Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef

In the mind of many, touring the country of Australia means a lack of comfort and rest.

It is a common misconception that traveling throughout the continent means many sleepless nights on trains, jostling around in SUVs, and becoming caked with dirty and grime.

That is just not the case. In these modern times, there are many options for tourists that want to travel in comfort. A person can visit Australia without giving up luxury and see the country while maintaining a certain lifestyle. There are options that still offer fine dining and comfortable lodgings while still letting a tourist see the vast countryside of the land down under. Here are five ways that a tourist can see the country in complete luxury.

1. In a luxury vehicle. The vast stretches of Australia are easily seen in the comfort of a luxurious car. The sites can be seen by driving around in lesser vehicles, but those hold no real comfort. Racing around the Outback, touring Sydney, and driving up the long coast are much more interesting if you rent a fast car or convertible. The comfort of air conditioning and a heater, combined with a roaring engine and a state of the art sound system will keep even the most pampered tourist pleased. Pulling up to a hotel at the end of the day in a luxury vehicle is an experience like no other.

2. By Rail. Riding on a train across the vast Australian continent can be like sitting in the lap of luxury. The trains have rooms that can be lived in while watching the kilometers roll by. The trains cater to those looking for the more luxurious, including the best of fine dining with all the comforts of home. There are different trains and outfits like the Sunlander, the Indian Pacific, and the Ghan that will fulfill the best desires of the luxury oriented tourist.

3. Air Tours. One of the better ways to tour the vast reaches of Australia is to fly. There are companies offering air tours around the country, departing from different cities and focusing separate parts of the continent. These outfits, like Chinta Tours, provide a personalized touring itinerary that provides both flights between regions luxurious camping out in the wilderness. Four Wheel Drive vehicles are also available for reaching destinations when on the ground.

4. Cruising by sea. It is easy to experience the width and breadth of Australia from the ocean. Cruise lines around the country offers specialized itineraries that include both extended trips around the coasts of the country as well as jaunts in to cities and towns. The ships used in these luxurious cruise feature fine dining, high-class sleeping quarters, and top-notch service.

5. Touring in a Motor home. There are several luxury Motor home manufacturers in Australia. One of the best ways to tour the country is to rent a camper van or a house bus while in country. This allows for the luxury to always be available while on the road. The itinerary is up to the tourist, giving a sense of freedom that other types of touring don’t have. The motor home is a rolling piece of paradise that doesn’t need a specific destination or route.

Luxury doesn’t have to be an afterthought while traveling in Australia. The days of having to give up luxury in favor of seeing the sites of the country are long past. These five options prove that style and grace can go hand in hand with seeing a country that offers a rich and varied heritage.