Tips for male confidence

We talk a lot about looking good and proper grooming but we seldom talk about why. Superficially it seems like a focus on style and fashion is just to "look and smell good" but it is much deeper than that for many men. In fact, there are two important elements that we rarely talk about when it comes to male confidence. Proper grooming not only is an easy way for you to do something that makes you feel good and this leads to confidence. The other is that people will see a well groomed man and immediately look at that person as someone that has his shit together. These two elements together will provide a man with the platform he needs to achieve success if he's willing to take things to the next level.

We spoke with a few of our other male blogger friends from the MenWhoBlog network along with Bold View about this topic earlier this week.

Male confidence is deceptively complex. It’s more than just looking good or smelling great. It’s about having everything together in one package and knowing that you can do what you set out to do. That isn’t saying you can be and do anything but it is the knowledge that you have set your sights on a target and are going to accomplish what you set out to do … or at least learn something if you fail.

Looking good and smelling great is an important part of this process. Not only will people look at a well dressed man who is properly groomed as being strong and confident, but it’s a process that prepares you to actually exude that confidence.

For instance, imagine if you were preparing for a job interview and merely threw some water on your face, tossed a jacket on your back, and barged into your future bosses’ office. While that might seem like confidence at first … that will quickly erode as you realize your face is itching, your jacket has a mustard stain from last night and oops, the interviewer is still on the phone with another candidate.

Instead, by taking the time to take care of yourself and prepare by using products such as Bold View Beard Oil to take care of those itchy whiskers and make yourself look and smell great you can build true confidence. 

Imagine how different the situation would be if you spent the night before building your confidence by laying out the right clothes, researching the company, and preparing for that interview. Now when you show up you know you are ready to answer anything that might come your way and with every movement of your jaw the sandalwood scent from your beard will help increase alertness and manage anxiety. 

Now, you aren’t that brazen ill prepared man barging into someone’s office, you are that smart, confident, prepared, and well dressed man who looks and smells great. This ability to present yourself properly allows others to see a confident man that they want to have as part of their team.

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While we can’t promise that you will get your dream job or attract the perfect romantic partner, just simply maintaining a well groomed appearance will help eliminate many of the barriers that sometimes erode male confidence. Not only that, but while there are things beyond your power to easily control - size, physical limitations, education, or wealth for instance, spending a few minutes each day to focus on proper grooming will result in a stronger and more confident man that can overcome those other challenges.

After all, who would you rather hang out with? An unkept man with a Harvard degree that lacks confidence ... or a well groomed man that knows where he's going who looks good and smells great?

What are your thoughts?