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Detroit Sports Guys Weekend Ideas - Go to a Lions Game

Detroit ... it's a city that's synonymous with sports, music, food, masculine heroes, and cars. It is your ideal place for a fun, unforgettable guys weekend on the riverfront where the cool breezes from the water keep the summer heat at bay and during the winter help to reduce the chill that Michigan is known for. With its rich sports heritage hosting legendary teams and easy accessibility via an impressive airport, Detroit promises both convenience to get to and a thrilling, legendary Motor City experience. Add to this fun mix some exciting gambling opportunities, world-class building sights, and affordable hotel stays - you're a winner with these things!

I can still remember the first time I visited Detroit - it was a quick fly-in event for the launch of a new car at Ford Field. Since then I've had several enjoyable visits to the city that I once only associated with urban decay and crime from 1980s movies like Robocop and documentaries such as Roger & Me. The reality today is that the city has come a long way and it is one of the most exciting places to visit for sports fans - as well as foodies, history buffs, car geeks, and music nerds too. 


So if you're planning that perfect getaway with your buddies where all these elements blend seamlessly together - Detroit has got you covered. Scroll down as we unveil our top picks for the best of what Motor City offers for your guys' weekend gateway.

1. Start Your Detroit Sports Guys Weekend With A Game!

If you're a sports enthusiast, there's no better way to spend your weekend in Detroit than by catching a live game. The city houses four major professional sports teams: the Lions for football, the Tigers for baseball, the Red Wings for ice hockey, and the Pistons for basketball. Whether you are already a fan of one of these teams or heading to Motor City to cheer on your hometown favorite, or just want to see what the hubbub is about, attending one of these games is a must-do on a Detroit sports guys weekend.

Experience the thrill of being part of an electrifying crowd at Ford Field or Comerica Park. These stadiums, museums to the world of sports, are not just about watching games; they're also about soaking in that unique atmosphere only live sports can offer.

Ford Field is home to the Lions and it is known as one of the best spots to watch a football match. On game day, fans fill up every corner creating an unforgettable experience with their cheers and roars.

Comerica Park is where you'll find Tigers' fans cheering on their team during baseball season. It offers more than just baseball; it serves up something special with its attractions like carousel rides and a Ferris wheel overlooking the field.

Remember though - these games aren't spontaneous events! You need to check team schedules in advance if you want to catch any home games during your visit.

Detroit takes its sports seriously so expect each game to be filled with excitement from start till end. Whether you're rooting for your favorite team or simply enjoying the adrenaline rush from being part of such an energetic crowd, this experience will surely be one highlight of your guys' weekend trip!

2. Experience Don't Forget About Pro Teams Across The River In Windsor!

As part of your Detroit sports guys weekend, consider expanding your horizons by taking a quick trip to Windsor. This Canadian city is just across the river from Detroit and offers its own unique sporting culture.

One of the highlights of this cross-border adventure is catching a game with the Windsor Spitfires. They're an ice hockey team in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). Imagine yourself cheering alongside passionate local fans as you immerse in some authentic Canadian hockey action.

But it's not all about the sports. Your trip to Windsor also provides a unique perspective on Detroit itself. From across the river, you can take in breathtaking views of Motor City's skyline that are sure to make for memorable photographs.

3. Visit The Motown Museum

A visit to the Motown Museum is a must on any Detroit sports guys weekend. It's not just about sports in this city, but also its rich history and culture. The museum offers you an immersive journey into the world of Motown Records. You'll find yourself surrounded by music history that has shaped our modern soundscape.

While you may be wondering why I included this as one of our top picks for a sports weekend getaway to Detroit - the relationship should be clear after you attend a handful of games. Not only are these tunes part of American history - they are popular at special events in Detroit, played between pauses in the action at virtually every stadium and the relationship between sports and music celebrities throughout the years is one that can’t be ignored either.

For instance, the Marvin Gaye song, “What’s Going On” features background vocals provided by two players from the Detroint Lions - Mell Far and Lem Barney.

You can see firsthand memorabilia from iconic artists like Stevie Wonder and The Supremes. Imagine standing in front of Stevie Wonder's harmonica or Diana Ross' glittering gowns!

An interactive guided tour takes you through the behind-the-scenes stories of the Motown era. Hear tales about how Berry Gordy started it all with just $800, or how Marvin Gaye recorded some of his biggest hits right here in Detroit.

Walking around, you'll feel transported back to a time when these legendary songs were first being created. This isn't your average museum - it's a living piece of music history. This great place doesn't stop at showcasing past glories either! Contemporary art installations are scattered throughout for an added visual treat as you explore.

4. Detroit Craft Beer Tours

Ready to sample some local brews? Detroit's craft beer scene is booming, offering a wide variety of flavors and styles. Whether you're a stout lover or an IPA enthusiast, there's something for everyone.

