road trips around Gran Canaria

Forest, beaches, rocky, mountainous and situated off Africa’s northwest coast, Gran Canaria is one of the most vibrant and diverse of Spain’s Canary Islands. In fact, there is so much to do and see that taking a road trip across the island is the ideal way to take it all in.

The secret to a successful Gran Canaria road trip is to enjoy the journey as well as the destinations. While each of the Canary Islands, from Lanzarote to La Palma is unique, the sheer beauty of this island is something that will stay with you for a long time. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not pack some supplies and see where the road takes you? There is no doubt that you’ll find a place to see or stay that is a little bit special.

When you put together your road trip you’ll need a good base. Fortunately, accommodation in Gran Canaria is plentiful and you’re offered apartments, hotels and villas to suit all budgets.

So, let’s look at some of the best routes on the island that get the blood pumping.

The Coast Roads

Gran Canaria has some brilliant coastal roads and these should be explored. The GC-1, GC-2, GC-200 are the roads to pick up. Here, you’ll be greeted by mountains on one side and the glorious ocean on the other. The chances are you’ll see the island of Tenerife on the other side of the blue sea.

Along the way, you’ll come to major towns and drive through national parks such as Tamadaba Natural Park.

The beauty of the coast road is that when you feel like it, you can embrace the beach or sip something cool in one of the many bars that are dotted around the island.

Through the Heart of Gran Canaria

If you’re into driving through mountains the heart of the island is perfect for you. The GC-600, GC-15, GC-130, and GC-210 will take you to the following places:

  • Roque Nublo – If you’re up for a small hike from the car park, the view you’ll be greeted with at the end is worth every step. The view of Gran Canaria from the Roque Nublo volcano is arguably one of the best you can experience. Don’t forget your camera as you’ll be taking shot after shot.
  • Pico de las Nieves – This is the second-highest peak on the island and the sheer breathtaking views offered have to be experienced.
  • Tejeda (Cruz de Tejeda) – This town makes a great pitstop on your journey. The picture postcard town offers great homemade food and the local stores are always worth a browse.
  • La Cesta – This famous viewpoint is shaped like a basket and once seated you’ll be starring for miles across the island. The waterfall, which is very close, is worth a visit too.
  • San Mateo – Why not stop off here and try their famed cheese. It is said to be delicious.

Culture and History Tour

Take the GC-120, GC-550 and GC-552 roads and you’re in for a cultural delight. The cave houses of Barranco de Guayadeque are fascinating, and the towns of Barranco de las Vacas and Salinas de Tenefe offer salt mines, Spanish architecture, great places to visit, and local produce to try. The trip to the east side of the island is quite wonderful.

Enjoy your road trip across Gran Canaria.