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epic dubai trip ideas for guys

Whether you are looking for adventures, relaxation, or full immersion in an extravagant lifestyle, Dubai has it all. No wonder it has been elected one of the top places to visit in 2023 by CNN!

But when it comes down to planning your visit to the United Arab Emirates, the sheer volume of activities, attractions, and must-do experiences to fit into your schedule can be overwhelming. 

Luckily, you’ll only need a few touches to make your trip to Dubai even more memorable. Start with the ideas and tips below!

Rent a Car and Make It a Road Trip!

Not many experiences are as exhilarating and memorable as getting behind the wheel in the supercar capital of the world! But renting a car to explore Dubai is so much more than this. 

Renting a private vehicle is a great option to dive deep into the culture and beauty of the city, and can give you the freedom to wander at your own pace. What’s more, if you were looking to combine your trip to Dubai with a visit to Oman, some rental companies can help you plan the trip of a lifetime!

But, before you get started, don’t forget a few key rules to drive safely and legally in the UAE. These include:

  • You will need to have valid car insurance in the UAE
  • Although the minimum age for driving in Dubai is 18, rental companies will only accept clients older than 21
  • You’ll need to have an international driving license 

And, before you get on the road, don’t forget to review the local driving regulations!

Eat at the World’s Tallest Restaurant

Dubai is the only city in the world that gives visitors the chance to truly feel at the top of the world. Or, more specifically, at the top of the world’s tallest building - the Burj Khalifa!

Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views over the city and walk on glass floors on the observation decks located on floors 124, 125, and 148. Alternatively, you could take advantage of one of the dining options at the Burj Khalifa and enjoy a heavenly meal at the world’s tallest restaurant in the world, At.Mosphere.

Visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis the Palm Resort With Your Little Ones

If you have always been fascinated by marine life, Dubai is the perfect place to live an aquatic adventure and get up close with rare and beautiful marine creatures. 

Some of the best locations in Dubai to let yourself be fascinated by the silent world include the Al Mahara restaurant at Burj Al Arab, the Dubai Aquarium at the Dubai Mall, and, for families, the Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis the Palm Resort. 

Go for a Romantic Balloon Ride and Watch the Sunrise

The only thing more mesmerizing than the orange desert surrounding Dubai at sunrise is watching this natural wonder from the skies! If you have been looking for a romantic getaway to experience with your other half, don’t miss out on the chance of booking your ticket for a hot air balloon ride. 

At an altitude of 4,000ft, you’ll be able to fully take in the breathtaking landscape and even spot rare wildlife species, such as the Arabian leopard or Arabian oryx. 

Looking for Adventures? Go Scuba Diving, Ziplining, or Skydiving

Dubai offers endless opportunities for those who are adventurers at heart! For example, you can enjoy an underwater experience at the Deep Dive Dubai. Or, you can travel down the UAE’s highest mountain at 150km\h at Jais Flight, the longest zipline in the world. 

Alternatively, if you have always wanted to experience the thrill that only skydiving can offer, you can take in the beauty of Palm Jumeirah from above or enjoy indoor skydiving experiences. 

Go Skiing or Ice Skating – Yes, in the Desert!

One of the most unusual attractions Dubai offers is also one of the unmissable stops on everyone’s itinerary! The city offers a full-fledged ski resort with five pistes and a chairlift, as well as endless winter experiences that can be enjoyed by adults and kids right at the heart of the Arabian Desert!

Curious about more facts about Ski Dubai? Here, you can meet a colony of penguins, learn more about the penguin conservation efforts, enjoy fresh real snow, and take advantage of a stable temperature of -4°C.

Enjoy a Relaxing Cruise on the Dubai Creek

Dubai is the perfect destination for a thrilling vacation. But the city also has all the qualities to offer the perfect relaxing getaway. Just make sure to keep your itinerary loose, hit the malls, and book your ticket for a relaxing cruise on the stunning Dubai Creek!