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manischewitz rebrand features new packaging and food items

I've been using Manischewitz food and wine products for decades and even though I'm a Gentile ... I love celebrating Jewish culture, music, and food. In fact, my wife grew up not even realizing that certain recipes were "Jewish", she simply embraced them as part of her Polish heritage. For me it was a similar situation and I've loved making latkes, matzo ball soup, brisket and other kosher treats for as long as I've know how to cook. That's why I was super excited when the folks at Manischewitz sent over a box featuring their new branding as well as a bunch of items that I'd never seen before.

Latke - Potato Pancake Mix

If you've got a soft spot for traditional Jewish cuisine, like I do, you'll be thrilled to hear that Manischewitz, a beloved name in kosher foods for more than 130 years, is sprucing things up with a vibrant, fresh look just in time for Passover 2024, which kicks off today, April 22nd, and wraps up on the 30th.

Manischewitz isn’t just tweaking its style; it’s launching an exciting rebrand to connect with a broader crowd, including young, growing families. Imagine more color, modern graphics, and an overall bold new vibe across their entire product line. They’re rolling out these changes with the aim of gathering more friends and families around the table, sharing delicious meals and creating lasting memories.

Manischewitz History

I'll be honest, initially I wasn't sure about the new look and feel. It was as if that old friend with big awkward glasses and an outdated haircut suddenly comes back from a stylist and everything has changed. You still love "who they are inside" but initially anyhow ... it's impossible to not wonder what happened. I went through that process here too as a noshed on their fantastic Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patties and then the next day made some latkes. 

At that moment, I realized that kosher cooking was as exotic as Korean, Malaysian, or Russian for many folks. It's not something that they grew up with, and that's exactly who this new branding is aimed at. For instance, the box of "Potatoe Pancake Mix" has "LAAT-KUH" right below it. The Peppermint Patties (which btw absolutely kick ass) say, "Made For Noshing" at the top, and the Fudgey Gooey Brownie Mix says "There's Bupkis Like It!" ... they are right and it's this sorta humor that makes the brand radically more fun and approachable for a new generation of foodies.

assortment of new kosher goodies

For those of you wondering if some of the items we featured above are new ... yup they are!

The Passover season will also see the debut of several new products that promise to respect the brand’s core values while inviting more folks to delve into the rich tapestry of Jewish culinary arts. We’re talking about Manischewitz's first-ever frozen line including gluten-free and Kosher for Passover knishes, gluten-free frozen matzo balls, and even grape seed oil in both bottles and spray cans. And of course, the rebrand will touch all the classics too, from matzo and gefilte fish to matzo ball soup and a whole lot more.

Jewish humor in rebranding

With its roots firmly planted in Jewish traditions, Manischewitz is now setting out to make the kosher aisle a welcoming spot for everyone, inviting us all to "Savor Our Tradition" and dive into the delightful depths of Jewish heritage. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to kosher cuisine, there's never been a better time to explore what Manischewitz has to offer! 

I'm incredibly impressed. It's not often that a brand does a rebrand that actually works and this one is totally 14 out of 10 stars ... so head on over and pick up some matzos and more snacks today!