Sleepcation Ideas including Booking an Inside Cabin on a Cruise Ship

When most of us plan vacations, we're focused on seeing tons of awesome stuff and a go go go schedule. However, there's a different sort of vacation that can be equally great. I guess you could call these ideas a "sleepcation" and that's OK! Your body needs a chance to relax an recharge, something that is increasingly more challenging in our modern life where we're surrounded by electronic devices and distractions that keep us up late and wake us up early.

Restonic sent over the results from a new survey they just released about sleep patterns in America and it seems like we need to get some good quality sleep now more than ever. For instance, 91% of people say that they wake up at least once each night, and only 86% of people say they don't get enough sleep. While there are solutions you can employ at home such as getting a new mattress, placing your phones in a closed drawer and avoiding having a computer or TV in your bedroom to distract you, sometimes you just need a sleepcation. So, with that in mind, here's some of our favorite ideas of places you can go to get that great sleep your body craves.

Other tips to help you get good sleep include:

  1. Make sure to avoid eating and drinking just before going to bed
  2. Have a clear mind before you lay down. To help, try writing down notes of what needs to get done so you aren't thinking about it all night. Similarly, talk with your partner before bed if there is anything bothering you - rather than talking it out once you lay down.
  3. Make sure to clean your environment, not just your mind. Work to reduce dust, mold, and other things that could make the air less healthy. This includes replacing your mattress when it gets old and making sure to wash / change your sheets regularly too.
  4. Get a proper pillow to support your head correctly. This will reduce neck strain as well as helping you breath better at night.

Of course, sometimes you just gotta get away from it all to get the perfect sleep, so here are some of our favorite ideas for a sleepcation!

Booking an inside cabin on a cruise ship is a great way to get great sleep since it's quieter and the sun won't wake you up.

Book an Inside Cabin on a Cruise Ship

This idea will work well for virtually any cruise line but I think it will work especially well on Holland America Line and Princess Cruises. The thing I like about both of these cruise lines is that compared to Carnival, Royal Caribbean, or Norwegian, you're going to have less kids on board and there are fewer ship-wide announcements as well as other distractions. That isn't to say there isn't anything to do ... but you can relax if you want to. Additionally, both lines have a great media library and a generally more relaxed pace where if you want to go to bed at 9 pm there aren't constant late night parties drawing you to dance all night long.  Additionally, while most large ships are extremely stable the gentle rocking of the boat - even if you don't feel it - will help relax your body.

By selecting an inside cabin, you won't be distracted by sunlight from the windows. Even with blackout curtains supplied on most ships, sunlight still creeps through. Another advantage is that since it's a ship in the middle of the ocean you don't need your phones either, so that's one less distraction to worry about. Selecting an inside cabin over a balcony might be a controversial opinion, but if it's the ultimate sleepcation you are after - it's a great choice. 

eco resort cabin with hammock

Eco Tourism Retreat

If camping is too rustic, there are dozens of places around the world that are designed for turning the distractions of modern society off and focusing on getting back to nature. While these range from high-tech green buildings to rustic villages with thatched roofs and no electronics, you're going to be able to escape the distractions of modern life and be able to focus on relaxing.

Take a Vacation to an All Inclusive Resort

Like the cruise idea above, you need to pick the right one. While some all-inclusive resorts are heavy into sports and activities, others are perfect for your relaxing sleepcation. The Sandals resort Heather and I visited on our honeymoon in Jamaica was a perfect example of this (though it's now part the mega resort Sandals Ocho Rios). We without distractions like worrying about when to eat, how much something was, or really anything other than just relaxing this is a perfect opportunity to get some great sleep. Plus, you'll typically find that the rooms in most modern All Inclusive Resorts feature fantastic beds and air conditioning too.

camping off the grid is another great way to get away from distractions of modern technology and get a great night sleep

Go Camping Off the Grid

One of the greatest distractions that prevent sleep is electronics in your bedroom and that goes doubly so for LED lights that blink from different devices. Additionally, even the electronic whirring from fans on your computer, TV, DVD player etc. can distract from proper sleep. The solution is to get out there and get away from it all. Pick a place that is off the grid and far enough away from civilization that your phones won't work either. That could seem scary but it's not and you'll be surprised at how well rested you are the next morning.