How to Plan the Perfect Vegas Bachelor Party
October 23, 2017

How to Plan a Vegas Bachelor Party (and not piss off the bride)

in Mancation Blog by James Hills

Vegas bachelor parties are the stuff of legends and that's why you see them so often in movies like The Hangover and even Last Vegas. Simply put, there is no other place on earth with all the things for a perfect bachelor party like you will find in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, with opportunity comes the chance for danger and too often when you think "Vegas Bachelor Party" the image of topless…

Master of Mixes makes classic cocktails easy to make
October 22, 2017

Classic Cocktail Recipes Made Easy

in Food and Drink by James Hills

Making a classic cocktail is a skill that will impress your guests at a party, but sometimes that can prove to be challenging to get things "just right". Here's a way to cheat a bit and make some classic drinks such as an Old Fashioned or a Boulevardier quick and easy.

mount washington auto road in fall
October 22, 2017

Driving Mount Washington Auto Road In Fall

in Mancation Blog by James Hills

Mount Washington is the tallest peak east of the Mississippi and it's been a popular tourist destination fo more than a century as enterprising Americans have figured out ways to bring people to the top. While you can ascend to the summit by train, tour van, and even snow cat - our favorite is to drive up it on a fall day to see the amazing colors of New Hampshire's White Mountains and the wispy…

Why Ethanol is Bad for Lawn Mowers and Other Gas Powered lawn and garden tools
October 19, 2017

Why Ethanol is Bad For Your Lawn Mower and Other Power Tools

in Stuff by James Hills

I've been a fan of TruFuel for a while now - frankly speaking, it's convenient and less messy than having to mix petrol and oil to make it the right formula for my 2-stroke engine power tools. That was enough for me, I'm generally pretty happy just that something saves me time and energy. What about that third selling point though, the fact that it contains no ethanol. Why is ethanol bad though…

tips for planning a second wedding
Oct 17, 2017

Tips to Plan Your Second Wedding And Get It Right This Time

in Stuff

For many of us, our wedding day was one of the best days of our lives. We were young and in love and everything seemed perfect - but in reality, most of us guys probably weren't as understanding or helpful to our brides as we should have been. There were things we did wrong or should have simply…

Carnival Triumph sails from New Orleans to the Caribbean including stops at Cozumel
Oct 16, 2017

Awesome Port Cities for a Mancation Cruise That Aren't In Florida

When you think of going on a cruise, you probably think about departing from South Florida or Port Canaveral, but today there are many more options than that. The cool thing about taking a mancation cruise is that you really get three destinations in one experience - the ship, the departure port,…

Chevy Tahoe Custom pulling Polaris RZR
Oct 15, 2017

Introducing the Chevy Tahoe Custom - Perfect For Pulling Toys

in Stuff

The Chevy Tahoe is one of my favorite big SUVs and that's because it is apologetically big and powerful, yet still fun to drive. Chevy has made it even better this year by offering a new trim level, "Custom" where they've removed the third row, made a towing package standard, and added a few…

Tide Pods racing NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth and How He and the Crew Stay in Shape
Oct 15, 2017

An Inside Look at How NASCAR Drivers and Pit-Crews Focus on Fitness

To the uninitiated race fan, it might seem like a top NASCAR driver like Matt Kenseth is simply doing what we all do every day - just a whole lot faster. While it's true that he's driving a car, there's a lot of training and physical fitness involved that makes him and his crew able to do the…

How to throw a great holiday dinner party
Oct 15, 2017

Tips to Survive Throwing a Great Holiday Dinner Party

Tis' the season for celebrating the holidays and that means that we are all about to embark on a parade of holiday dinner parties. As a guest, there's not a whole lot to worry about - but as a host, this can be a stressful test of your abilities. Not just as a chef - but organization, decoration,…

Advice for Avoiding Getting Sick and Recovering Quickly While Traveling
Oct 15, 2017

How to Avoid Getting Sick and Recover Quickly When Traveling

in Stuff

Staying healthy is critical to having a great travel experience - whether that's for business or pleasure. Inevitably though you are going to have situations where something goes wrong. This makes it essential to prepare ahead of time and educate yourself.

Florida Keys Mancation Ideas
Oct 06, 2017

Unlock the perfect Florida Keys Mancation

The Florida Keys are one of America’s best kept mancation secrets seemingly tucked away into the southeastern corner. For the guys that chose this destination, a  weekend of fishing, bar-hopping, historic sites, and outdoor fun awaits on this stretch of sun, sand, and sinful fun.

The Florida Keys…

Use Shell Fuel Rewards and This Tutorial to get free gas at Shell
Oct 05, 2017

Here's How You Can Get Free Gas at Shell with Fuel Rewards

in Stuff

What if I told you that it’s possible to get nearly free gas at participating Shell stations nationwide? That’s right, not just “discounted” but actually stack your *Fuel Rewards® discounts to the point where it exceeds the price of the per-gallon price at the pump! Here’s a simple scenario …

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