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Why I Want a "Really Goode Job" With Murphy-Goode Winery

James wants a Really Goode Job

Ninety seconds just isn't enough to express my passion for wine and my desire to find a really good job within the wine industry at a winery. I'm seeking a role with an organization that "gets it" and has the scale to build an awesome digital marketing and loyalty program. I uploaded my official 90-second video per the contest requirements. Here's the longer version, a "Director's Cut" as it were.

Scroll down for the "Director's Cut" version of my application video, or click here for the "official 90-second" edit that was submitted through their website.

My passion for the wine industry didn't happen overnight. Certain brands however, had more impact than others. While I can hold my own at a fancy tasting event, brands like Murphy-Goode align well with my personal interests and goals in terms of getting more men to enjoy wine. Additionally, I salute your brand's efforts towards innovation and making wine fun, not something pretentious and unapproachable. In fact, Murphy-Goode was one of the first brands that I worked with and quite literally transformed my appreciation and understanding of wine.

Four years ago, your team sent me a box containing multiple Pinot Noir vintages from different parts of California. You encouraged me to taste them, learn about terroir, and appreciate the wine. Before that, the concept of terroir was vague, confusing, and frankly sounded like something people just spouted off as random BS to make themselves sound more sophisticated than they actually were. However, for me ... this helped ignite a flame.

That flame continued with my opportunity to interview Dave Ready Jr. and learn more about the brand.

It was further stoked by your sharing of the INCREDIBLE Dry Hopped Sauvignon Blanc, a unique and incredible vintage that probably didn't sell well ... but showed that Murphy-Goode was a brand that understood innovation, creativity, and pushing the boundaries of what "wine could be".

I want to be part of that team. That's why I've invested the time and effort into this process, something I swore never to do. You guys are worth it though!

Three Reasons Why I Want To Win A "Really Goode Job":

There are obviously more than just three reasons but here are my top reasons. I look forward to hopefully being selected as one of the finalists and being able to expand on these more in person. 

Passionate About Wine - Everyone who applies for this position is obviously passionate about wine, but I've taken things a step further. Not only do I enjoy drinking wine, learning about wine, and visiting wineries but I also am passionate about evangelizing and educating others through my social channels. My passion has become an expensive hobby, quickly moving from reading wine labels and googling words I didn't know to traveling across the United States (as well as Canada and Europe) talking with winemakers, and now my wife is enrolled in a winemaker program at UC Davis and I'm in a Wine Business Management program at Sonoma State with the dream of one day owning our own winery.

Sharing My Passion And Supporting The Wine Industry - I've been writing articles and interviewing winemakers for many years now as part of ManTripping.com (including multiple articles about Murphy-Goode). During COVID times we shifted and worked with independent wineries to host free Virtual Tastings, engaging our influencer friends to do pro-bono promotion to support an industry that I personally love and business owners who I wanted to help transition from on-premises to DTC business models.

Professional Experience - For the past 10+ years I've been a leading men's lifestyle blogger / influencer and I've amassed a significant community. In addition, I've spent most of that time as well as before, building online communities as well as social and influencer marketing strategies for companies including Sears, Kmart, Staples, ProFlowers, and Shari's Berries, as well as numerous small and mid-sized brands. When you combine this experience with the learning I've done by talking with winemakers and taking classes at Sonoma State, I should be an excellent candidate for a marketing role at Murphy-Goode.

If you'd like to view my professional resume, here it is as well.

Thank you, I look forward to joining your team as the winner of this contest or at some capacity in the future!

Have a great day ...

James Hills

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