Bourbon Fall Cocktails
November 30, 2015

Bourbon Cocktail Recipes to Keep You Warm This Winter

in Food and Drink by Patrick Vincler
This evening, the air is cold and blowing a through a sky broken by large clouds. Inside, my fireplace and kitchen stove churn with heat enough to warm my home, but I’m left wanting warmth that only comfort food can provide – and well, a comforting drink too.
Carnival Sunshine Mini Golf
November 30, 2015

Exploring Carnival Sunshine: SportsSquare

in Mancation Blog by James Hills
Earlier this month I spent eight days in the middle of the Caribbean Sea with some of my friends exploring Carnival Sunshine. This ship is literally packed with activities and entertainment in every nook and cranny, but one area that seemed to be consistently drawing us back for more is SportsSquare. During the course of the week, we gathered here to play (mini) golf, shoot pool, play chess, corn…
Baidu Mobile Apps
November 30, 2015

Clean Up Your Phone and Last Longer With Baidu Mobile's Du Apps

in Stuff by James Hills
I love exploring new apps for my phone, but one of the challenges is finding the right apps from the right developer. Frankly the permissions that some ask for is a bit scary when you don't know if the developer is a hacker sitting in a dark corner of the world waiting to steal your stuff or a reputable developer with thousands of employees worldwide. Of course, you'd recognize a name like Yahoo,…
Tips for Living With An EV
November 29, 2015

What I've Learned After Living With a Soul EV For a Week

in Stuff by James Hills
With "Auto Show Season" in full swing now it's likely that you are going to see an EV this year and think, "I wonder what it's like to live with one?". That's how I felt a few months ago. Luckily Kia was kind enough to loan me a Soul EV for a week to test it out. This isn't a review of the Soul EV but rather a summary of my experience living in what is likely the future of personal transportation.
Chargers Stadium
Nov 28, 2015

Three Ways to Watch Football With Your Buds

Back in the good old days, "Football Sunday" was the one day each week where all the teams would compete and that meant we all vegged out and watched the games all day. While today it seems like Football is on almost every night of the week it's important to recall these special traditions and…
Stanley Collection
Nov 27, 2015

Stanley Wants to Help You Hold Your Booze Better

in Stuff
Hey, it's the holidays and that means you're probably going to be doing some drinking. No judgement here but that's just a fact for most of us. The question is - will you be able to hold it? Or are you going to be that guy that's all sloppy and drips his beer on the floor because you don't have a…
el salvador
Nov 27, 2015

5 Things For Guys To Do in El Salvador

El Salvador is a country that I knew little about when I was asked to attend a trip on behalf of James. When I embark on an adventure to an unfamiliar destination, I tend to not do any research because I do not want to have any preconceived notions about where I am going. I arrived in El Salvador…
Fall Cocktails
Nov 23, 2015

Seasonal Cocktails for Your Thanksgiving Table

The changing seasons are always something I look forward to, autumn especially so. We'll bring loved ones together, celebrating the survival of another fun filled summer, and prepare the incredible feast that will become Thanksgiving dinner.
Rolex Yacht Master
Nov 20, 2015

Luxury Watches for Men - A Fashion Statement or Practical Gadget?

Watches are one of the few fashion statements that men are allowed to wear. They help define our look and make a statement - just like a bracelet. But they are also practical. As I look around today, it's an interesting time to be a man. The question is - what drives this resurgence of watch…
The Ranch at Laguna Beach
Nov 12, 2015

A Different Kind of Golf Retreat - The Ranch at Laguna Beach

There is certainly no shortage of options for where to golf in Southern California. We're privileged to have some of the best and most beautiful courses in the world right here at our doorstep. One of these resorts is a relatively hidden gem that is in the process of being brought back to life. The…

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