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solo trip ideas for men to travel through Europe

Are you planning a solo trip to Europe? If yes, we have good news for you! You hardly need a visa due to the fair entry requirements in most countries. Take the Schengen countries as an example. You only need a valid passport and supporting documentation to traverse these regions. How great is that! So, ensure you carry a valid passport with at least six months of validity beyond your departure date.

The passport should be in good condition and have at least two blank pages. If you need help getting a new passport or renewing one within days, you can always use expedited passport services!

So, what places can you tour solo in Europe?

Best European Solo Travel Locations For Men

Traveling alone is a sure way to get to know yourself better. It forces you to break out of your cocoon, interact with others, and question your views on life. Plus, it lets you do what you want because you’re not following a shared itinerary.

When choosing a solo travel location, the key focus should be safety. Then you can build on this by considering your preferred activities, places you can meet people, and if the locations meet your budget constraints. That said, we would recommend the following travel destinations to any solo traveler:

1.     Copenhagen, Denmark

You might have noticed that many travelers seem to have a soft spot for this capital city. But does it live up to the hype? It does! This historic city ranks as the world's happiest city, seeing as it has bagged the title of the city of fairy tales. Plus, it is home to Hans C Andersen, a children’s books writer who captured worldwide attention.

While in the city, you can indulge in its excellent cuisines, take a canal cruise, or spend the day tasting the local breweries. You’ll likely easily meet people as the city has a community spirit that draws both locals and tourists. Let us not forget the theme park where you can take pictures, make memories, and revel in the happy vibes.

2.     Budapest, Hungary

When people talk of safe cities, they usually do so in reference to daytime. But how many cities are safe at night? Well, Budapest is! You can go out alone in the wee hours of the night without fear of getting mugged or worse.

Besides safety, this capital, also dubbed Pearl of the Danube, has a rich history. So, if you enjoy historical tours, you can visit the churches and castles and learn about the country’s origins. They are also great spots for taking captivating photos and videos. If history does not call to you, perhaps you will enjoy the baths, thriving nightlife, and beautiful architecture.

And the locals are very welcoming!

3.     Stockholm, Sweden

Did you know that Stockholm is a network of islands? While there, you will see this interconnectivity in play which is quite enchanting. This city is best known for its fashion. Anyone who wants to exude style can always find a shop to cater to their needs. No wonder many tourists add it as a stop on their itineraries – buying in-style fashion is always a worthy travel milestone.

But away from the amazing clothes, this city has some of the best architecture you will ever see. You can literally spend your day moving from one street to the other, taking pictures of the buildings. Add the art exhibits, the Archipelago, and great coffee; this city will capture your heart.

4.     Delft, Netherlands

This charming Dutch town is one of the best solo travel cities you will come across. It has a laid-back attitude that plunges you into a state of rest. So, if the hustle and bustle of big cities is not for you, this will be it. This town is home to some amazing local beer. And when you’re not trying the beer, you can get in on the café culture where you spend your days trying the cuisines.

While this description may have you thinking of Delft as a sleepy little town, that is untrue. You can enjoy shopping, heading to the market, touring its churches and museums, and exploring the canals. You might love it so much that you start planning to relocate there.

5.     Bruges, Belgium

Can you truly explore Belgium without stopping at this city? After all, where else can you embark on a self-guided chocolate tour where you taste some of the finest chocolate in the world? That’s a dream experience for most people. And when you’re done sampling the chocolates, you can tour the canals, which make for amazing picture backdrops.

Bruges also ranks high in architectural beauty. Not only are its buildings quite stunning, but also its cobblestone alleys are quite captivating. And it is also home to art galleries with fine pieces.

6.     Zurich, Switzerland

People know Zurich for many things – its amazing chocolates, the luxurious lifestyles, the banking aspects, and the incredible shopping experiences. But did you also know it’s an amazing tourist destination for solo travelers? Part of this popularity owes to access to the best amenities, watches, and chocolates.

But another key contributor is the city’s natural beauty. You can explore the glaciers, take pictures by the clear lakes, tour the alpine meadows, indulge in the culture, and tour the museums. Thus, it is one of the most wholesome travel experiences where you can have the best of both worlds!

7.     Amsterdam, Netherlands

If affordability is top on your list of things to consider, you will love this city. It has fast become a home to digital nomads and leisure travelers. Thus, meeting new people and getting tips on saving money on food and accommodation will be easy. Besides its low price tags, this city has a thriving nightlife, famous art museums, beautiful cultural sights, amazing craft beers, and delightful culinary experiences.

8.     Mykonos, Greece

Yet another location that has tourists boarding flights and renewing their passports for another chance to tour it. After all, it is known as the party island. But for tourists who want a quiet getaway, there is another side of Mykonos. A side that boasts opulence, slow days by the beach, and exemplary spa and culinary services. And for history and art lovers, there is always an opportunity to tour the monasteries and churches which date back centuries ago. And, of course, you can always enjoy an indulgent shopping experience.

9.     Edinburgh, Scotland

There are so many things which stand out about this city. But the historical aspects and the friendliness of the locals top the list. It’s hard to be in the city without almost breaking your neck as you try to take in its sights and sounds. And while you do so, you will encounter happy and smiling people around you. Oh, and its restaurants – award-winning settings serving the best delicacies! Add the festivals and booming nightlife; you might never want to leave.

10.  Prague, Czech Republic

How about a tour of a medieval city? Prague will suit your next solo vacation. This city is home to walking tours that enable you to enjoy its beauty while staying active. And you can grab a cold beer at the end of each tour, thanks to the convenient beer-tasting events. The city also boasts great food, excellent nightlife, numerous museums, and colorful architecture.

So, what’s your next stop? Whatever you choose, read about its culture and norms before boarding your flight. It will help you understand what to expect and keep you from stepping on people’s toes.