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exotic slot machine destinations around the world

Gambling is a hobby of millions of people globally. While some play once a week, others have turned it into a daily activity to unwind. However, as playing casino games is a global phenomenon, it’s possible to combine another lovely hobby with it, and that’s traveling. There are dozens of slot machine hotspots around the world. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular destinations that are well worth the visit.

Las Vegas Isn't The Top Slot Spot Anymore ...

Of course, when it comes to gambling, you can't go without mentioning Las Vegas. But that's also the problem that I have with gambling in "Sin City"... it's become so ordinary. The casinos here are no longer the draw they once were, and when compared to other American gambling destinations, such as the casinos run by Indian tribes across the country - Vegas is expensive and overcrowded. Plus, I feel like the comps keep getting tighter and tighter each year while the resort fees and service charges just keep increasing.

While there are some of the most luxurious resorts found anywhere on Earth - such as the recently opened Resorts World Las Vegas ... one of the most impressive Casions in the city, slots just aren't the focus in Vegas anymore. For instance, Resorts World boasts 1,400 slot machines while Red Rock Casino (just outside of Las Vegas in Summerlin) has more than twice that amount - 2,860!

However, when you compare that to places like WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma with 7,471 slot games or even Foxwoods, Seminole, Mohegan Sun, or Empire City at Yonkers Raceway (all of which have about 5,000 slots) ... well ... Vegas just isn't the go-to spot for slot fans these days. 

This is a problem for the gaming industry in general, though. For decades, Las Vegas and Atlantic City were exotic and exclusive destinations because they were gaming centers where anything goes people could embrace vice and excess for a few days and then return home ... sometimes with a few extra coins but usually just with good memories and a hangover.

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Today, though, slot machines are available in 48 states (only Utah and Hawaii prohibit gambling outright today), and fans can also find slot games available online in various forms - online gaming allows "for fun" mobile slot apps.

While finding the right If you are an online casino fan, finding them online is simple, all you have to do is check reliable expert reviews. That’s why reading about Wagering Advisors’ recommended casinos is a good option, as the reviewers there have hands-on experience with online casinos that pay out quickly.

I don't think anyone can compare the sheer excitement of the casino resorts I mentioned above with the sheer number of games available. So, instead, let's shift to taking a look at 10 exotic destinations around the world that men who love shots should consider visiting for their next guys' getaway. These destinations have some of the best tropical beaches, striking architecture, vibrantly unique nightlife, and                                                                                           


Macau often heralded as the "Las Vegas of Asia," traces its origins back to Portuguese colonial days when gambling was legalized in the 1850s while it was administrated as an autonomous colony. Since then it has grown to be Asia's premier destination for slot machine enthusiasts seeking an exotic twist. With more than 40 official casinos operating under license from the Chinese Communist Party, Macau is an exotic outlet for Chinese nationals looking to blow off some steam without having to visit the United States or destinations like Singapore. 

This vibrant city is famous for its colossal casinos and the vast array of slot machines available (nearly 9,000), ranging from classic mechanical models to the most advanced video slots teeming with cutting-edge features. The Cotai Strip, in particular, is where many of the world's largest and most opulent casinos are located, offering a gaming experience that rivals those of the top casinos globally. Beyond the slots, Macau's unique blend of Portuguese and Chinese cultures offers an intriguing backdrop, with historic sites, delicious fusion cuisine, and lively festivals.

For guys who love slots, Macau provides an unparalleled gaming adventure amidst a rich cultural landscape, making it an unforgettable escape.


Prague is the place to visit if you’re looking for a travel machine to the past. The city is known for its unique look and attracts millions of visitors annually. But what many will forget to mention is that you can find 60 different casinos in the city. Therefore, fellow players who want to have fun while visiting one of the most remarkable cities. Like Vegas, you can also stay in one of the casino hotels if you want to be close to the slot machines.


London is well known for its tourist attractions, but it’s also home to over 50 casinos and multiple casino hotels. So all of you who were thinking of visiting London and who are also passionate about slot machines will love the fact that there’s a vast choice in the city. The numbers are lower than what you’ll find in Macau and Las Vegas but are still high compared to other destinations. If you’re into soccer, the local scene is very strong, and you can attend some of the big Premier League matches. You might get to see some of the biggest stars. Plus, London is a unique tourist destination that is visited by over 2 million people every month.


