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Valentines Gifts

  • Valentine's Day Gift Guide - What Men Want You To Give Them

     Valentine's Day is a tough time when it comes to finding the perfect gift for men in your life. While there is no shortage of cliche ideas being marketed towards guys on what to buy for women, the reality is that many women, want to buy their guys something special as a token of their love and affection. As a guy who's married to one of the most thoughtful ladies out there, I know it can be especially tough for her since I'm not someone who likes to "ask for stuff" and if I want something, I just go and buy it for myself. That makes it difficult for her so I've put together some of my favorite Valentine's gift ideas that I know men like me will enjoy receiving this year.

  • Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Smart Home Gadgets For Her

    After wandering the halls of the Consumer Electronics Show a few weeks ago it was clear that virtually everything going forward will be "smart" or at least connected. That includes not just stuff traditionally in the domain of guys like garage door openers, security cameras, and thermostats but virtually everything in your house will soon be connected. For me as a total gadget geek this leaves a question in my mind - "What if I want to check out stuff designed for her?" Luckily, with Valentine's Day coming up you have an opportunity to make her happy by giving her something awesome while also getting a chance to expand the reach of your inner gadget geek!