powerboost pro+ massager offers hot and cold therapy

For the most part, most percussion massagers on the market are the same today. The biggest differences tend to be in the style of the massage gun and that comes down to personal preference. While a few (including this one) offer unique attachments to improve their massage performance, they all pretty much do the same thing - pound your muscles into submission. The Powerboost Pro+ by Sharper Image though is different. While it has everything that I mentioned previously, it also comes with Hot and Cold massage heads that are capable of delivering an additional level of therapy to your sore muscles.

We previously reviewed the Powerboost Move that was designed for travel purposes but this one is clearly designed more for home use, though I suppose you could pack it in your gym bag as well.  When not in use it comes with a very nice carrying case that includes space for all six of the attachments and charging base though I think most men will prefer to set up the base and leave the case in the closet somewhere (though it is still good for storing the attachments). This ensures that the Powerboost Pro+ is always ready for action.

powerboost pro plus massager attachments

Massage Attachments Include:

  • 1 hot and cold massage head for allover user
  • 1 compression massage head for sensitive points
  • 1 bar massage head for biceps and shoulders
  • 1 cone massage head for trigger points and knots
  • 1 round massage head for large muscle groups
  • 1 dual massage head for wide coverage

When fully charged, you can use your Powerboost Pro+ for 40 minutes and it offers six different massage speeds as well as hot and cold therapy options that range from 38 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit.

The feel of the massage gun as well as attachments are all very good quality and we really like this product since it offers something other percussion massagers simply don't.

Even when I don't need a hardcore pounding, it is nice to run it as a heat therapy tool on the lowest massage setting to add some pain relief and the same would be true for cold as well. As with anything involving percussion massagers though, it is very important to use it properly.

powerboost pro plus massager heating

We have discussed in previous posts the importance of avoiding sensitive and bony areas of the body such as back, neck, and head - but you should also make sure to use the cold therapy in time limited sessions. At a max low temperature of only 10 degrees Fahrenheit this can cause you to freeze your skin. As such, it is important to be careful not to apply the therapy for too long and also to always use the same precautions you might do with ice packs ie consider using a towel to avoid directly pressing the attachment to your skin.

The Sharper Image Powerboost Pro+ Hot and Cold Massager is available online and in select retail stores for $249.