british golf bachelor party ideas

For many guys, their first bachelor party was one dominated by debauchery and youthful indiscretion. Unfortunately though, not all marriages last and here you are a few years later, wiser, and ready to take your buddies on an epic golf adventure. There's no better place than exploring the British Isles for the ultimate golf mancation. This is a great way to combine luxury, an exotic location, beautiful scenery, history, beer ... and yes golf together in a way that creates memories that will last a lifetime.

Golf In The British Isles

There's no shortage of amazing courses where you can play round of golf at a decent course such as at The Belfry in Birmingham, England (host of more Ryder Cup tournaments than any other course in the world!). When planning your golf bachelor party though, your location is going to ultimately dictate the theme of your trip. Do you want a course full of amazing history or do you want newer course that's less discovered. Similarly, when picking a location for your trip, consider if you want to stay at one resort and focus on the collection of courses there - or do you want to road trip around and sample other courses too?

There are more than 2,500 golf courses in Britain to choose from and even more in Scotland and Ireland, so you've got plenty of choices.

Other Activities to Go Along With Golf in the British Isles

While golf might be the point of your trip, there's so much more to explore when you visit.

Distilleries and Breweries:

Depending where you pick for your golf destination, this is going to be a bigger factor in your bachelor party experience than other locations. However, while your mind probably went immediately to Irish Whiskey or Scotch, Britain is the land of gin and there are loads of ways to explore this spirit as well. Similarly, while there are obviously global epicenters of brewing culture such as St James Gate in Ireland, England is a brewing destination with more than 1,300 breweries and a beer culture that dates back to prehistoric times.


The British Isles are well ... a collection of islands. This means that you have a vast opportunity to explore the water in search of fish. From fly fishing in mountain streams and peaceful meadows to coastal and deep-sea fishing for salmon, this is an adventure you'll want to consider as well.

Explore Castles:

A man's home is his castle, it's good to be the king, and many other royal sayings will be uttered over the course of your golf mancation ... so why not actually go explore some castles too. No matter where you go in the British Isles, you are going to find castles, palaces, and stately manor homes. However, if you are looking for something iconic and manly, you can't get much better than Edinburgh Castles set on the top of an extinct volcano, or Caerphilly Castle that was built in the 13th century and has massive walls surrounded by an even bigger moat.

Getting Around The UK and Ireland

Trains and Planes are going to be your best bet here and most destinations will be easily reachable by a combination of the two. However, if your vision is more of a road trip to explore the countryside then that's easy to do as well. However, for visitors from outside the UK, it's going to be a bit of adjustment since the British and Irish drive on the left side of the road. Additionally, you will find that many rental car companies here will offer manual transmission as the standard style.

Luckily, your US or Canadian drivers license will work here just fine!