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Online gambling used to be a taboo subject, a murky "grey area" dominated by disreputable foreign sites with little accountability. Today, though, some of the biggest land-based casinos have jumped in the game. While there are still some sites that operate in a less than honorable manner ... the reality is that whether Malta, UK, Australia, or one of the American states regulates the organization, chances are that you're going to have a good experience. These regulatory bodies are reputable and organized to help make sure the casinos maintain a positive experience for the players. Plus ... it's easier to keep good players than to piss them off by trying to cheat them. All of these factors, plus the fact that the industry is innovating rapidly, have combined to make this one of the most popular online activities for men from around the world.

Everyone is familiar with gambling. From online sportsbooks to land-based casinos, the list of places you can gamble today is endless. It’s universally accessible, no matter which part of the world you live in.

Since 2020, which is when the COVID-19 pandemic exploded, gambling has reached new heights. Specifically, it’s become quite a male-dominated activity. The latest research from Finder.com discovered that 51% of men have gambled in the past four weeks, which is impossible to wrap your brain around when you put it into perspective.

Factors That Are Leading To Rapid Growth In Online Gambling

It’s no secret that men enjoy gambling. For decades, men have been betting on their favorite sports teams, playing in online casinos, and doing everything else in between. Now, though, it’s fair to say that the relationship between men and gambling has gone to the next level, with such a large percentage of the population now doing it. These are the main reasons why.

Availability of Promo Codes

The number one reason why men gamble today is because of the availability of promo codes, which you can get from gamblingpromocodes.com and other similar sites. The biggest online betting companies have been releasing (and accepting) promo codes for a long time. Effectively, these promo codes allow players to get freebies, such as cash bonuses and free spins, without having to spend anything. This is extremely exciting to the average gambler, so it’s proven to be a great strategy by betting companies looking to keep male players engaged all year-round.

Mobile Play

Next, there’s the element of mobile gambling. Not too long ago, if you wanted to gamble, you’d have to go to a local casino or sportsbook shop. In 2024, it’s completely different. According to the Gambling Commision, 74% of in-play bettors have now used a mobile to gamble. Whether you’re in California or New York, mobile gambling is a piece of cake thanks to the huge volume of gambling sites that are available. This type of accessibility has made gambling a no-brainer for many men, who already tend to spend a lot of time on their smartphones.

The Social Experience

Gambling has become a highly social experience. It’s become extremely common for male friendship groups to place bets together, compare bets, and discuss current gambling trends. For example, something you now often see is men gambling together at sports events, like NFL games. It helps keep the entertainment flowing, especially when some big wins come through.

Opportunities to Win Big

Speaking of big wins, another key factor behind the rise of male gambling has been the opportunity to win big no matter what you’re betting on. Over recent years, some of the world’s biggest gambling wins have come from men. Just recently, Shane Burk hit a huge jackpot of $1,012,030 while playing Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em in Las Vegas, where he had only wagered $5 to begin with. Ultimately, success stories like this keep men gambling as they continue their own search for those life-changing jackpots.

Branded Games And Sports Tie-Ins

Just like with slots and table games in Vegas and Atlantic City, online games often feature fun and attractive branding with celebrities, entertainment, and sports tie ins. For instance the 2024 NASCAR schedule has multiple sports gambling sites that are title sponsors of races. These factors help bring online gambling out of the shadows and make it a normalized activity that is fun and enjoyable.

A Wide-Variety of Games

One of the best things about modern gambling is that there’s an incredible range of games to choose from. In your typical online casino, you have all of the classics, like poker and roulette, as well as new creations like Megaways™ slots. There’s enough choice to make sure you never get bored, which is why a lot of men now spend plenty of hours each weekend playing inside online casinos and other similar gambling sites.


Men (64%) continue to outnumber women (36%) when it comes to gambling, according to PlayToday.co. And although more women have recently started gambling for fun, which has largely been driven by online bingo, it remains a male-dominated activity. Moving forward, you can expect this to remain the case as men continue to gamble professionally and for fun, too.