Couple embraces at sunset, symbolizing tips for better boyfriend qualities.

Let’s park the masculine bravado for a minute. We ultimately all want to be in a loving relationship with the woman (or man) of our dreams. That means we need to be better men, a better boyfriend and indeed ultimately better husbands and fathers too. This isn't about just simply buying flowers for your special person, it's an ongoing commitment being the best boyfriend possible.




It may seem daunting, but it needn’t be as tough as you may first fear. With these ten top tips on how to be a better boyfriend, she’ll have every reason to smile whenever you're around her!


Good Boyfriends Focus On The Daily Habits

Most men think that the best way to be a better boyfriend is to whisk her off to Paris and make other grandiose gestures. While those ideas are certainly something to consider, most women simply want to feel valued. Showing an appreciation of how fortunate you are to have her in your life should be a daily occurrence, and it will bring big results.

This list of cute things to say to your girlfriend will make her feel special on a daily basis. Romance can also be simple ideas like helping out with the house chores or making her a cup of tea while she catches up with her favorite Netflix shows. Apart from anything else, relationships work better when you work together.

Essentially, the smartest thing you can do is pay her attention. While it’s far from being the only ingredient in the recipe of a successful relationship, it’s significance cannot be ignored.

 be a spontaneous boyfriend

Be Her Spontaneously Romantic Partner

As mentioned in the point above, the romantic moments are still crucial. Happiness on a daily basis provides the foundations of a strong relationship but creating the memories that last a lifetime is vital. It’s those special moments that truly take your relationship to that next level. Ignore them at your peril.

Taking your partner on a two-week cruise or vacation is amazing. However, you needn’t break the bank to be romantic. Cheap dates can include the cinema, a picnic in the park, or returning to the venue of your first date. For parents, a candlelit dinner and DVD copy of your favorite film can be an excellent solution too.

Flowers and similar surprises are sure to keep her smiling too. As a loving boyfriend, that should be the least you try to achieve.


Let Her Help You Be A Better Boyfriend

In your bid to be a better boyfriend, it’s likely that you’ll focus on the ways you can help her. In reality, a loving relationship only works when you work on things together. Openness is a crucial attribute, particularly as she needs a chance to support you too. If she feels useless in this situation, negativity will creep in.

Your partner can help you in many ways. This may range from suggestions on tackling life goals to reading instructions when completing a DIY task. While your natural instinct is to do everything and take the pressure away from her, she wants to have an input as you build your life together. Ignoring this would be naïve.

Furthermore, the time saved from sharing those responsibilities can allow you to focus on other issues.


Take Pride In Your Masculine Appearance

Physical attraction is naturally an important factor in the early stages of dating. While its significance does slide a little as time passes, appearances remain a crucial part of any successful relationship. Therefore, taking pride in your look is imperative for anyone wanting to be a better boyfriend.

There’s no need to look like David Beckham, but the small steps can make a world of difference. This could include treating your skin and facial hair. Or it may mean watching what you eat and doing a little exercise to lose a few pounds. Meanwhile, you should never underestimate the influence that the right clothes can bring.

Aside from keeping your partner attracted to you, these steps should boost your confidence as well as the way you are received by others. Frankly, it will transform your life for the better.


Focus Your Male Libido To Make Her Happy

A physically satisfying relationship doesn’t rely solely on appearances. Sex should play a central role in every relationship. It brings couples closer together and releases endorphins to make you both feel positive about yourselves. Likewise, the knowledge that you are still desired can work wonders for your mental health.

Unfortunately, a lot of married and long-term couples lose their sex drive. While you cannot expect to have the same level of libido as you did during your teenage years, staying sexually active is still important. Do not let a bad back or other aches prevent you from having a good sex life. Otherwise, you’ll be punishing your partner as well as yourself.

There are plenty of guides on how to be better at sex out there. You can even learn how to spice things up by using a vibrating dildo. If you want to be the best boyfriend, try speaking to her about what she wants. Helping her reach the big O will be a lot easier.


