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One of the more complex and misunderstood aspects of why certain wines are revered as works of art while others sit on a spectrum from very good to god awful is that no matter how talented the winemaker may be, Mother Nature is ultimately in control. While you can select locations for grape growing that will produce various subtle notes, you aren't always guaranteed to get the perfect product. In 2013, Napa Valley's conditions were as close to this as we've seen and this new production by Vision Films helps to tell that story.

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Vision Films Inc. announces the VOD release of the oenological documentary A Perfect Vintage on March 22, 2022 followed by DVD in April. The film was directed and produced by Troy Christian through his production company RuffHouse Entertainment and co-produced by Tom Graves and Timothy Milos. With unprecedented access behind the scenes, some of the most renowned California winemakers share how they embrace the rhythms of Mother Nature and captured an epic year of prime winemaking conditions.

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In 2013 the viticultural conditions in the Napa Valley were absolutely perfect. Through this film, viewers will be able to join some of the world’s finest winemakers, including Timothy Milos (Impassable Mountain), Angelina Mondavi (Aloft, Dark Matter Wines), Bertus van Zyl (Tank Garage, James Cole, T-Vine), Elizabeth Vianna (Chimney Rock), and Ian Todd Blackburn (Beekeeper Cellars), as they share what it takes – the land, the weather, the people, and ultimately, the fruit – to create every bottle of wine.

Objectively, Napa is one of the world's most perfect wine growing regions but while you may hear the world "terroir" uttered by many visitors, few actually understand the true impact of this word. A Perfect Vintage helps to explore both the most romantic aspects of “terroir” – the complete natural environment – as well as the more scientific work that goes into cultivating the grapes to help ensure that the natural environment comes through in every sip from the final product.

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Conversations with vintners, critics, and sommeliers share the passion and techniques that bring the perfect bottle of wine to the table. Wine is one of the few crafted products that’s origin can be traced back to where it’s from and to the people who made it. From pruning to pouring, tasting to the point system, discover why 2013 was truly “A Perfect Vintage.”

Lise Romanoff, CEO and Managing Director of Vision Films says, “A Perfect Vintage is a stunningly beautiful, entertaining, and very informative documentary. Whether the viewer is a wine aficionado, a wine enthusiast, or just plain curious, they will be captivated by the passion that some of the most recognizable winemakers in the world have for their craft and the tender loving care they put into every bottle.”

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Filmmaker Troy Christian shares, “Like a crafted fine wine, this documentary film was a long and detailed process. One that took a village made up of close family and friends - including Tom Graves who joined the project bringing his shared passion for filmmaking, wine and his drone skills. And, as wine is at its best when shared with people you love, I hope that sharing this film with audiences everywhere brings similar joy. Cheers!”

Key cast: Winemakers Timothy Milos (Immortal Estate - formerly Hidden Ridge Vineyard, Korbin Kameron, Viluko Vineyards, Haber Family Vineyards, Howell at the Moon, Stewart Cellars, RD Winery), Angelina Mondavi (Aloft, Dark Matter Wines), Bertus van Zyl (Tank Garage, James Cole, Belong Wines), Elizabeth Vianna (Chimney Rock Winery), Ian Todd Blackburn (Beekeeper Cellars), Sam Kaplan (Arkenstone), Michael Trujillo (Trujillo Wines), Christy Harper (Assistant Winemaker - Vino di Milos), sommelier Christopher Sawyer, and vintners Ron Haber (Haber Family Vineyards), Peter and the late George Rubissow (Rubissow Wines).

A Perfect Vintage is available now on most major VOD streaming platforms and across hundreds of cable providers in the US and Canada on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. The DVD will be available in April.