growing a thicker beard tips

Beards come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, but having a thicker, shinier beard is always preferred. Whether this is your first time growing out the face fuzz, or you’re pretty familiar with beard maintenance tips, this article can serve as your guide for better-looking facial hair. 

How to Grow a Thicker Beard This Year

Just like the hair on your head, beard hair requires a bit of maintenance to look its best. Here are five tips for men who plan to take a shave-free adventure this year.

Work Out and Eat Healthy Foods

Hair growth isn’t just determined by genetics. Eating foods high in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E and minerals iron and zinc will help prevent hair loss, grow your locks faster, and keep oil glands around the follicles working properly. Working out regularly also helps the beard grow.

In Dapper Mane’s article “4 Steps to Growing a Thicker Beard,” the author explains that exercising increases testosterone, triggering facial hair growth. Working out also spurs hair growth by helping your body regenerate hair and skin cells and increasing your metabolism.

Don’t Touch Your Beard as it’s Growing

Your facial hair might grow patchy and uneven, but be patient. You may be tempted to shave in spots that aren’t growing in, but that won’t make your beard thicker. Remember: beard hair grows much faster than the hair on your head, so this “ugly period” will only last 7-10 days.

Don’t rub, scratch, or give your beard definition. It’s best to wait at least four weeks before sculpting your beard because you’ll have a better understanding of its growth pattern. If, after four weeks, a patch doesn’t grow where it isn’t easy to hide, you’ll have to sculpt around it.

Wash, Comb, and Oil Your Beard

Wash your beard as it’s growing in (and after) to keep your face clean. For many men, the act of washing their face is tied with shaving, but dirt will build up and cause skin irritation if you don’t keep on top of it. Use beard-specific shampoo because it’s more coarse than head hair. 

By weak two or weak three, lube your whiskers with beard oil. It won’t make your beard grow faster, but it will make your beard and face softer. Apply your oil by using a beard comb parallel to your skin. Follow your face and neck to reach the skin. Make sure your comb is high-quality.

Trim Your Neckline, Mustache, and Cheeks

After four weeks, you can start maintaining your beard with hair trimming scissors and a razor. Shave your neckline as your beard grows if you want to keep it short. To add more thickness and fullness to your beard, grow it out slowly to keep up with the hair on your chin.

The way you want your mustache to look is up to you, but always trim the hairs that go over your lip. For your cheek lines, ask yourself if you want a sharp look to your beard (trim the lines with a ruler) or a natural look (leave it). Trim the areas where you feel hair shouldn’t be there.

Style With Hot Water and Natural Pomades

Washing your curly beard in hot water can make it easier to style, but don’t make it too hot, or you could damage your hair. Only use hair dryers when you absolutely have to. If you have a hair or two out of place, a bit of heat won’t cause thinning, fraying, or ingrown hairs.

Beard balms, pomades, and butter can offer a strong hair wax-like hold. To make sure you don’t buy products that could harm your hair or skin, read the ingredients. Beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils will help shape, style, and moisturize your beard without weighing it down.