How to Avoid Pickpocket Thefts While Traveling
January 16, 2018

How to Avoid Pickpockets And Property Theft When Traveling

in Stuff by James Hills

One of the scariest things for Americans traveling overseas for the first time is a fear of "pickpocketers". This is mostly a lost art in the United States for a variety of reasons (though digital theft is becoming more common), but overseas physical as well as digital pickpocket incidents continue to be all too common. While there is no 100% guaranteed way to protect yourself, here are some tips…

Ham and Harvest 15 Bean Soup
January 13, 2018

Ham and Harvest Hearty 15 Bean Soup Recipe

in Food and Drink by James Hills

For most of you, winter is in full swing right now and that means it's time to warm up with a steaming bowl of hearty soup. I've also found that for some reason there seems to be a lot of spiral cut hams on sale right now. Perhaps it's just that "after the holidays" inventory close out, but who am I to complain. My only problem was that I end up leaving an awful lot of meat on the bone after…

Estonia Battle
January 08, 2018

Cultural Adventures and Modern Excitement in Estonia

in Mancation Blog by James Hills

Are you planning your next lads holiday to Europe but you're looking for something new and unique that your other friends haven't already explored? Estonia might be what you are looking for. This former Soviet republic is located just across the Baltic Sea from Sweden and has an intriguing mixture of modern adventure and historic charm and traditions that are all packed into a relatively small…

Bradenton Guys Weekend in Florida
January 06, 2018

Sun, Sand, and Fishing on a Guys Weekend In Bradenton Florida

in Mancation Blog by James Hills

The Gulf Coast of Florida is one of the most beautiful and amazing places in the country to visit. It's a playground for those who love to celebrate all the great things that the water can bring, without worrying about rough waves. The folks at Visit Bradenton invited me and a few of my best friends on a trip recently to Anna Maria Island and Bradenton, Florida to check it out. Here's some of the…

Vape e-juice flavors and travel inspirations
Jan 05, 2018

Vape E-Juice Flavors and Travel Inspirations

in misc

Wow, there's a lot of flavors options for vape e-juices today! In fact, there's so many out there that it made me think of all the places you might be imagine yourself visiting while taking a drag. Years ago, vaping was simply a replacement for people who didn't want to burn tobacco, but today it's…

San Diego Road Trips
Jan 03, 2018

San Diego Road Trips Perfect for Driving in a Convertible

in Stuff

A convertible is something special that almost begs to be driven somewhere special. That's what we did recently when Buick dropped off their new Cascada and said "have at it!". The following are some of our favorite road trips in San Diego that are perfect for enjoying with the top down.

Foster Farms Turkey Sandwich
Jan 03, 2018

Not Your Basic Turkey, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich!

To many people "turkey" is just basic - bland, dry, and not that exciting.  but I like to take things over the top and experiment a bit. So that's what I did here with an innovative twist on the classic breakfast sandwich.

How to Pick the Perfect Vacation Rental for Your Next Guys Weekend
Dec 20, 2017

How to Pick the Perfect Vacation Rental for Your Next Guys Weekend

in Stuff

Aside from the destination itself, deciding where to stay is probably the most important thing to determine. Typically for me this has ended up being a hotel room or a resort villa but another great solution for a group is a vacation rental such as the one we stayed in on Anna Maria Island, Beachy…

What to Do if You Catch a Cold on a Cruise Ship
Dec 20, 2017

What to Do If You Catch a Cold On a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are an environment unlike any other when it comes to the spread of disease. You have sometimes as many as 8,000 people from all over the world crammed into a boat together for a week or more. That means that each elevator button, hand rail, tongs in the buffet, counter tops are touched…

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