Toyota Tundra is a comfortable truck

Driving a truck is amazing. There are so many great things about owning a truck, from being able to haul heavy loads to having the horsepower needed to go on excursions and adventures off the beaten path. One of the things that may make the experience less than pleasant is if your seats and truck are less than comfortable. It’s important to not only ensure that the shocks and struts are working great but also try these little things to ensure a comfortable ride no matter where your truck takes you.

Get Better Lumbar Support

Let’s face it, when you spend a lot of time driving, your lower back takes a beating. You might find yourself sore and stiff after a long day driving, or after you’ve been on bumpy roads. Getting better lumbar support ensures that you can protect your back as best as possible. It helps you to sit correctly and leads to fewer injuries involving the lower back. Whether you install new seats, or simply invest in a lumbar cushion, lumbar support is essential in your truck. Your back will thank you.

Invest in Upgraded Seats

For those with the extra cash, upgraded seats with all the comfortable bells and whistles are worthwhile. You can get specialty orthopedic seats, seats with cooling or heating elements built-in, and even seats that adjust up or down as well as tilt in the back. Plenty of companies offer comfortable add-ons like Ford leather interior seat covers or cushy seats from Dodge. Upgraded seats make all the difference in the world when you are driving a truck for fun or for work.

Tidy Things Up

Does your truck interior look like a teenager lives there? Empty food packaging, papers, stuff that needs to go in the house, and other clutter can make the truck cab feel smaller and less comfortable. When you’re trying to work around empty water bottles, it can make your truck feel uncomfortable and a little stifling. While you don’t need to go overboard, cleaning and organizing your truck can go a long way to making it feel more comfortable. Get a locked toolbox for the back so your tools don’t end up all over the floor and seats.

Keep Your Air Filters Clean

You’ll breathe better in your car when you keep the air filters clean. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in your truck, sneezing a lot, or getting a runny nose when you drive, you might need new air filters. Give them a check every few months and take the time to get them clean. It’s much more comfortable when you aren’t sneezing or getting itchy eyes because your air filters aren’t clean enough. It’ll also keep your dash looking clean and less dusty.

Ensure Proper Tire Pressure

Unlike your family SUV, trucks are first and foremost a vehicle designed for work - hauling heavy payloads and towing trailers. They are also often made for being able to traverse rough terrain at a job site or on a weekend outing exploring off road trails. Because of this, you may need to adjust your air pressure for both safety and comfort reasons for the most enjoyable ride experience.

Leverage a Seat Belt Cover for Comfort

We know it may not be comfortable to wear a seat belt at all times. Even when they are adjusted to the right height, sometimes they can scrape your collarbone or make you feel uncomfortable. It’s still critical to wear a seatbelt for your safety. But what can you do to keep it from leaving red spots on your neck and shoulder? Using a seat belt cover gives you the comfort you need when you take trips in your truck, while still ensuring the seat belt protects you. You can even get some with softer material especially if you have any sensitivities to certain materials.

Make Sure the Seat and Mirrors Are Adjusted

You’d be surprised at how much you strain when your seat and mirrors are not adjusted exactly to your needs. Remember in driver’s education classes when they told you to check mirrors when you get in the car to ensure you can see what you need to see? While this is for safety reasons, it also benefits you by helping your body feel more comfortable. Getting the right distance from the pedals and the steering wheel helps keep you from straining too much in your neck and shoulders. And adjusting the mirrors means that you won’t have to crane your neck or lean in a strange way to see what’s around you.

Keeping Your Truck Comfortable is Worth It

Let’s face it, you didn’t spend all that money to buy a truck that you hate to be inside of because you find it unbearable. Creating comfort through seats, cleaning, and even air filters can ensure that you have as wonderful of a time using your truck as you do looking at it on the outside.