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Automotive Maintenance

  • Show Off Your Personality With These Truck Upgrades

    Look men, it’s true that our trucks are one of our most valued possessions. We wash them, care for them, do regular maintenance on them and so much more. Not only do they get us to and from work, but they also take us on endless adventures and if we are careful, they will be with us for years and years to come. But owning a truck isn’t just about doing the basics. It’s about adding the things that make it feel like your own. Getting a stock truck at the dealership is fine, but then adding the bells and whistles, getting a custom paint job, or putting a wrap on it can make it feel special and like it was made just for you.

  • Things You Can Do to Make Riding In Your Truck More Comfortable

    Driving a truck is amazing. There are so many great things about owning a truck, from being able to haul heavy loads to having the horsepower needed to go on excursions and adventures off the beaten path. One of the things that may make the experience less than pleasant is if your seats and truck are less than comfortable. It’s important to not only ensure that the shocks and struts are working great but also try these little things to ensure a comfortable ride no matter where your truck takes you.

  • What You Need To Know Before Installing a Lift Kit for Your Jeep

    While some guys you will meet on the trail talk about installing a lift kit as a simple procedure, it is not something you should enter into lightly. While it is not terribly complicated to do, the implications can completely change the dynamics of your Jeep and so it is critical that you do it with a plan in mind. When done correctly, your Jeep will look cooler, offer better visibility and perform better when tackling obstacles on the trail.

  • Advice from Your Dad! - Safe Tires Make for a Safe Ride

    As a dad, you are expected to know everything about the car, but over the past two months I've discovered that while I appreciate tires... sometimes you can still be surprised. 

  • Conserving Water and Maximizing Shine with Armor All Ultra Shine Wash Wipes

    Like many other parts of the country, California continues to be under water restrictions and while we've had a lot of rain recently that doesn't mean we can start wasting water again. As a result, my car looks terrible. It has dust, pollen, bird stuff, road grime all over, and ironically even beads of wax left over from my last car wash months and months ago. I've avoided regularly washing my car like I once did because frankly it's appalling how much water is wasted that way. While commercial, automatic car washes are far more efficient with water than washing at home with a hose and bucket, it's still a huge waste of water. That's why I was excited to try the new Armor All Ultra Shine Wash Wipes when they asked me to try them out recently.

  • It's Time to Check Your Tires Before Those Fall Road Trips!

    Are you getting ready for fall by dusting off that rake and raising the mower blade to mulch leaves? While you are getting ready for fall chores don't forget to check your tires too. After a long summer driving on hot dusty roads, you need to make sure that they are ready for the ice and snow that's coming soon.

  • Five Things You May Not Know About Your Tires

    Raise your hand if you'll be taking a road trip this year. Probably most of you reading are planning a trip with the family or maybe out with the guys and you've likely thought about the importance of checking your oil before you go but it's also critical to consider the part that actually keeps you on the road and safely between the lines. Yup, that's right - I'm talking about your tires!