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Warren Miller Ski Films

I woke up this morning and saw Warren Miller trending all over Twitter and Facebook only to find that he had passed away. His films inspired multiple generations with the groundbreaking adventure cinematography that mixed breathtaking visuals with fantastic humor. I suspect that even those that don't ski will enjoy his films as much as those that watched them and imagined that one day they too would be able to tackle ridiculously amazing landscapes like those show in his films. Here's some of my favorites to help celebrate his career as one of the best ski and sports filmmakers of all time.

While there is some confusion with more recent films due to his name being licensed, Warren Miller directly produced 55 films from 1950 through 2004. Films released after 2004 were not directed by him, nor was he involved in production.

With quotes like, "pessimists say, 'look at all the rocks!' ... I'm an optimist so I say, 'look at all the snow between the rocks!'" - you gotta love the guy and admire his humor and love for the sport. His films absolutely inspired generations of skiers to hit the slopes and have a great time. He will be missed.

Warren Miller's Ski Time



Warren Miller's Steep and Deep


Warren Miller's Ski In the Sun


 Warren Miller's Journey


 Warren Miller's Have Skis Will Travel

Funny Moments from Warren Miller Ski Movies

While not a film, this video does a great job of highlighting the fun and goofy nature of ski culture that Warren Miller managed to capture. It's not scripted gags like you see on YouTube these days ... just hundreds or thousands of hours of simplybeing there when stuff happens.