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ClearCast PAL hearing assistance

There comes a point in life when your hearing starts to fail you. For some folks that comes earlier due to hearing damage from health issues or abuse but most folks as they age will face this challenge to some degree.

Unfortunately, far too many men refuse to acknowledge or accept this disability. Fortunately, there's now a great device that is both affordable and effective that you can get without a doctor's prescription that will help. We tried ClearCast PAL with my father-law Jim to help him hear his doctors and therapists better but quickly discovered that it also helped with reducing his stress levels since he didn't face the constant struggle of not understanding what was going on around him as well as the frustration of misunderstanding when someone asked him a question.



clearcast pal jim medical appointment

My journey over the past year and a half has been an interesting one. As frustrating as certain moments have been for him - as well as my wife and I - the outbursts of anger are often because he feels disconnected from the world around him. Some of this is caused by events, prices, and societal norms that were once familiar are now completely foreign. However, I have also begun to realize that it's more than that.

Due to old age and health issues he is also personally disconnected from those around him. Hearing loss is no joke. We've talked about the importance of hearing protection for hunters and the danger of loud music but simply getting older can cause those issues too. 

Hearing loss is about more than merely needing to turn the TV up loud or shouting when you think you're speaking normally. It is also about nodding and acting as though you understand what someone says. It's about not hearing a doctor's instructions properly or reacting improperly when someone asks you a question and getting pissed off because someone says they put the food away and he heard that the food was thrown away.

It's been a long journey and we've tried several different products to help him hear better. Unfortunately most are either too uncomfortable to wear, ineffective, or too expensive. Thankfully we've found something that is now assisting him in way that works for him!

ClearCast PAL vs Hearing Aids vs Hearing Amplifiers

There are three distinct categories of devices that most folks in our position may consider. Typically this comes down to cheaper Hearing Amplifiers vs expensive Hearing Aids but now with ClearCast PAL there's a third option. Let's take a look at how they stack up.

FeaturesClearCast PALHearing AidsTraditional Hearing Amplifiers
Convenience Wear them only when you want Must be worn all day Wear them only when needed
Focus User Focused Hearing Amplifies Everything (sophisticated audio technology can help with noise isolation) Amplifies general sounds
Power Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss Primarily For Severe Hearing Loss  Primarily for Mild Hearing Loss
Loss Hard to lose Easy to lose. Hard to find. Relatively easy to lose
Ease of Use Easy to wear, easy to use. Easy for caregivers. Difficult for those with dexterity issues. Awkward for caregivers. Simple to use, minimal adjustments needed
Cost Less Than $400 $1,000-$4,000 per ear Typically less than $200
Prescription Needed No Yes, for most types except some OTC models No

As you can see, ClearCast PAL fits the perfect niche that I'm sorta surprised hasn't already been filled. 

Introducing ClearCast PAL - Personal Assisted Listening

The PR person for ClearCast's Personal Assisted Listening (PAL) Device reached out to us earlier this year and it has now become a powerful tool in his quest for independence.

This innovative tool, designed by the esteemed ENT specialist, Dr. Sreek Cherukuri, is not just an alternative to traditional hearing aids, but a game-changer in enhancing communication. Using cutting-edge 2.4 GHz digital technology combined with a dual microphone mode, the PAL aims to improve your father-in-law's interaction with his surroundings, facilitating easier communication.

This affordable, functional device is focused on including him in every sound of life, thus potentially giving him a new sense of freedom. As we delve into its unique features and how it could drastically improve his hearing experience, we invite you to explore further how this device could be a revolutionary step toward his independence.

 clearcast product photo

About ClearCast PAL

The ClearCast PAL is a Personal Assisted Listening Device designed to enhance conversations and TV listening by focusing on improving the signal-to-noise ratio. This technology isn't merely an alternative to hearing aids but is a personalized solution tailored to meet your specific needs.

