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These days, the term macation gets thrown around more than a baseball at a Yankee’s stadium. Mancations have been a growing trend among close mates over the past decade, whether it be a fishing or camping trip with the lads, a bachelor’s weekend away before a big wedding or just a simple annual catch-up to avoid losing touch with your childhood besties.

This is a guest post by Thirsty Swagman

But are you sick of getting way too burnt at the same old fishing holidays, or getting eating alive by mosquitoes on that yearly camping trip? Or do you just want to make your next mancation that little bit more exciting because it’s your best mate’s big birthday?

For those that are looking for a little bit more exhilaration – the Euro Hard’n’Fast tour is the ultimate 12 day Lads-venture of a lifetime. Run by Tour Company; Thirsty Swagman, this fine adventure is an international pub tour that kicks off in the chaotic bliss of the beer tents at Oktoberfest. Here, you and the crew will be raising your stein with around 10,000 fellow pissed punters, to a traditional brass band that you’ll be swearing you’re seeing in twos.

If you don’t like beer then stay home because there’s plenty of it. The tents open at 10am and close at 10pm, so if you're in for the full 12-hour workout, make sure your arms are up to the challenge – the steins are only sold by the litre. There are a variety of tents to drink from, all with their own theme. Don't even think mid-strength or low-carb – these guys have no idea what that is.

Many other aspects of the trip that make it the ultimate mancation idea (other than the fact that it’s a 12 day pub crawl!), include an unforgettable roof-top drinking experience at a private residence worth about $8 million. Located up a mountain side in Austria - and 1200m above sea level – the unobstructed view here is easier on the eyes than Carmen Electra in a chocolate sauce bikini.

If that’s enough to float your boat, the pubs in this part of Austria just happen to serve drinks by the metre. If wooden racks of 10 drinks at a time aren’t enough for you – you can also order trays of schnapps in almost every flavour imaginable.

Speaking of odd flavoured alcoholic beverages – you and the lads will also get a chance to try a range of German ales and lagers in a tiny town called Bamberg. Bamberg is home to nine large breweries, along with 300 other breweries in the region, officially giving this old town the largest amount of beer per capita in the world. While you’re in the region, one must-try beer includes a dark ale that strangely resembles the taste of smoked pork. You’ve got to try everything at least once I always say.

Munich and Bamberg in Germany, and Maria Alm in Austria, are just three of the five crazy locations that this pub tour adventure heads to. Among those five locations – one mustn’t miss out Prague, the Czech Republic’s infamous party capital, as well as Dusseldorf, a must see destination in Germany, that absolutely blows the mind of any unsuspecting travelers. Just to quickly give insight into the insane nightlife that this destination holds - Dusseldorf is home to what many refer to as “the longest bar in the world”, a cluster of over 360 pubs from end to end. Yes my dear fellow lads – that really is a pub for EVERY single day of the year. Mancation heaven…dare I say.