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Romantic Sunset

For some of us, just the opportunity to escape the rigors of daily life and family is exciting enough to make a romantic getaway the perfect adventure. However, there's always ways to make things that much more fun and memorable. 

Just remember that this is YOUR time to relax, have fun and be a couple that loves each other. There should be no judgment and you don't need to fly her to Paris to show how much you love your wife. Chances are all she really wants is a great foot rub and for your to make her a great meal while she's soaking in the tub. Regardless though, you can always do better and the reward is worth it!


Pick a Destination With Meaning

Again, while a trip to Paris, Rome, or New York City might be one of those romantic ideas you see in the movies that isn't necessary. Make sure to pick a place that has meaning to you guys. For instance, Heather and I had our first date at a Vietnamese restaurant where we enjoyed sea bass. Try to replicate that spirit and memory to reignite those feelings of intimacy that you might have lost or simply pushed to the side due to the stress of daily life.


Pick Fun Activities You Can Do Together

While being intimate with your partner is sure to be a highlight of your romantic getaway, sex shouldn't be the only thing on your mind. True intimacy is about sharing experiences and continuing to explore your partner's interests.

Some ideas that might be a great option here would be to take a cooking class together or maybe even hire a guide to take you on a nature hike or birding and learn more about the area where you are staying.


Slow Down and Enjoy Your Intimate Time Together Too

I got an email from the folks over at Adam & Eve about their survey regarding foreplay that made me realize how Heather and I used to be ... as you get comfortable in a relationship, foreplay tends to be more fore ... and less play. In fact, that's what their results showed as well. While 29% of those polled (27% of the females and 32% of the males) said that foreplay lasted 10 to 20 minutes on average, nearly 45% of the respondents (44.58% of the females and 45.14% of the males) said their usual foreplay clocked in between just 5 and 10 minutes. Nearly 14% of those polled (16.26% of the females and 10.48% of the males) said foreplay usually lasted less than five minutes, and 12.56% of the respondents (12.41% of the females and 13.14% of the males) said foreplay averaged more than 20 minutes.

Take that time away on your romantic getaway and enjoy everything about each other ... not just a quick roll in the sheets as it were.

While sex is fun so is just having fun together when you can slow down and focus on simply having some intimate fun.


Try Something New

Trying something new can be anything from taking a cooking class to trying something new in bed. It could even be something as basic as taking your massage skills to the next level by trying a new toy, costumes, or just using a massage lubricant that leads to something more. 


Eliminate Distractions

Perhaps most important to ensure that you are going to have a fun and exciting romantic getaway is to make sure you eliminate distractions. 

This means everything from getting all your work done before leaving the house to having a contact for the babysitter to call for non-emergency concerns. You probably don't get that many chances to be "just the two of you", so make sure you do what you can to get the most out of the experience!