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I love "of the month" gift boxes, it's a fun way to get new and interesting stuff each month but honestly "I" don't need more stuff. Niki Bell though on the other hand sometimes gets left out and so when Truly Pawsome contacted us the other day offering to send her a birthday present I was super excited to FINALLY have a package that was actually for her.

truly pawsome box

Unlike some other (for humans) boxes that I've had, pretty much everything in here was of good quality and useful. That might just be my perspective since ultimately everything in here is still a toy or treat for my baby :). However, this month's pack included a pull toy, three snacks that she LOVES - including pumpkin pie treats because it's that time of year. Also included was a doggy bag dispenser that has come in handy on walks.

niki toy

Gift subscriptions come in three different plans based on the size of your dog and length of subscription. Prices start at $40 per box with a discount of 15-25% depending on subscription length. The nice thing is that your subscription price is the total cost. There's no additional shipping fee and they partner with Rocket Dog Rescue, which receives 10% of all proceeds.

This makes a great gift for any doggy parent. While, I can only speak for Niki Belle, she was very excited to rip stuff apart and can't wait for next month's box!