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vmazi v90 mens walking shoe review

One of the important things that most guys neft forget is that youways need to have the right tool for the right job. I discovered this a couple weeks ago while installing a cabinet inside of a closet - my contractor said it couldn't be done, I said it couldn't be done ... Heather looked at me and said stop saying no - just do it! The reality is that withe the wrenches that Jerome and I had ... it couldn't be done. So I got the right tool and finished the job successfully.

Fitness is a lot like that. I have heavy winter boots, I've got comfortable slippons and I have pretty much everything in between. I love trying new footwear and I've been blessed by brands willing to send me their latest wares.

Vimazi is the latest to do so with their new shoe that was specifically designed for walking.

The groundbreaking pace-tuned running footwear's creator reveals the introduction of their inaugural tuned walking shoe. The brand-new Z90 model will join the existing assortment of road and trail running shoes within the complete Vimazi collection.

The Vimazi Z90 is designed with precise biomechanical adjustments to prioritize utmost comfort and minimize strain while engaging in activities such as brisk walking, leisurely strolls, or workouts at the gym. 

vimazi walking shoes v90

Walking Shoes vs Running Shoes vs CrossTrainers

The patented technology attains an ideal equilibrium of firmness and coziness between the heel and forefoot, thereby diminishing the burden and weariness experienced by the feet. The Z90 offers an incredibly cozy and convenient fit with its sock-like design, expertly crafted using stretchy engineered mesh. This design feature makes it effortless to slide the shoes on and off. With its low drop, rocker sole, and impressive flexibility, walking becomes an exceptionally comfortable experience.

Like every pair of Vimazi footwear, the Z90 model is rooted in scientific principles. When comparing walking to running, the impact forces experienced are significantly reduced, resulting in minimal disparity between the pressures exerted on the forefoot and rearfoot. Hence, it is crucial to distinguish the design of walking shoes from that of running shoes. These shoes offer a more cushioned experience, enhancing comfort, as there is no airborne phase and the resulting abrupt impact experienced during running. The variance in hardness between the heel and forefoot is minimized in walking shoes since walkers do not have to actively lift themselves off the ground. The Vimazi Z90 is engineered based on the principles of walking dynamics to achieve an optimal blend of comfort and stability.

So, How Does The Z90 Walking Shoe Feel?

I dig them. The simple answer is that it's that I like the way they've maintained a fairly conservative - black (charcoal) shoe but added a distinct "sock weave pattern" to it, including a cuff around the foot hole.

Aesthetically, they look nice and functionally, while they are light (8oz) and easy to slip on and off.

Compared to my normal "go to" walking shoe from Kizik that we reviewed a while back and I've stuck with since Vimazi Z90 definitely has a more stable foundation that is comfortable walking on cobblestones and dirt trails - not just hard paved surfaces.

For more information, please visit their website.