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  • Interview with HVGC About Their Work Helping Veterans Through Cannabis Innovation

    The cannabis industry has evolved greatly over the past decade. What was once an illicit products across most of the country is now a legitimate business attracting entrepreneurs across a variety of different backgrounds. When it comes to cannabis as a medical - including self dosing - product, no application excites us as much as the work companies like San Diego-based HVGC are doing to help our military veterans recover from physical, emotional, and mental ailments. Let's learn more about what they are doing to help.

  • Interview With Dan Grim CEO And Chief Product Officer Of Good Stuff Beverage Co

    Laws and regulations around cannabis continue to change almost as fast as innovation new new products are being brought to the market. That's one of the exciting things that fascinates me about this industry. There are some incredible personalities and regardless if you are a consumer seeking pain relieve, alleviation of certain medical symptoms, or simply wanting to kick back and enjoy a good buzz on a Saturday night, this is an industry that deserves the same attention as distilleries, vineyards, and breweries.

  • Festivals Worth Traveling To For Cannabis Fans

    With more and more states joining the recreational cannabis club, 420-friendly travelers have more options than ever before. While any one of these destinations would make for a great getaway to kick back and enjoy some local offerings, we are excited to see the growth of some fantastic cannabis festivals that are more than just local gatherings. If you are interested in including some marijuana-related activities in your next vacation, consider one of these as the reason to explore a new city.

  • 420-friendly Vacation Spots Open to U.S. Tourists

    Travel is tough right now. Not only do you need to take extra precautions to keep you and your fellow travelers safe from COVID-19 infection, but you, as an American, are also prohibited from visiting many places around the globe that are trying to better manage their COVID-19 outbreaks.

  • What is Dry Herb Vaporizing and Why Is it Better than Smoking

    When it comes to consuming marijuana, you have a number of options. For those who haven't consumed it since college days, the option can be simply overwhelming. While many people choose smoking or edibles since it is the familiar option, others have discovered vape oils, concentrates, and extracts to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Another method that’s been growing in popularity over the last few years though, is known as dry herb vaporizing. Vaporizing cannabis has a number of distinct advantages over other methods of consumption, especially smoking. Let's take a look at why...