How to be an Awesome Airbnb Host
July 26, 2016

How to Be an Awesome Airbnb Host

in Stuff by James Hills
Airbnb offers a lot of great opportunities for guests to explore new ways to travel and experience things that might not be discoverable if you only stay in hotels. However, homes aren't just "ready" and the best hosts know that they need to prepare properly to make the guest experience fabulous as well as to ensure that their own experience is a positive one.
Kiteboarding in Massachusetts
July 25, 2016

Best Massachusetts Mancation Ideas

in Mancation Blog by James Hills
Massachusetts may be difficult to spell, but it is not difficult to find some great options for the ultimate guys weekend or a fantastic mancation. Few states have as rich of a mixture of terrains and opportunities packed into such a small place. For instance, imagine starting in Boston with a pub crawl, followed by a bike tour through gorgeous countryside, kite surfing on the cape and then wrap…
Staying Safe While Visiting Puerto Vallarta
July 25, 2016

Tips for Staying Safe When Traveling Abroad

in Mancation Blog by James Hills
Even for the experienced traveler, visiting a foreign country can be a daunting task. However, this is also one of the most exciting opportunities to push your boundaries and experience new sights, sounds and flavors. Don't worry though, with a little common sense and some important resources you are almost guaranteed to have a fabulous and safe time. While some places are typically more safe…
Insider Tips from A Vegas Concierge
July 23, 2016

Insider Tips from a Former Las Vegas Concierge

in Mancation Blog by James Hills
Vegas can be a tricky place if you don't know what you are doing. I know my first few visits weren't nearly as fun as those that followed since I began to learn my way around but I'm in awe of Las Vegas Concierges. There is so much stuff going on in this city that is constantly changing and yet they seem to know everything about it as it happens.
Wallaroo Palmer Hat Review
Jul 23, 2016

I'm Staying Cool with My Wallaroo Palmer Hat!

I love hats but I never really appreciated them like I do during the summer in San Diego. Typically, I'm a baseball hat wearing guy, but recently I've decided to branch out and explore other styles as well. This is in part due to the simple fact that while a baseball cap might offer a nice brim to…
Health Benefits of Sleep
Jul 22, 2016

Health Benefits of Sleep - 7 Ways Sleep Helps You Stay Healthy

in Stuff
Sleep is sometimes taken for granted. It's what happens naturally when you are tired and lay down in your bed. Or at least it should be and it's those times when rest doesn't come naturally that you start to think about why that is and what you can do about it.
Lake Cunningham Skate Park
Jul 21, 2016

San Jose Guys Weekend Ideas

All too often we look at "big cities" as the places we want to visit and ignore the smaller towns and suburbs that orbit those population centers. That's often the case with San Jose as well since people typically say "I want to visit San Francisco" and ignore this great destination south of the…
Cruzan Daiquiri
Jul 19, 2016

Happy National Daiquiri Day!

Happy National Daiquiri Day! Cruzan sent this quick and simple recipe over and we think maybe it might have to be an early happy hour tonight!
Park Hyatt Aviara
Jul 19, 2016

A Dog Friendly Romantic Getaway at the Park Hyatt Aviara

The words "pet friendly" seems to mean a lot of different things to different people in the resort industry. At the Park Hyatt Aviara is that they mean that dogs are welcome guests - like any other part of your family. This is our second time visiting and on both times all three of us were received…
Save Money At the Ball Game
Jul 18, 2016

Insider Tips to Save Money at the Ball Game

As a Padres member I attend a LOT of baseball games. I love the sport. For most people, the tickets are just a small fraction of the total cost of going to the game I've gotten good at being frugal. A trip to the concession stand can easily set you back $15 per person and that adds up over the…

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