Beginner tips for riding motocross

Motocross is not just a sport, but an experience, a feeling and a subtle description of adventure. But at the same time, it isn’t something that one can simply wake up to and go on for. Here are five tips for beginner motocross riders to get started right ...

Some preparation is crucial, and so it must be taken into consideration. Also, following the right suggestions will only enhance the overall experience.

And that’s what we are here for.

Buckle up, folks. Here we are sharing five beginner motocross tips for riders on their first motocross adventure.


Always Wear Proper Gear

Riding on the road and riding on a motocross track are two entirely different experiences.

While you ride a light two-wheeler on the road, you may not always have to wear top quality jackets or arm guards or other safety gear. A helmet, a pair of gloves and your comfy shoes may make the cut.

However, when you are on the track, you are more prone to injuries than ever.

Motocross tracks are mostly uneven, full of dirt and all of this boosts up the odds of accidents.

And if you are going fast, a fall may give you painful or even irreversible injuries. That’s why it’s super important to wear proper safety gear; every single time you get on the track.

beginner tips for motocross racing

Start Slow And Work Your Way Up

When you get on a dirt bike and try to pull off a fast run, the chances of you succeeding in the first go are thin.

The reason is a lack of experience. Practice makes us all perfect, and without that, we can’t really rock our dirt bikes on the motocross track.

So, before you pull the throttle up, make sure you have trained yourself to ride slowly, to build and maintain unshakable balance, and then eventually speed up while practicing.

Remember that speed is always easy to build up. It’s a perfect balance that takes time to come.


Don’t Start With The Heaviest Bike

No dirt bike is too heavy. But there can be dirt bikes which are heavier than other dirt bikes, right?

And in most cases, this is because of the bigger engine.

Dirt bike engines range from as small as 50 CCs to 500 CCs. All engines are good depending on what you are preparing for.

However, when you are just starting off, it’s better to learn and practice with an engine that isn’t the most powerful or the weakest.

In simple words, a bike like YZ250 can be a good one to start with.

It will last years and years and can also be your personal favorite on the track. And not to forget, with a dynamic YZ250 sticker kit you can make your ride stand out from the crowd.

tips for beginner motocross riders

It’s Good to Be In Good Company

If you have ever tried to acquire a skill all on your own, you would know how difficult it can be.

And when it’s motocross riding, YouTube videos may not do that much.

That’s why it becomes crucial to have good company. A friend or a trainer who you can ride with so you learn the right riding discipline, have someone to correct your mistakes and to motivate you at the same time.

This will help you on the beginner level, intermediate level and even on a professional level.


Train Yourself To Maintain Your Bike

If you are going out for your first motocross spin on a new dirt bike, the chances of it breaking down are minimal. However, if you have picked up a used machine, you must train yourself to maintain it before you hit the track.

Just know that it’s important to be able to:

  • Change the tires and tubes
  • Replace and/or clean spark plugs
  • Repair chains (and replacing links)
  • Adjusting spokes
  • Replacing and cleaning the air and oil filters
  • Changing disc pads
  • Applying chain lube
  • Adjust suspension

As you look forward to having a great time with your dirt bike on the track, it’s crucial that you follow the right tips. And in this post, we shared five of them. Hopefully, this was helpful.