over consumption of alcohol has serious consequences
April 21, 2017

Reminder - Enjoy Your Drinks in Moderation, Alcohol Has Consequences

in Stuff by James Hills
I live in San Diego's Gas Lamp Quarter above a nightclub, it's a fun an exciting place to live but it's also a great study in the negative effects of alcohol consumption. From people tripping over the sidewalk to stupid fights, being drunk just makes you stupid ... and that's honestly part of the fun of being intoxicated. I'm not here to tell you not to drink, but let's make sure to enjoy those…
Frito Chili Pie Recipe
April 21, 2017

Frito Chili Pie Instant Pot Recipe

in Food and Drink by James Hills
Like most guys, I LOVE chili. I don't just love one style, I pretty much love them all. But no matter what I'm making, it tends to be a pretty labor and time intensive endeavor. However, with some help from Stubb's Cooking Sauce and my Instant Pot, the process is a lot faster. So, today I'm going to make one of my favorite meals - Frito Chili Pie!
AVG antivirus android security app
April 20, 2017

Keep Your Android Phone Running Great with AVG AntiVirus

in Stuff by James Hills
I bet you thought that your mobile phone was safe from being attacked by viruses. In the past, this was true but with billions of mobile devices in use today hackers are targeting mobile devices too. However, while there are some of the same risks such as protecting against "bad websites" and malicious files, AVG AntiVirus does a lot more to help protect and secure your phone or tablet.
Rediculous Men's Fashion Trends
April 19, 2017

Ridiculous Men's Fashion Trends We're Glad Are (Almost) Gone

in Style and Fashion by James Hills
The one thing that can make any man cringe are the fashion trends that men have embraced in the past. While we no longer wear long robes and heavy wigs and comfortable clothes are the standard today, it's still important to dress well and look great. It's hard to quantify, but throughout all of these fashion trends the one thing remains true - a man who dresses well will also typically be seen as…
Goodyear Stadium Home of the Cleveland Indians
Apr 18, 2017

Four Days in The Desert Celebrating Baseball With Toyota

Phoenix in the spring is a pilgrimage destination for all guys (and women) that love baseball. There is simply no better place in the world that you can go to experience the pure joy and excitement of the sport unspoiled by commercialism and the pressures of rankings. For a few weeks, it's just…
Bedroom Tips for Better Sleep
Apr 18, 2017

How to Make Your Bedroom Better For A Good Night Sleep

in Stuff
It should come as no surprise that getting enough sleep is absolutely essential for good health. Without enough sleep, you tend to lack in energy, and it can also impact things like your body’s hormonal balance and your metabolism. Unfortunately most guys I know don't get enough sleep. We live in a…
Allianz Global Assistance Launches TravelSmart Claims App
Apr 17, 2017

Allianz Travel Insurance Makes Claims Easier With TravelSmart App

in Stuff
Most travelers assume that their trips will be uneventful, but sadly the more often you travel it becomes increasingly clear that anything can - and will happen. It's just a matter of time before it happens to you and that's why travel insurance is an important thing for you to consider. While…
Sites to Explore in Palo Alto California
Apr 14, 2017

Sites to Explore in Palo Alto California

Palo Alto is located between San Francisco Bay and Stanford University. It is an interesting place to visit whether you are in the area on business, settling a college student in at Stanford, or enjoying the sights as a tourist. Three unusual places you should not miss in Palo Alto are the…
Understanding BBQ Chicken
Apr 14, 2017

Understanding the Difference Between BBQ Rub, Marinade and Sauce

Summer is almost here and we've got a few months of outdoor grilling, tailgating and homegating in front of us. As men we are expected to be masters of the grill and while an important part of that is understanding how to "cook" the meat ... it's equally important to know how to prepare that meat…
how to buy a nascar race car
Apr 12, 2017

Yes, You Can Buy a NASCAR - Here's How

in Stuff
For the ultimate NASCAR fan, there's no bigger achievement than actually owning a car driven my your favorite driver. Short of buying an actual team, this is probably the closest you will ever come to living out those Days of Glory dreams. For most people though, this is simply a fantasy but it's…

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