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vegas myths you need to know before visiting for a bachelor party

Las Vegas, with its glimmering neon lights, may seem like a playground of limitless revelry. However, the reality is quite different, particularly when it comes to the assumptions men often hold about bachelor party trips. You might think that all deeds in Vegas remain hidden, but the law would disagree, and being uninformed can lead to unwelcome surprises. As you gear up for this iconic pre-wedding tradition, it's vital to differentiate between truth and myth to avoid unexpected shocks. From the legal standpoint on public intoxication to the actual guidelines of Vegas strip clubs, we will debunk these mistaken beliefs one at a time. Keep reading because there's much you may not know.



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Prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada (the only state to allow legal brothels). However, while eight of seventeen counties have active brothels, Clark County (where Vegas is located), is not one. You'll have to drive about 60 miles west to Pahrump if that's what you're after.

Despite what many think, prostitution, while legal in certain areas of Nevada, doesn't extend its legality to Clark County, the county that Las Vegas calls home. This could be a revelation to some, given the misconceptions tied to Nevada's sex business. However, escorts are legal - but anything sexual beyond just having a lady join you for dinner or hang out with you in the clubs is a dangerous proposition since things can get miscommunicated easily.

The rules in Clark County are explicit. They've enforced a strict ban on prostitution as a measure to discourage human trafficking and ensure public safety. This stance has stirred up controversy in discussions around legalization, with advocates on both ends of the spectrum - some pushing for more leniency, while others support the county's firm position.

The effect on tourism is also significant. Despite Las Vegas being tagged as a 'city of sin', residents adhere to the rules and appreciate the city for more than just its clichés. There's more to Vegas than meets the eye - its lively nightlife, top-tier restaurants, and breathtaking performances are all parts of the Vegas experience that don't overstep the boundaries.

drinking beers on fremont street


There is no law against being drunk in public. However, you can be cited for other infractions that are related, such as indecent exposure, public urination, disorderly conduct, assault, etc.

When you're in Las Vegas, remember that while being drunk in public is legal, it doesn't mean you can engage in other illegal activities, such as indecent exposure, public urination, assault, or trespassing. It's vital to understand the difference between being publicly intoxicated and behaving in a disorderly manner. Additionally, you can't drink within 1,000 feet of certain zoned organizations such as schools, hospitals, and churches and in some retail situations, it may be legal to sell alcohol in a closed contains but not drink it till you are in an appropriate area.

Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know:

  • Public intoxication is legal in Las Vegas.
  • This doesn't mean other illegal activities are permitted.
  • Disorderly conduct can include actions like indecent exposure, public urination, assault, or trespassing and can lead to legal trouble.

While you might have the freedom to drink in public, it's critical to keep in mind your alcohol consumption for your safety and the comfort of others. After all, a fun guys' trip doesn't have to cross over into disorderly behavior.

Prioritize safety when you're planning your trip. Even if you're only there temporarily, you're part of a community. The wish to fit in doesn't justify harmful or disrespectful behavior. So, have fun responsibly in Vegas, and remember that legal implications can follow you beyond its borders.

You Can Drink Anywhere You Like

False - Especially Regarding Driving And Off Strip / Off Fremont Street

Ok, so "Generally True" but it is illegal for open containers in personal vehicles except in trunk or glove box.

Contrary to popular opinion, Las Vegas doesn't allow you to drink just anywhere, particularly when it comes to open alcohol containers in personal vehicles. These need to be stowed in the trunk or glove box. The city's drinking laws are designed to encourage responsible alcohol consumption and safeguard both residents and tourists.

The city's rules about open containers are explicit: consuming alcohol in personal vehicles is heavily regulated. Open alcohol containers aren't allowed in the car's passenger area, including the driver's seat. They can only be placed in the trunk or glove box. Failure to adhere to these rules can result in severe penalties, including substantial fines or potentially even a jail sentence.

vegas wedding

Vegas Weddings Aren't Really Legally Binding


Most wedding venues will offer "just for fun" ceremonies that are non-legally binding options.

Contrary to popular belief, weddings in Las Vegas are legally binding, though there are also options for non-binding ceremonies. If you're drawn to the charm of quick Las Vegas weddings or elopements, thinking they won't hold any legal weight, you're mistaken.

Here's a simplified explanation:

  • Legally Binding Ceremonies
  • Swift weddings: These carry the same legal weight as conventional weddings, assuming you've received a marriage license. Celebrity weddings that take place in Vegas confirm this.
  • Vegas elopements: A spur-of-the-moment decision to elope in Vegas doesn't make the marriage any less legal. The marriage holds up as long as you've met the legal qualifications.
  • Non-Legally Binding Ceremonies
  • Numerous venues in Vegas provide non-binding ceremonies. These are often fun events with Elvis impersonators officiating and hold no legal recognition.

Vegas Strip Clubs Are "Anything Goes"


Despite its reputation for being an anything guy's sorta town, Vegas is actually pretty well regulated, and Vice is a big business that is heavily monitored. This means that there are very specific rules on topless vs nude dancing, what drinks can be served where, and other things that most guys visiting Vegas for a bachelor party never would consider.