Joining a brewery tour can elevate your experience. Not only do you get to taste different beers, but also learn about the brewing processes and history behind each one. It's like going on an educational trip while sipping on your favorite drink.

One of the best things about these tours is that they take you to multiple breweries in just one day! This means you can enjoy a comprehensive tasting experience without having to worry about transportation or planning routes. You'll be taken from one spot to another, discovering unique tastes at every stop.

Imagine savoring a crisp cider at Motor City Brewing Works before heading over to Atwater Brewery for their signature Vanilla Java Porter. Or maybe trying out some experimental brews at Batch Brewing Company? The possibilities are endless!

While there are some great choices on the American side of the Detroit River, we highly encourage you to expand your Detroit Sports Guys Weekend with a visit to Windsor as well for the Bottles and Brews trail.

american v lafayette

5. Sample Some Of Detroit's Iconic Foods

Your guys' weekend in Detroit wouldn't be complete without sampling the city's iconic foods.

First on your must-try list should be the Detroit-style pizza. This rectangular-shaped, thick-crust pie has a crispy bottom and cheesy edges that make it unique from other styles. Not only is it delicious and unique and crispy - but it is iconic to the area’s manufacturing heritage since the shape is derived from the tool trays that were used in factories that “somehow” ended up being used in kitchens to create pizza.

If you're up for something different, try the Coney Island hot dogs covered with bean-less chili sauce, onions, and mustard. There’s few things that will elicit a debate here like who has the best coney. Don’t let the tourist books and other travel bloggers confuse you though … while National and American are by far the most famous … these are both corporate institutions today. National Coney Island, for instance, has nearly two dozen locations across Detroit and American Coney Island - while smaller even has a location at The D Las Vegas.

One thing that makes Detroit’s food scene so exciting is the decades of intermixing between different cultures. While Middle Eastern foods such as shwarma are now making their way into the pantheon of iconic Detroit treats - so are some quirky favorites like Corned Beef Egg Rolls.

This fusion of Irish and Chinese cuisine reflects the multicultural heritage of Motor City as it evolved out of Jewish delis found in African-American neighborhoods following the great migration and has now become a staple.

Other Detroit foodie favorites include Better Made chips - a local favorite snack since 1930, or bumpy cake. It’s a chocolate cake topped with buttercream bumps and coated in fudge icing – truly decadent!

To wash down all these savory delights, sip on Vernors Float, aka Boston Cooler or Faygo pop - a Detroit favorite created by Russian Immigants in 1907. (I love my rock and rye!) – these two beverages are synonymous with Detroit and so no guys trip would be complete without trying them.

There’s plenty more to explore here and I’m heading up there again this summer to check out some of the more unique food trucks as well as iconic restaurants like Hockeytown.

6. Visit The Ford Rouge Factory Tour And See How America’s Top Selling Trucks Are Built

Get an up-close view of America's best-selling truck being assembled at the Ford Rouge Factory Tour. It's not just about watching steel bend and car parts come together. You're witnessing history in motion.

The tour offers more than a glimpse into the building process of these iconic vehicles. It allows you to drive through the automotive industry's evolution from its humble beginnings to its promising future.

You'll learn how technology has revolutionized manufacturing processes over time, making them faster and more efficient than ever before.

An interactive exhibit showcases this transformation vividly, letting you experience firsthand how advancements in automation have streamlined production lines while maintaining quality control standards.

But it doesn't stop there! The tour also delves deep into sustainability efforts within auto manufacturing—a critical topic given our planet's current environmental challenges. Explore exhibits highlighting ways automakers integrate renewable resources and reduce waste during production.

joe louis fist

7. Pose For A Photo With "The Fist" Joe Lewis Monument

While on a sports guys weekend in Detroit, make sure to capture a moment with the iconic tribute to boxing legend Joe Louis. This monument, known as "The Fist," is more than just an art installation. It's a symbol of Detroit’s rich sports history and cultural significance.

Standing tall in downtown Detroit, this landmark is hard to miss. Artists from around the world have marveled at its design and symbolism. As you step closer, you'll notice that it's not just about fame or sport - it's about the spirit of resilience that defines the city itself.

Imagine standing beneath this towering statue - 24 feet high and made entirely of bronze! You can't help but feel part of something bigger than yourself. And when you pose for a photo with it? That's your addition to Detroit’s story!

Visiting "The Fist" isn’t merely about snapping pictures though; it’s also an opportunity for reflection. Think about what Joe Louis brought to boxing – his heart and determination are mirrored in every inch of this impressive sculpture.

So why not pay homage to one of the greatest boxers who ever lived as one of your activities on an epic Detroit sports guys weekend or a father and son guys trip? After all, if there were no monuments like these, we might forget our past heroes whose contributions helped shape today’s sports landscape.