Be A Better You!

Sometimes, focusing on yourself can be the best way to improve your relationship. Taking pride in your appearance is one example, but there are many alternative aspects to consider. By embracing a winning mindset and striving for more, you’ll continue to develop into a better person, making you a better boyfriend by association.

The pathway to self-improvement may focus on unlocking a more successful career. Taking online courses in your spare time or starting a side business could truly transform your life for the better. Alternatively, you may focus on removing bad habits or personality traits. This could range from bottling up your feelings to seeking comfort in a bottle.

Your partner already loves you for who you are, but seeing you grow is sure to elicit an even greater sense of pride. Aside from making her feel lucky, it can provide inspiration.

 a better boyfriend shares family life with girlfriend

Be The Man That Always Includes Her In Your Life  

There’s no doubt that having a little alone time with your friends is necessary. After all, doing everything together can be unhealthy for the relationship. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t keep your partner away from your pals. When you do, it may encourage her to believe that you’re ashamed of her. Or she may feel that your friends don’t like her, which can lead her to dislike them.

If a friend has a partner too, you could try double dating with these great ideas. More importantly, if she’s in the house when your friends are over, she should feel comfortable. Banishing her to the bedroom should never be an option. Likewise, if she wants you to be a part of her social activities, you should make the effort.

Apart from making you a better boyfriend, a good relationship with your friends will make her less likely to have an issue when you want a boys night out. Perfect.


Find A Joint Hobby To Do As A Couple

In addition to including her in your friendship group, try involving her in your hobbies. If you’re a sports fan, take her to a game. If you’re passionate about fishing, bring her on the next trip. Discovering new activities that you’d never have previously considered is one of the great things about being in a relationship. Let your partner find this out for herself.

Those joint hobbies could even include training together for a marathon, which gives you a chance to raise money for a cause that you both care about. This shouldn’t be a one-way street, though. Taking an interest in her favorite activities can be equally rewarding, and may help you discover something that you love too.

Even if one of you enjoys those hobbies more than the other, spending more time together in a positive environment is the main reward. Embrace it.


Travel The World Together As Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Being a better boyfriend isn’t just about the subtle moves you make and the improvements you go through personally. Perhaps you could help improve the lives of you two collectively. Experiencing different parts of the world allows you to feel so many different emotions – it also teaches you a lot about the world around you. A week at the Galapagos Islands could strengthen your bond beyond what you already know. Being in new areas also allows you to challenge yourselves more as you’re away from the comfort of your own home. 


Support Her Dreams And Desires

As a loving boyfriend, you should always be there to support your partner. Even if she is a particularly confident person, she will doubt herself in various aspects of her life. Encouraging to help unlock her potential is one of the best things you can ever do as a partner. Better still, it'll bring huge rewards for both of you.

This can manifest itself in many different ways. It could include finding suitable positions to take her career to the next level, helping her learn a skill, or offering financial support. Most of all, however, she simply needs to hear the loving words of encouragement. If you have belief in her, she’ll soon have faith in herself.   

Seeing your partner in a happier, more confident place can only make you feel better about yourself. Her achievements will also benefit the relationship.   

 boyfriend is listening to his girlfriend talk about her love of art

Listening To Her Is The Key To Being A Better Boyfriend

There’s no such thing as a perfect boyfriend, so don’t beat yourself up for making mistakes occasionally. Nevertheless, if you wish to be the best boyfriend possible, you must acquire the most important attributes. Like anyone else, your partner will have bad days. As such, being receptive is crucial.

The issues won’t always directly result from your actions, but that shouldn’t stop you from noticing and responding to her troubles. A problem shared is halved, so listening to her complaints should be top of the agenda. Besides, your perspective will often unlock the best solution when you're not directly involved.

Combined with the abovementioned improvements, your relationship will look better than ever. Best boyfriend ever.