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Winter is on its way, and that means likely some snow along with it. While many people try to hibernate indoors during the Winter, you don't have to be one of them. There are plenty of activities that you can do outside during the colder months, and they range from simple to quite crazy. If you're tired of the standard sledding down hills in your town, or building snowmen, here are some fun activities that you can consider trying out this upcoming Winter to add some excitement to those months.


Two sports that come to mind when people think of Winter sports are skiing, and dog sled races. If you wanted to combine the two of these, then you would have something called Skijoring. Skijoring comes from the Norwegian word Skikjoring, which means Ski Driving. In it, a person on skis is pulled along, either by a horse, dog, or motor vehicle. Skijoring competitions can be found all over the world, and many variations have sprung up as well – including being pulled while on a snowboard. If you have the right equipment for it, Skijoring can be a fun way to spend a Winter day.

snow kayaking

Snow Kayaking

Who says boats are only for the Summer? Snow kayaking, or snow boating, is when you basically ride a kayak down a slope full of snow. Paddles are used much the same way they as when the boats are in the water, except in this you are gliding on top of the snow, rather than in the water. People have snow kayaking races, or simply enjoy the ride down a hill or mountain side. If you are going to start snow kayaking, be sure to find a safe place to do it, and it is a good idea to wear a helmet while you are riding.

snow bikes

Snow Bikes

Much like kayaks have started to be used on top of snow, now dirt bikes can be used to ride around on the slopes as well. Snow bikes are specially designed bikes that allow the rider to race around the slopes – riding up and down mountain sides, and jumping over snow dunes. If you are looking for an extreme sport to try, and have a decent amount of money to spend, then consider getting yourself a snow bike kit and start looking for a place to ride.

ice boating new hampshire

Ice Sailing

Before their was snow kayaking, their was ice boating. Ice boats are specially rigged boats that have long skates on the bottom of them, so that they can glide around frozen bodies of water. Traditional ice boats date as far back as the late 19th Century, in which they were used to transport goods and race. Now ice boats are used for fun and for racing, and has become fairly popular in the Northern United States and Europe. If you happen to be in one of these areas, and want to get out on a boat despite the freezing cold weather, then ice sailing may be the activity for you.

vancouver polar bear swim

Polar Bear Swims

Lastly, after performing all of these activities near or on a body of water, you are probably not too tempted to get into the water yourself. In fact, the last thing a lot of people want to do in the freezing weather is go jump into the ocean or a lake. However, this is not the case for everyone, and many people enjoy doing just that. Polar bear swims take place all over the world, and consist of running or diving into a body of water in the middle of Winter. Many Polar Bear Plunges take place in Canada on New Year's to celebrate the holiday, while in the United States they are used to raise money for charity. It may sound like a crazy idea, but that's just what makes it a great thing to put on your bucket list.

winter camping

Winter Camping

Just because the temperature drops for a couple of months, doesn't mean you can't go outside and have some fun. Get away from building an igloo again this year and instead do something adventurous. So the next time you check the weather, and there is snow in the forecast, start making some plans. The activities above are sure to give you lifelong memories, and help to bring some excitement back into your Winter.