Skincare is an essential part of every man's grooming routine

Taking care of your skin is even more important for men as they get older. Not only is your skin facing challenges related to aging, but the benefits of looking younger are that much more important. While many of us are in quarantine and working virtually, I find that good looking skin - especially on the face is even more important now since we're stuck in front of the camera doing web conferences. In the past, it was good enough to simply shrug off imperfections and hide behind shadows but today - a good looking face stands out.

What are you doing to your face?

It might not seem natural to walk into the bathroom and start applying different products. More common, it feels natural to splash water on your face and head out the door. That “I woke up like this” look is common among men. But, do you want to be common? Do you want to be just like every other man in town? Or would you like to keep those looks and appear more like a movie star than a lumberjack? True, lumberjacks are in vogue, but the ones you see on TV probably have more facial products that most of the women in your life.

It isn’t that hard to start a skincare routine. There are really only 4 steps that you need to know for a solid foundation. However, let’s get one thing straight. This is the basic routine, as in, necessary for every person male or female. If you are looking to improve your skin or step up your looks then master these steps first. These steps will give you a better understanding of how your facial skin reacts with different products and how the oils in your skin react to cleansers and moisturizers.

Step 1: Get a solid facial cleanser

The first step is always the hardest and the most important. Cleaning your skin is necessary to create a base to build off. If you want quality skin, then you need clean skin. Dirt, grime, and crud will clog pores, create sores, and irritate the cracks and cervices on your face. Soap is a start, but it is better for the rest of your body. When you buy a bar or bath liquid at the supermarket, what you are really buying is body wash. Body does not equal face. Sure, you can clean your face with a bar or liquid soap. These products, though, were not created for the sensitive nature of your facial skin. They can be used on your elbows, hands, legs, and feet because the skin is thicker and tends to sweat and oil up differently.

Instead, for your face you need a facial cleanser. “Face” is in the name and is made to use on your face. Cleansers with large amounts of salicylic acid (and maybe even witch hazel) are commonly used by people with acne problems. Cleansers are important for anyone with facial skin, but you don’t want to have your skin as dry as a bone. Dry skin starts to flake and peel. Instead it’s better to renew the skin with a combination of salicylic acid, witch hazel, and moisturizing agents. This combination gently controls the amounts of oil on your face without destroying it. Remember that not all oil is bad. Oils help keep your skin hydrated and protected. A solid facial cleanser, used twice a day, will stabilize the good oils and clean off the grime.

Step 2: Don’t skimp on the eye cream

The eyes are the window to the soul. Or at least that is some odd old saying. You shouldn’t take any chances. So, focusing on eye care is the next step in the routine. Skin around your eyes is not the same as the skin around your checks and chin. How can you tell? If your eyes carry bags, crow’s feet, or anything else that shows age, then you have experienced the difference in skin between your eyes and your checks. Dark circles and puffy bags shouldn’t be ignored. Trust the products, your significant other will notice and remind you of how great your eyes look.

Eye cream usually comes in smaller containers. This is normal. Don’t be surprised by the price either. You don’t need to apply that much to the skin around, mainly below, your eyes. The cream is highly concentrated as it absorbs quickly in the thin skin. Thin skin also dehydrates quickly, and the eye cream should be applied after each cleanser application. You’ve cleaned your skin and improved your eyes. Stopping here would be criminal. The next few steps will finish the basics. So, make sure you pay attention.

Always keep up with the trends

Don’t just use the same products forever. New combinations of ingredients are coming out every day. Always be aware of what the new trends are. If you don’t like what you have then check out the professional blogs around. The Groom Journal is a great source for all things men’s skincare.

Step 3: Moisturize with a purpose

Men do moisturize when they need it. Feet and hands, that crack, are often lathered up with creams to stay soft and light. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to use it on your face. Just don’t use the moisturizer that you use on your feet and hands, on your face. These are two different products for two different uses. A torque wrench and a socket wrench are both types of wrenches, but you are going to use each in different situations. Instead of viewing your facial products as beauty products, try thinking about them as if they are just tools to keep your skin healthy and fresh for your entire life. So, when you shop for moisturizers, make sure it’s for your face.

Lots of guys complain that moisturizers feel too heavy and thick. Well, don’t use on that is heavy and thick. These are more common for rougher and dryer areas like your hands and feet. Instead, try a couple different moisturizers that suites the oiliness of your facial skin. You can get moisturizers that are light but effective. These are the best of both worlds. These are usually called “lotions” or “gels” instead of creams. Next time you are at the grocery store, look at the skin care products and see if you can find any moisturizing lotions or gels that might work for your kind of skin. These can be used any time of the day and as many times as you need to feel hydrated but not sweaty.

Step 4: Protect against UV with SPF

Do you let your car’s paint crisp and crack under the sun’s UV rays? Maybe, but you know it isn’t healthy. The same goes for your skin. Five minutes here and five minutes there may not seem like much exposure, but in totality, each venture outside does affect your skin. The UV radiation does damage your skin. It can lead to sunspots, moles, and even cancer. A simple lotion with an SPF rating will truly help your skin and keep it healthy.

There are moisturizers with SPF ratings, but these aren’t what you want. Combined tools are always less effective than sole purpose tools. A solid moisturizer should be just that, a moisturizer. If you are looking for an SPF tool then you can get something with some moisturizing agents but the main purpose needs to be UV protection.