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Summer Vacation Tips

Summer is here and  I am sure you are dreaming about doing with your friends. Whatever your travel plans are this summer though, it's important to make sure you have your stuff in order. Otherwise, what should be a once in a lifetime trip, could quickly turn into something memorable for lesser reasons. Shaving is a lot like traveling if you think about it, while anyone can do either, when you do it right it's great experience. However, if you have the wrong tools or bad technique it is no fun!

george washington whiskey still

Pick Somewhere Fun and Unique

Been to DC before? Sure, you probably went and visited the monuments, toured the White House and maybe even sat in and observed a session of congress.

BUT! Did you know that historians have renovated George Washington's whiskey distillery?

At it's peak, this was the largest distillery in the country. Not only have they restored the still - but they grind the grain, farm the grains etc. ... all in a way that is historically accurate.

This is the sort of thing that makes the guys back home go OMG - Seriously? When you share your stories and pictures with them So, forget the ordinary and let's do something that is extraordinary.

rolled shirts

Roll Your Clothes to Save Space and Avoid Wrinkles

I'm usually a "throw it all in the bag" sort of guy, but my wife has showed me this trick. The logic here is that by rolling there will be no wrinkles and there will be less air space and that means you can pack things more densely and when they come out at the other side you'll not have to worry about ironing them as much. 


Pack Toiletries Separate 

Not only does this keep things clean and separate from your clothes in the event of a leak, it's also much easier should you be stopped by the TSA.

trail mix

Pack an Easy to Eat (and clean up) Snack

Travel snacks aren't just for traveling with kids! You need to make sure you are taking care of yourself too. Personally, I love bringing bags of trail mix with me since it has tons of protein from the nuts as well as a bit of sweet with the chocolate and raisins. Plus, it's super easy to clean up by just brushing dust off your shirt etc. 

kimo sabe airplane bottles

Airplane Bottles are NOT "TSA Safe"

Despite these being an indisposable comfort while stuck on a plane and complying with TSA regulations by being well under the 3 oz limit, these so-called "airplane bottles" of alcohol are not permitted by the TSA. As such, don't try and sneak them on the plane since if you are caught they will be confiscated.

lock picking

Remember the Combo to Your Suitcase!

If you have a lock on your suitcase then make sure you remember the combo! Luckily though, if you do have a TSA approved lock you can go to the airport and have them unlock it for you. 

chris bill dang

Have Fun but be Safe!

It's ok to be silly, laugh, and share a beverage or two, but if you are driving then it is a good idea to go for a nice craft soda and wait for that beer till later that night.

nuts on clark

Remember Your Wife ...

Whether it's a phone call in the morning and night or something more, it's important to make sure that your wife or partner is happy too. You might even want to build in a stop to buy her something from wherever you are. It doesn't have to be huge or expensive, but she will love the fact that you thought of her. 

If you remember these eight travel tips then you will have an awesome guys weekend this year.