Winslow AZ is a great destination on Route 66 for classic car lovers

You're finally going on your Route 66 Road Trip! You're excited, but you know that the best part about a road trip is picking out the perfect classic car to take with you. There are many different factors to consider when choosing a vehicle for your journey. In this blog post, we will talk about how to pick the perfect classic car for your Route 66 Road Trip and make sure it's ready before you go!

Consider The Route You Are Taking

Not all classic cars are created equal! Some vehicles may be better suited for certain sections of Route 66 than others. For example, a convertible might be perfect for cruising along the California coastline, but depending on the time of year it might not be practical for traveling through the hot desert or cold and rainy stretches of Illinois and Missouri.


Think About Your Driving Style

Are you someone who prefers to take things slow and enjoy the scenery? Or are you more of a speed demon who wants to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible? There is a classic car for everyone, so think about your driving style before making a decision.


Consider Your Budget

One of the best things about Route 66 is that there is something for everyone when it comes to budget. If you are on a tight budget, there is still no need to worry about finding the perfect classic car. Many of these vehicles can be picked up for very cheap at auctions or even found abandoned in barns that have been sitting untouched since they were first bought decades ago!

You might even be able to find a rental from premium and luxury auto rental services.


Consider The Length Of Your Trip

Some people prefer to take their time and enjoy every second of their road trip while others would rather get it over with as quickly as possible so they can go home. Think about how long your Route 66 Road Trip will last before making a decision. Not all classic cars are meant to travel across country back-and-forth multiple times within one summer.

Another unique consideration here is that unlike other road trips where you might be traveling in a circle, most people only travel Route 66 one way. For instance, traveling the nearly 2,500 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica might be manageable but few people have the time to circle back for a 5,000 mile round trip journey.

Instead, you might want to consider auto shipping services for the return. Montway's auto transport guide can provide you with all the information you may need if you decide to do this.


Don't Forget To Get It Ready Before You Go!

Of course, the most important thing to consider when picking out a classic car for your Route 66 Road Trip is making sure it's ready before you go. This means getting it inspected by a mechanic, checking fluid levels and tire pressure, and ensuring everything is in good working order. If there are any problems with the vehicle, now is the time to address them!

We’re going to break down some of the top classic American cars for your next road trip - and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have one, a quick online search will reveal tons of rental companies that will help you realize this most classic, of American dreams.


Now Let's Look At Some Types Of Classic Cars For Your Road Trip

There are many different types of classic cars for you to choose from. You should consider the following factors when picking out your vehicle: driving style, budget, trip length and specific vehicles that may be better suited for certain regions along Route 66.

Pony Cars

This category of motor vehicles was created in 1964 by the Ford Mustang, but it was technically the Plymouth Barracuda that went on sale a few days earlier than the Mustang did. The Mustang, however, was a runaway success and it drove from sales floors straight into the hearts of car enthusiasts all over the United States and the world and has become one of the quintessential American brand exports. Other favored brands that come under the Pony Car umbrella include the Camaro by Chevrolet and the Pontiac Firebird and also the Mercury Cougar and the Dodge Challenger.


Classic Vans And Cars For The Whole Family

You won’t be able to avoid them forever, and when you’re ready to have your tribe travel with you, the great American classic car catalog offers fabulous models for taking the whole team along with you.

You may accuse us of being somewhat clichèd, but there is hardly a better car than the Volkswagen Type 2 bus for families or long road trips with friends. With tons of space for luggage and camping gear, the vehicle comes to you straight out of classic movies and the heydays of the Hippies. But, the car is more German than American, so if you’re staying true to mission, then classic American wagons like the Ford Torino Squire will give you the big feels.


Muscle Cars

Come on now, you know you want to. The classic American muscle car has found its way onto bucket lists of adoring motor enthusiasts all over the world and remains, to this day, one of the most enduring and endearing images of American iconography. The Pontiac GTO defined this class of vehicle, and we couldn’t agree more. Coming in at a very close second, however, is the Plymouth Road Runner. Think cool ‘gimmicks’ and under acceleration, a striking pose, and classic lines.

There are so many more options to tease and tempt you for your great trip, so take the time to see what’s going to work out the best. America is blessed with an abundance of open roads and breathtaking scenery and there is just no way to describe how awesome the experience becomes in a classic car, it really is the ‘must do’ bucket-list adventure for any motorcar enthusiast.

Now, if you’re a car restorer yourself, then you’ll know all about the pleasures of bringing these beauties to life, from coilovers to paint jobs and everything in between, the sheer driving pleasure that a classic motor car offers is simply unmatched.