Sigma Derby - Classic / Vintage Vegas Slot Machine

If there's one thing that I miss from the first few times I visited Las Vegas many years ago it is the sound of coins plunking down out of the machine. Sure, today's modern slots have beeps and buzzers that signify that you won, but it's just not the same thing. Similarly, there's a sense of satisfaction walking around with a big heavy bucket full of quarters after a successful win that sadly has left this town. That's true except for a couple places that have clung to the past such as The D Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas.

vintage vegas slots

We've had the pleasure to stay at The D Hotel twice now and it's simply one of my favorite hotels anywhere in Vegas. One of the things I love the most though is their collection of Vintage Vegas Slots upstairs. While I'm told that they are converting some of them to tickets and cards, there are still many of them that are purely coin powered such as my all time favorite game, Sigma Derby!

sigma derby machine

Sigma Derby was released by Sigma Game in 1985 and unlike many other slots allows a group to play together so it is among the most social "slot" type games available. 

sigma derby bet

How to Play Sigma Derby

Sigma Derby replicates the experience of betting on horses and between each race you have about 30 seconds to pick which pair of horses to bet on. 

sigma derby racing

There are 10 options on which to place your bets and each represents a pair of horses. On the sides of the track, players will see the odds of each pair. These odds will range from options such as 2-1 / 6-1 etc. as high as 200-1.

Each press of the "Bet" button will bet one quarter on that pair of horses, up to 20 coins per pair. Payout is based on number of quarters bet and the odds of the winning pair, with the potential to win 4,000 quarters or $1,000!

It's a super easy game to play, but it is an incredibly enthralling experience.

beau winning derby

Sigma Derby, like other classic slot machines was once found at several locations around Las Vegas but is sadly now only found in two casinos. The first is in The D Hotel and the other is in the MGM Grand. The MontBlue casino in Stateline, Nevada also has two machines. 

32 oz beer longbar

Are you ready? Let's grab some quarters, pour a big 32 oz beer, kiss the Blarney Stone for good luck and start enjoying the way slots were meant to be played!

blarney stone

As the owner of the casino explained to me, you may lose your money but you'll have fun doing it! No words have ever rung more true ...