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e3-pics-004Are you sitting at home reading this blog, looking at all the super cool mancation ideas and wondering where to start or how to plan the perfect mancation?

Don’t worry, these tips should help!

Create a Mancation Plan!

Us guys aren’t usually known as the ones to plan. When my wife and I go on a trip together, it is usually her that plans where we go and what we do. On a mancation though, there is no wife to keep us on track. That’s why it is essential that we create our own plans.

Who’s Going? Is it going to be a reunion of college buddies, a group of fathers and sons, or maybe a group of guys from work. Whatever it is, make sure you establish rules and you know how many people are going to be going with you.

Where are you going? Depending on who is going you need to decide what people want to do. Are you wanting to do something close to home, far away, low budget, or ultra-luxury.

Are there any special rituals? Each group of guys, especially old friends have rituals that will bring back good memories of the past and reinforce the bonds that keep you together till the next mancation. It could be something as simple as smoking cigars together or maybe a silly hat that everyone wears. Whatever your plan, make sure you honor these mancation rituals.

Keep Your Mancation Plan Simple!

Mancations are really whatever you make of it, so keep it simple and keep it fun. The more time you spend planning all the details or worrying about keeping on schedule the less time you will have for being with the guys and having a blast.

Establish a Budget for Your Mancation!

Once again, mancations can be simple camping trips or extravagant luxury hotel weekends and classy restaurants. Whatever your budget is, make sure that the people joining you are all in agreement. There is nothing worse than sitting there with $65 steak in front of you and not being able to enjoy it because all you can think about is what your wife will say when you get home.

Don’t Forget about Your Wife, Girlfriend, or Significant Other!

While mancations are about being with the guys and not worrying about the women in your life, you shouldn’t forget about her either. This means you should avoid things that are going to get you in trouble when you get home. It also means that you should think of her when you get home. Maybe bringing her a souvenir. It could also mean giving her a call at night to tell her you love her. You may get some ribbing for this, but trust me, it is better than the alternative!

Have Fun on Your Mancation!

Whatever or wherever you go for your mancation, don’t forget to have fun. This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is easy to let family or work issues distract you. If you had a hectic week before your trip, write down your concerns so you don’t forget them and put it in an envelope before you leave. When you return from the mancation, your concerns will be there and you can address them with a clear mind and rested body. Who knows, your concerns might not even be that big of a deal when you get back.

What are your mancation planning tips?