun - not like their dads had. Some of us have succeeded but others not so much. What is some advice you might have for guys stuck in a rut career wise?

A2: I think the most important thing to do is identify your true interests. Find ways to mix these interests in your current job and build on it. This is the best way to let yourself go free of a “rut” job and allow your passions to become more than just an interest.

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Q3: As someone who's recently gotten into drones, I feel like the "heyday" is over since you have all sorts of regulations now on where you can fly. How do you get around those restrictions?

A3: I think we’re really just seeing the beginning of drones and that the heyday is yet to come. The drone world is so new that over time, they’ll become more accepted. Not just by people, but also at a regulatory level.

Q4: What is your favorite adventure?

A4: I’ve been extremely lucky to have gone ostrich riding, shark cage diving, heli-hiking and even jaguar tracking. Even though it’s hard and oftentimes sweaty work, I’m happy to lead a life that's geared toward experiences - and that I can share through my photography.

Q5: If you were going to head off on an epic mancation with your buddies, where would you be headed and who's coming with you?

A5: I’m extremely interested in the United States and discovering cultures within cities, states, regions and neighborhoods. Something I do each summer is cross country road trips with my best friends. I think sharing moments with your best friends and your family is extremely important and I’m looking forward to this summer’s adventures.

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Q6: One of the thing I love about drone photography is that it provides a different perspective on life. Has this led you in different directions or has your existing different perspective led you to create these great images?

A6: I think drones can textualize the world around us. I think they do that not just from a visual standpoint but also from the viewpoint of showing how small we are in the grand scheme of the world. They reveal how many things there are to see and explore.

Q7: What's one place you haven't been able to visit yet but hope to go to soon?

A7: I’m extremely interested in cultures and exotic landscapes. For me, India is really high on the list as well as Australia and Antarctica.