Sports gambling has been legal in Michigan since 2019 and that simply adds one more reason to visit here for your Detroit sports guys weekend getaway.

You can place bets at local casinos or, more conveniently, through mobile apps while in town or even while sitting in the Little Caesars Arena watching a game. Many top-notch casinos here offer sportsbooks as well as slots, table games, and poker rooms etc., if you prefer digital platforms, this is legal in Michigan as well through mobile apps like BetMGM Sportsbook Michigan.

Visiting Little Caesars Arena, the proud home of the Detroit Red Wings, offers an exhilarating glimpse into the heart and soul of Michigan's sports culture. The Red Wings have a packed schedule this month, making it the perfect time to immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere and passionate fan base that define Michigan's spirit. If your love for hockey is matched only by your enthusiasm for online gaming.

The real excitement comes with live sports betting on major league games. Imagine being in Detroit during a Lions' NFL match or Red Wings' NHL game! The adrenaline rush from placing wagers as events unfold is unmatched.

vintage baseball game

9. Experience The Throwback Thrill Of A Vintage Baseball Game

Imagine stepping back in time to the 1860s as baseball was just beginning its journey to become America's favorite pastime. You can experience this nostalgic thrill with the Early Risers vintage baseball team at Greenfield Village, part of the Henry Ford museum.

At while it’s not the historic Navin Field Grounds, Walnut Grove does a pretty good job, here is one of the few places in the United States where you'll witness a baseball game like this on a regular basis. Here it is played by rules as they were established in 1867 and It's not just about watching - it's about immersing yourself in history and feeling the grandeur of a bygone era.

The players don their period-appropriate uniforms and play with an authentic round ball from that time. You'll see how intricate details like field layout and player positions have evolved over years.

But it doesn't stop at observing! Engage with these dedicated players who are passionate about preserving baseball’s origins. They're always ready for a chat between innings or after games.

Join other fans who share your love for this sport’s rich history. Whether you're a die-hard fan or someone looking to spend an entertaining day out, there is something for everyone here.

Events usually take place during spring and summer months so plan accordingly and contact the museum well ahead of time.

So why wait? Add this unique experience to your Detroit sports guys weekend itinerary now!

10. Relax at a Sports Bar and Watch Live Games with Locals

Sometimes the best way to enjoy a city’s sports culture is by spending time hanging out with lcoals at one of the city's popular local hangouts. That’s certainly true for Detroit sports guys weekends too.

These spots are scattered across multiple locations throughout Detroit, each offering its unique charm and atmosphere. Whether it's a bustling club with live music or a cozy bar tucked away in some corner, there's something for everyone.

  • Hockeytown Cafe: Known as Detroit's best sports bar, Hockeytown Cafe offers a unique sports viewing experience with large screens and a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Ford's Garage: A car-themed restaurant with a sports bar vibe, Ford's Garage serves gourmet burgers and craft beers in an environment filled with vintage Ford memorabilia.
  • Nemo's Bar: A classic Detroit sports bar, Nemo's offers a great game-watching experience with its old-school charm and a shuttle service to the stadiums.
  • The Detroiter Bar: Located in the heart of Detroit, this sports bar is famous for its burgers and shuttle service to Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings games.
  • Bookies Bar & Grille: This three-story sports bar offers multiple viewing areas, a rooftop patio, and a free shuttle service to home games.
  • Thomas Magee's Sporting House Whiskey Bar: A top-notch spot for soccer fans, Thomas Magee's offers a wide selection of whiskey and broadcasts every major soccer game.
  • Detroit Beer Company: Perfect for craft beer lovers, this downtown brewery offers locally brewed beers and a great view of Comerica Park.
  • McShane's Irish Pub & Whiskey Bar: This pub offers an extensive beer and whiskey selection along with multiple screens to catch the game.

If you are looking for more suggestions, make sure to check out this list of Detroit sport bars over at Visit Detroit.

Wrapping Up Your Detroit Sports Guys Weekend.

Detroit's rich sports culture offers you an unforgettable guys' weekend for sports fans.

While Detroit Sports Fans will get something extra out of a trip like this, the reality is that with teams like Lions, Tigers, Redwings, Pistons and iconic names like Ford, and so many other things to do here - this is truly an under-rated destination for a guys trip.

For instance, while there 13 metro areas that have all four major league sports teams - Detroit is second only to New York in terms of having the oldest. Since 1957, Detroit has been home to pro Basketball, Baseball, Football, and Hockey. Still, the heritage goes even farther back with vintage baseball, college football, and I’m sure folks were playing hockey on the frozen ponds for decades before the Redwings came to town.

All of these things combine to create a Detroit sports guys weekend experience that you deserve to experience yourself.