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cruise port

  • I Can't Wait To Visit Icy Strait Point On My Next Alaska Cruise

    Icy Strait Point, Alaska isn't the most well-known cruise port in Alaska, but it is quickly becoming a must-visit destination for cruisers visiting Alaska. In fact, based on what I've been reading since first introduced to it a year ago by our friends at Norwegian Cruise Line, it might just be the destination that draws you back to Alaska after you've checked the state off your travel bucket list.

  • A Food Tour of Ensenada Mexico

    This was my first time visiting the west coast of Mexico so I wasn't really sure what to expect - and frankly all you hear these days about the Pacific coast is about how dangerous it is. While that may be true in spots, during a recent tour of Ensenada, Mexico, I found it very fun and unusual, with more to do than I frankly was expecting.

    Unlike the Caribbean cruise ports I am used to, Ensenada is a real town with people who lead real lives and aren't just there to look pretty and offer excursions to rich American tourists. However, there is some of that, too, though it was more like visiting a regular city vs a sanitized "made for tourists" experience.