Skin Care

  • SkinPro The Daily Wingman Is Your Secret To Great Looking Skin

    As the men’s skin care world reacts to the demands of needing more and more male products, the number of options whilst you’re scrolling through your smartphone or walking down a drug store aisle can be overwhelming.

  • More Than Just Sunscreen: What Men Should Know About Summer Skin Care

    Skin care is something most men neglect until you experience a problem. However, your skin is actually your largest organ, and its health directly affects everything else. If your skin is dry and cracked, you open the body to infections that can easily spread. The best way to care for this organ is to give it regular TLC, even for us guys. While we all know we need to wash our face, good summer skin care goes much deeper.

  • How To Change Your Skincare Routine For Each Season

    We don’t merely adjust our wardrobes to the season because we want to match the foliage. We put on different clothes in summer and winter because our body is attuned to the fluctuations in its environment. We can’t generate a winter coat like a snowshoe hare or emerge from a molt with some bright summer plumage like a goldfinch. We’ve got to get creative when it comes to making sure we’ve got the appropriate seasonal coverage.

  • Modern Man’s Mandatory Skincare Routine

    Taking care of your skin is even more important for men as they get older. Not only is your skin facing challenges related to aging, but the benefits of looking younger are that much more important. While many of us are in quarantine and working virtually, I find that good looking skin - especially on the face is even more important now since we're stuck in front of the camera doing web conferences. In the past, it was good enough to simply shrug off imperfections and hide behind shadows but today - a good looking face stands out.

  • Particle Face Cream – Innovative Men’s Skincare Ready For 2020

    Anyone involved in skincare knows that the industry has undergone many significant changes in the past decade, especially when it comes to men’s skincare.

  • How To Start A Skincare Regimen For Men Over 40

    At one point in our lives, simply splashing water and soap on our faces was enough. However, like other parts of our bodies, aging makes our skin harder to keep looking good once we start to become older. Now, in my early 40's I'm starting to realize that. Looking at my face there are lines and wrinkles that remind me of my age every time I look in the mirror. Where did the time go?!?

  • Yes - Guys Use Makeup Too Menaji Skincare Starter Kit

    While makeup and cosmetics are mostly created and marketed for women, a rapidly growing segment of the market is targeting guys as well. No, we're not talking about feminine cosmetics like rouge and lipstick. Instead, Menaji Skincare for Men products focus on covering blemishes and making your skin look better. While there are individual products, I love that this Men's Makeup Starter Kit is designed to have everything you'd need as a man to try stuff out and hide blemishes like scars, rashes, even dark circles under the eyes and shine reflecting off oily skin. Frankly, not only is this a good idea for most men to have in their dopp kits - it makes a great gift for guys that are graduating this year and looking for a way to succeed in their job interviews.

  • Five Overlooked Essentials Guys Need for Date Night

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gillette at Sam’s Club. All opinions are 100% mine.

    The devil is in the details, really. Whether you’re out for a night to swoon someone new, or its date night with your long-time love who you’d like to remind what it’s really all about, there are few essentials that as guys we tend to overlook. Each on their own are not a big deal, but miss every one and we might start picking up a hobo factor. Nail each of them, and you’ve achieved a gestalt that should not go unnoticed. Here are five overlooked essentials guys need for date night.

  • 5 Tips From Your Barber to Get That Perfect Shave at Home

    Getting that perfect shave can be a challenge and there's simply no replacement for a professional shave. It's a luxury that not enough of you have enjoyed - but those of you who have will undoubtedly agree with my sentiment.

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