C+A Global At CES
January 13, 2017

Gift Guide For Yourself To Make New Years Resolutions Easier

in Stuff by James Hills
One of the toughest things about setting New Years resolutions is that it's "just words". This year though, C+A Global a company that you might never have heard of (till now!), but is a global company matching innovative design with an extensive portfolio of brands including Zink, Polaroid, and Gold's Gym. As a blogger, I get spoiled by the latest and greatest products with the most amazing…
Brydge iPad Keyboard
January 13, 2017

With Brydge Keyboard Your iPad Is Even More Travel Friendly

in Stuff by James Hills
Each time I go out, it's time to make decisions - do I just go with only my phone? Or, should I take my laptop and tablet too? I've tested a lot of keyboards for iPad and honestly most of them fall short, so I was really impressed with Brydge since it looks great, is well manufactured, and when connected, it feels sturdy - almost like it was a first party addon rather than a manufacturer other…
Viking Mani on Rhine River Cruise
January 12, 2017

What To Expect on Your First Viking River Cruise

in Romantic Getaways by James Hills
I've enjoyed my share of ocean cruises on a few different lines to different hot and cold destinations so I consider myself a pretty experienced cruiser. However, despite this I found river cruising a completely unique and wonderful experience that I wish more people would consider. After being hosted on an amazing experience by Viking River Cruises, I wanted to share my thoughts so you can…
top places in the United States to catch trout
January 12, 2017

An Ultimate Guide To Top Trout Fishing Spots

in Mancation Blog by Ted Thomas
Are you planning for trout fishing and searching for the best places for it? Well, you can ask any angler about it, but we wonder whether you will get any ultimate answer or not. This is the reason we are creating an ultimate guide to tell how to mold things by own hands and how to start finding your ideal fishing spots.
Fogo Vegas
Jan 10, 2017

How To Have the Best Experience Possible at a Brazilian Steakhouse

It should be quite clear by now that I am a huge fan of Brazilian steakhouses or Churrascaria as they are also known. There's something magical about a buffet of meat that comes to you. Since you and your friends can simply sit at the table for most of the meal and not worry about getting up to…
Estonia Battle
Jan 10, 2017

Cultural Adventures and Modern Excitement in Estonia

Are you planning your next lads holiday to Europe but you're looking for something new and unique that your other friends haven't already explored? Estonia might be what you are looking for. This former Soviet republic is located just across the Baltic Sea from Sweden and has an intriguing mixture…
Niki Belle in Vegas
Jan 01, 2017

Tips For Planning a Dog Friendly Las Vegas Vacation

At first glance, Las Vegas isn't the most dog friendly destination. It's a city teeming with people and mega resort hotels with seemingly endless hallways that let's face it ... your dog might not make it down before they have an accident. Luckily for those of us who love to travel with our dogs,…
Plan a Perfect Bachelor Party
Dec 30, 2016

How To Plan The Ultimate Bachelor Party Mancation

There are many rites of passage in a man’s life that require intricate planning. That first date, your high school prom, the first road trip with friends, the wedding proposal, and the last road trip with friends. Nestled in there is one of the most important things a man can be called on to do for…
Ice Bug Boots Review
Dec 30, 2016

My Icebug Boots Have Traveled The World and I LOVE Them

It would have been easy to simply bang out a few hundred words about how nice these boots looked and felt five minutes after opening the box and trying them on for the first time. However, it was clear that what Ice Bug sent me wasn't those kind of shoes. They pretty much begged to get out and…
Jackson Hole Wyoming
Dec 29, 2016

Extreme Skiing and Celebrity Sightings at Jackson Hole

If you and your friends enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, Jackson Hole is an ideal spot to for a getaway. Located in Northwest Wyoming, the Jackson Hole valley is a rather secluded location that's not yet on the radar of many travelers from outside the area. Jackson Hole is considered to…

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