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husband appreciation day gift ideas

Happy Husband Appreciation Day! That's right, it's our one day every year dedicated to celebrating us ... I don't know how many of you guys are getting gifts this year but we decided to put together a roundup of items that we know guys will love and these all make a great opportunity for our wives and partners to show how much they appreciate all the work we do to keep the family and home working smoothly throughout the year. Let's get started!

Husband Appreciation Day is a special day dedicated to recognizing and appreciating husbands for their love, support, and contributions to their families and marriages. It is typically celebrated on the third Saturday of April each year. The day is an opportunity for spouses to show gratitude in various ways, such as giving gifts, writing heartfelt notes, or simply spending quality time together. The idea is to acknowledge the important role husbands play in their relationships and to strengthen the bond between couples.

While we've covered experiential travel gift ideas for Husband Appreciation Day before, here's a gift guide with some ideas that I am sure he will love!

coravin sparkling tool

Coravin Sparkling

You probably know the name Coravin, but even I was shocked to hear about their newest innovation ... Coravin Sparkling. It is a little bit of a departure from their other products where a needle is inserted into the bottle of wine to draw out a small sample while preserving the integrity of the wine. Instead, this one is designed so that you can open a bottle of sparking wine, have a glass or two and then reseal it to enjoy up for four weeks later.

 southern socks

Southern Scholar Socks

One of the easiest default gifts for guys is a great pair of socks, and that goes for Husband Appreciation Day gifts too. Southern Scholar has some great selections that are merge classic style with modern sophistication. Socks are one of the few areas of men's fashion where guys can express their personality so head over to Southern Scholar and find a pair that matches your man's personality. Or, for the gift that keeps giving, sign him up for the Sock of the Month Club!

 golden knights diamond hockey puck

Sports Memorabilia From Max Pawn

Vegas pawn shops are something special. While we love shopping at pawn shops locally when looking for some steep discounts, Vegas tends to attract a lot of folks looking to get cash quickly so the locations in "sin city" are legendary. However, with Max Pawn you can view their inventory online and shop without having to book a flight. They have tons of items, from posters and collectables to men's watches, musical instruments, and watches.

suvie day03 shot05 1307 lasagna cooked 1 1

Suvie Food Robot

We got a Suvie a few months ago to review the machine and meal delivery system and we were pretty impressed. Since then we've continued to use it and explore using it to make other meals on our own outside of the ones they can deliver. Unlike some compact ovens, this one is holding up great, and with features like the ability to schedule meals, keep them refrigerated for a few hours during the day, and two separate cooking areas, it works as the perfect accessory for a man cave or home bar. While we're fans of air fryers and countertop ovens in general, with Suvie you can fire up some mozzarella sticks as well as chicken nuggets and have them both complete the cooking cycle at the same time.

This means you won't need to spend your entire evening just rotating items through your oven and you'll be able to actually relax and enjoy the game or whatever's going on.

frankies bundle

Frankies 457 Calabrian Chili Oil

We're obsessed with Frankies 457 pasta and oils. They are quite literally a taste of Italy, and for those of you with husbands who love to cook, this is a great way to travel through your tastebuds. Their products are all excellent but the Calabrian Chili Oil is something special. Whether you put it on your pizza for that extra kick or in a pasta salad, it's a pretty unique experience that men who love spicy foods will love.

 mezcal amaras

Mezcal Amaras

Finally, we are going to include one of our favorite spirits brands - Mezcal Amaras - what I love about them is that they have a holistic approach to this unique spirit that brings the history, culture, and heritage of mezcal production to a global market in a way that few other spirits do. While many folks are still "afraid" of mezcal, there are few other spirits out there that can offer what brands like Amaras can. By going far beyond the traditional Blue Weber used in tequila and the Espandin used in most mezcals, you can explore how different types of agave produce unique expressions.

 margbundle white blood orange

Simple Times Mixers

Simple Times Mixers is like the craft distillery of the ultra-premium mixer world—all of its juices are created by hand in its Midwest-based production facility. These mixers are clean label meaning no artificial anything here. Get your hands on this lineup of the best-selling margarita mixers. The Margarita Bundles include (1) 32 oz bottles of: Simple Margarita, Pineapple Coconut Margarita, Strawberry Sage Margarita, and Blood Orange Margarita.