exciting things in Ecuador

Most people do not automatically think of Ecuador when they consider visiting South America. However, Ecuador is a country worthy of touring, especially for its outdoor activities. 

Ecuador may be a petite country, but it has most of the physical features any tourist would want, including mountains, forests, rivers, wildlife, and beaches. 

Therefore, you will have a great time if you love having fun outdoors. Ecuador is one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world, and the following are exciting activities you can enjoy there:

Hosteria Papagayo

You will find a part of the Andes mountain range in Ecuador. These mountains have many colonial haciendas, which are gorgeous and a sight to behold. 

Most of the haciendas have been turned into hotels, with Hosteria Papagayo being one of the most famous among them. You should check Ecuador vacation packages to see if the haciendas in the Andes are included. 

Though they are fancy haciendas and hotels, their location makes great outdoor adventures possible. You can participate in many activities while staying at Hosteria Papagayo, including hot air balloon rides, mountain biking, and horseback riding. It is an excellent location for family-friendly adventures for families who love the outdoors. 


Visit The Galapagos Islands

It would not be just to have a list of things to do in Ecuador without starting with the Galapagos Islands. Visiting the islands is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity every tourist to Ecuador should have and cherish. 

A tour to the Galapagos islands will be not only fun but also educational, whether for children or adults. You will see many birds, tortoises, and iguanas on land, among other animals. 

If you go deep-sea diving or snorkeling in the water, you will see sharks, sea lions, and penguins, among other creatures. It is never boring on the Galapagos islands, but you should know a few things when planning your trip for the best experience.


Deep-Sea Diving 

Deep-sea diving is a luxury not many can afford, but if you can, deep-sea diving off the Galapagos Islands or the coast of Ecuador is an activity you will enjoy. There are also many diving tours from Santa Cruz Island. 

Deep-sea diving in this region can be aptly described as diving in paradise. There is so much to see underwater, especially the vast array of wildlife. 

The water is clean, refreshing, and a lot of fun. You can dive underwater to nearby islands like Wolf Island or Gordon Rocks. You might just discover an exotic marine species while you are out there.


Visit UNESCO Heritage Sites

Experiencing a foreign country's culture & history is always interesting and touring a UNESCO heritage site is one of the best ways to do so. Therefore, if you are up for an exciting outdoor adventure, you should consider visiting Ecuador's UNESCO heritage sites, particularly Quito and Cuenca. 

Quito has one of the best-preserved heritage sites globally, and a tour of its centuries-old streets will take you back to a different era. The site not only has historical significance but plenty of charm. The historic center at Cuenca is the same and has structures that have stood for over four centuries. It is a center of culture, art, and craftsmanship like no other. 



An outdoor experience does not have to be in the water or the jungle; you can also have one in Ecuadorian towns. Otavalo is a city with the largest artisanal market in South America, the Plaza de Los Ponchos. 

Shopping for unique artisan crafts in Ecuador is quite an experience. You will find all types of items, including art, jewelry, clothes, carvings, and other souvenirs. 

There are many exciting outdoor activities to do in Ecuador. Many of them are pretty dangerous and physical. However, if more luxurious activities are your preference, start with the above activities on your trip, and you will not be disappointed.