While there are some exceptions to the rules here such as the Palamino Club, which is the only club in Las Vegas that serves alcohol while featuring fully nude performers on stage. However, the majority of clubs 

Despite common misconceptions, Las Vegas strip clubs operate under firm rules and regulations rather than being total free-for-all venues. All staff and customers should be treated with respect, and any rude actions are not permitted.

Interactions with strippers follow ethical guidelines and require consent. While enjoying the shows is encouraged, touching is typically heavily regulated, if not entirely forbidden. Strippers are professionals at their jobs, so they should be treated with the same dignity and respect you would show to any other service provider. Plus, these men and women are licensed workers, if they were to break code, that could cost them their job.

Being a VIP does give you access to a more tailored service, but it does not mean you have the right to ignore the rules. This special treatment is a more advanced service, not an excuse to disregard etiquette.

It's important to remember tipping etiquette. Both the dancers and the club staff should be tipped. Being generous with your tips can improve your experience, but it does not entitle you to break the rules.

gambling tables to win comps

If You Gamble A Lot, Then Everything Else Is Free


Make sure to stay in one resort property (or at least gamble in one network - Caesars, MGM, etc. and introduce yourself to the host for best results. However, you should expect to spend a LOT of money without any guarantee of getting more than a drink or meal, this isn't about a budget guys' weekend, and you can spend thousands of dollars in an hour if you gamble indiscriminately.

Moving away from the party scene, let's clear up a common misconception: the idea that heavy gambling at the casinos will earn you freebies. While there's some truth to this, it's not a carte blanche invitation.

It's key to grasp the complexities of the comp system. Gambling more will earn you more perks, but it's not an unregulated freebie fest. High roller rewards are handed out based on what you spend, not what you win.

Loyalty to a single resort can pay off. By sticking to one resort for your gambling, you increase the likelihood of being noticed by the casino hosts. These individuals hold the keys to the perks, so making their acquaintance can be beneficial.

However, this is not a path to a cheap vacation. High roller benefits can include:

  • Free stays
  • Complimentary meals
  • VIP access

But these come with a significant cost:

  • Budgeting is necessary
  • Large gambling expenditure is required
  • It's not suitable for those on a tight budget

Additionally, in today's world where everything is recorded by computers and loyalty acounts, it is much less likely to get those legendary comps that you once heard about in Vegas or other gambling destinations such as cruise ships. While there are comps to be had - you can't simply show up and hope that by slashing that cash for a few hours that your party will suddenly be living the high life in a Sky Suite or a cabana by the pool.

Las Vegas Is A 24-7 Town

True ... But!

While Casinos And Bars Can Stay Open 24-hours, Most Restaurants And Other Businesses Have Regular Hours. This includes clubs and party venues which may operate differently as "night clubs", "beach clubs", and "day clubs".

Despite the perception of Las Vegas as an ever-awake city, where casinos and bars are always open, bear in mind that most restaurants and other businesses maintain standard hours. However, this doesn't imply a decrease in the variety of entertainment or nightlife opportunities. Instead, the city transitions smoothly from daytime glitz to a lively night scene, each with its distinct appeal.

The dining options in Las Vegas cater to a wide range of tastes, but remember, many restaurants shut their doors by midnight. Yet, you can find a broad selection of late-night dining spots and casino food courts ready to satisfy your late-night hunger pangs.

Tourist attractions and shopping venues also stick to regular business hours, opening late in the morning and closing by evening. This schedule allows plenty of time for sightseeing and shopping. So, if a shopping spree on the famous Strip is on your itinerary, make sure to plan accordingly!

In short, despite its reputation, Las Vegas isn't entirely a city that operates round the clock. It's wise to plan your itinerary around the business hours of various establishments to truly experience all that Vegas has to offer.


While there are stores selling hemp products, cannabis is not legal on the strip and is prohibited to be consumed in public and in most hotels. When in doubt, ask if they take credit cards - real dispensaries selling THC products will not use payment networks like VISA, Mastercard, Or American Express.

Even though hemp products are readily available in various stores, it's important to understand that buying and smoking cannabis on the Las Vegas Strip is against the law. Numerous shops may sell hemp products, but this should not be confused with a green light for cannabis use.

The regulations surrounding cannabis in Las Vegas are unambiguous – public use is forbidden, including on the Strip. Here's a simplified rundown:

Strip Laws:

  • Public consumption of cannabis is not allowed.
  • The majority of hotels on the Strip also ban cannabis use within their facilities.

Hemp Products in Contrast to Cannabis:

  • Hemp products are legal and widely available, but they are not the same as cannabis.
  • Typically, hemp products have low THC content, the component in cannabis that produces psychoactive effects.


Fellas, there's some misinformation floating around about the City of Lights. Sure, it's the place to let loose, but don't be fooled into thinking there are no rules. For starters, prostitution isn't legal in Vegas. Public intoxication might get you into trouble, and there are limitations on cannabis use. Those impromptu Vegas weddings? They're legally binding. Strip clubs operate under regulations, and while there may be perks to gambling, don't expect a free-for-all. Contrary to popular belief, Vegas isn't always a city that never sleeps. So arm yourself with the facts and have a fantastic, but responsible, time.