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Don't feed the alligators

At some point, the idea of a simple bachelor party turned into an excuse to go on an epic bachelor party weekend. Personally, I credit movies like The Hangover and Las Vegas for helping create this trend that has transformed a simple "night out with the guys" into a ruckus weekend exploring a new destination. However, the reality is that a bachelor party has always been about sending your buddy off with a last hurrah. Lets' take a look at some of the top cities in the United States where you can have an awesome bachelor party weekend celebration.


With its vibrancy the city of Miami really does have it all. With Cuban influences you will find a unique culture around the city that is evident not just in the architecture, but with the people and the things that you can do while you are there. A fabulous array of bars and restaurants and an amazing beach there is something for everyone. You could even consider boat rental Miami has much to offer from a sea view as well as in and amongst the vibe of the streets. It is definitely one to consider for a group of friends that want the best of both worlds.

Las Vegas

The original sin city and the one that tops many locations wish lists when it comes to vacationing with friends, Las Vegas is definitely one to consider for a bachelor party. Casinos and fantastic hotels, residencies to enjoy and nightclubs to dance the night away in. The strip, the fun, the exhilarating thrill, Las Vegas really does have a lot to offer for a group of people that just want to party. It can also play host to a number of events, so you may want to take the time to really plan your trip to coincide with it, not just to see the vent but for also the atmosphere in and around the place.

New York City

Maybe you want  something a little upmarket. Perhaps a city that can offer a great night life, but also time to relax and even shop during the day. Fabulous restaurants, chances to feel cultured by taking in a show on Broadway, and enjoying the vibe of the city. New York City is a great place to host a bachelor party. You could also use it as a sightseeing trip, combining a love of history recent and old with the chance to spend time with friends and loved ones. A more relaxed affair for sure.

Los Angeles

Finally, why not take the chance to enjoy the sights of Los Angeles? See the Hollywood sign, walk down Rodeo Drive, stay in Beverly Hills or imagine your a star for a moment in Malibu. LA is a great place to be and is certainly one that is rising in popularity for a group vacation, whatever the occasion may be.