Barcelona is a must-visit location that everyone should go to. The city’s vibrant look and warm culture are what everyone deserves to experience. On top of all the breathtaking sites you can visit, you’ll also find 27 casinos available in the city. That’s plenty of options for experienced gamblers who want to have fun. Book yourself a longer stay while you’re there, as there’s a huge range of activities that you can partake in.

Monte Carlo

While you’re in Barcelona, consider visiting Monte Carlo. The small country of Monaco is not a host to a massive number of casinos. However, it does host some of the biggest casinos with thousands of slot machines. If you want to experience that luxurious side of gambling while seeing some amazing seaside scenery, Monaco should be on your list. Plus, you might run into a celebrity, as many of them live in Monaco.


Aruba stands out as one of the Caribbean's top exotic destinations for guys who love to indulge in slot gaming, offering a vibrant mix of stunning Caribbean beauty and thrilling casino action. The island's capital, Oranjestad, along with Palm Beach, are hotspots where numerous casinos are open late into the night, allowing visitors to try their luck in a tropical paradise.

Properties such as the Aruba Marriott & Stellaris Casino located on Palm Beach with 500 slot machines and 26 tables, might pale in comparison to some of the larger gaming destinations based purely on numbers. However, where else can you find the perfect exotic mixture of Aruba's legendary friendly atmosphere, crystal-clear waters, and white sandy beaches while adding the uniquely exotic touch of Dutch heritage instead of Spanish or French colonial, as found on most other Caribbean islands. 

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San José - Costa Rica

San José is a popular destination as Costa Rica has an abundance of beautiful natural sites, including beautiful beaches. San José is at the heart of this beautiful country, but also at the heart between South and North America. Over the years, the city steadily grew and now has over 25 casinos with 19 casino hotels. That’s plenty of variety for passionate gamblers. Plus, you get to explore beautiful nature by visiting one of the country’s many national parks.


We can’t exclude Australia from this list. The land down under is what many travelers are interested in visiting, and they’ll be happy to know that the city is home to 10 casinos and 2 casino hotels. Visiting these venues will give you access to thousands of slot machines. It’s very likely that the visitors of these sites with 10 dollar deposit bonuses on the Wageringadvisors.co.nz are going to visit nearby Australia and place their bets on slots in person. Don’t forget to visit the local landmarks. The country has many hidden gems that will mesmerize you while visiting.


 When it comes to Asian gambling destinations, Macau may be the big name in town but Singapore offers an exotic urban retreat for slot machine enthusiasts, blending sleek, modern casinos with the city-state's vibrant cultural tapestry. At the heart of Singapore's gaming scene are the iconic Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa casinos, which not only feature a vast selection of slot machines but also provide a glimpse into futuristic luxury. These establishments cater to every preference, housing hundreds of slots that range from traditional favorites to the latest in digital gaming technology. Beyond the thrill of gaming, Singapore invites visitors to explore its lush gardens, futuristic architecture, and bustling street markets, making it a well-rounded destination. For guys who love slots, Singapore is not just about the chance to win big; it's an opportunity to experience a unique blend of luxury, innovation, and cultural richness.


Ok bear with me on this last one for a moment ... one of the most exotic places to play slots isn't on land at all. It's at sea on oe of the more than 50 cruise ships that visit Antarctica each year. While not all of these ships have casinos or the largest and most modern selection of slot games, it's hard to debate that pulling the lever on a one-armed-bandit while sailing through frozen waters filled with penguins and other animals shouldn't be on our list of the most exotic destinations for slots around the world. 

However, for purists that want an actual casino on land ... the Argentine government operates Esperanza Base, which includes, among other facilities for their scientific community based there. This small casino features table games and bingo. We can't confirm any details about slot games, but I'm sure there has gotta be at least one. If not ... someone has an app on a photo or tablet to do some online gaming during the cold winter nights.


These are only some of the slot machine hotspots that you should consider visiting. There are many other cities, including Biloxi, Marina Bay, San Juan, and Cripple Creek. One thing is certain, whichever destination you opt for, having a good time is guaranteed. Each of these places features not only plenty of slot machines, but many other activities you can enjoy with your friends and family.