Devised by Dr. Sreek Cherukuri, this affordable device doesn't compromise on functionality. Its user-friendly design is intended to make your life easier. One of its distinguishing features is the dual microphone mode, which utilizes 2.4 GHz digital technology. This unique feature significantly enhances communication, making it easier for you to engage in conversations and watch your favorite TV shows without the difficulties of hearing loss.

However, the ClearCast PAL isn't just about improving communication. It's about fostering inclusion. The objective is to make you feel included in every conversation, every room, and every experience.

Hearing loss is a very sensitive subject and hearing assistance devices are often seen as signs of weakness and a sign that something you take for granted for many decades is now beginning to fail you. Most hearing assistance devices today are hearing amplifiers that sit discreetly in the ear and on the lower end of the cost spectrum these are not very sophisticated and the materials used to build them are hard plastic that honestly is quite uncomfortable. At the upper end of the spectrum there are some fabulous prescription products that are so lightweight that you almost can't feel that they are on your ear.

ClearCast PAL though is designed to act just like a high-quality pair of earbuds. At only $399.99 they are priced accordingly.

clearcast pal product

Tips For Using ClearCast PAL Effectively

ClearCast PAL is pretty intuitive if you are already familiar with how wireless earbuds operate and are comfortable with basic technology concepts. Jim already wears Bluetooth ones that connect to his tablet and phone, so the comfort issue wasn't a big jump - but there were still some adjustments to be made. Here are some tips to help you use ClearCast PAL effectively.

Have A Charging Cable Near The Bed

We all know that Bluetooth earbuds have to be recharged frequently but this is a device that you need to be able to wear for hours at a time and always have ready. This means that you should always have a charging cable available to plug them into before going to bed, without having to go "oh shoot I need to go back to the living room" or wherever you might charge other devices.

Always Bring The Microphone To Medical Appointments

While the broader amplification has been helpful, the single biggest improvement for Jim was in medical appointments and therapy sessions. With the wireless microphone he is able to have the medical provider clip it on his or her uniform so that Jim can clearly hear them without them needing to shout or having him THINK he heard something. 

This has been a game changer for us since although he doesn't always understand what someone is saying --- medical stuff is complicated! --- it is no longer a factor of him thinking he heard one thing but it actually being another. For instance, without ClearCast PAL the doctor may have asked, "How are you doing?" and he responds, "no I'm not hungry" instead of "I'm doing fine, thank you".

Minimize Ambient Noise Where Possible

While we are quite impressed with ClearCast PAL, it isn't perfect. Ambiant noise can still cause issues and in the normal listening mode it will amplify background noise like air conditioner noise and birds chirping as well as Heather or I asking him questions. ClearCast PAL does have some technology that helps reduce background noise but it isn't perfect.

Consider Wearing The Microphone When Driving

Road noise from the car can be one of the more frustrating situations for someone with hearing issues since it is actually far louder than you think. Simply amplifying that already loud noise doesn't help. So what we do sometimes is clip the mic to our shirt when driving so that he can hear us better.

Give Yourself and Your Relative Time To Adjust To Hearing Assistance

Finally, please make sure to give you and your relative time to acclimate to hearing assistance. With professionally prescribed hearing aids, you usually have a doctor or technition available to monitor your use and suggest ways to make them more effective. This also can cost thousands of dollars! This is a sub $500 device that you can buy over-the-counter but that means you are on your own when it comes to adjusting to it.


ClearCast PAL Has Helped Make Our Lives Better

To sum up, ClearCast PAL provides a user-friendly, cost-effective solution to your hearing difficulties. Developed by a board-certified ENT physician, Dr. Sreek Cherukuri, it is a revolutionary approach that sits half way between expensive hearing aids and cheap hearing amplifiers.

It has made our lives better by allowing Jim to feel more connected to his environment and it has helped us as well since there are fewer misunderstandings and angry retorts when words are not understood properly. While this is NOT a replacement for hearing aids, for those who need a little help, this is a great option!