Sleepcation Ideas including Booking an Inside Cabin on a Cruise Ship
April 28, 2017

Sleepcation Ideas and Destinations For Relaxing and Getting Great Sleep

in Mancation Blog by James Hills
When most of us plan vacations, we're focused on seeing tons of awesome stuff and a go go go schedule. However, there's a different sort of vacation that can be equally great. I guess you could call these ideas a "sleepcation" and that's OK! Your body needs a chance to relax an recharge, something that is increasingly more challenging in our modern life where we're surrounded by electronic…
Tips for Planning Your First Dinner Party
April 25, 2017

Tips For Planning Your First Dinner Party

in Food and Drink by James Hills
Unlike some cultures, we don't really have a codified series of "right of passage" rituals, but instead we have a series of events that prove to others that we are ready as an adult to join society as a full member. Throwing your first dinner party is an example of this modern right of passage. In itself, the act of cooking a dinner and inviting some friends over isn't complicated. However, the…
Gluten Free Instant Pot Recipe for Orange Chicken
April 24, 2017

Gluten Free Instant Pot Orange Chicken Recipe

in Food and Drink by James Hills
One of my favorite items to order for Chinese takeout is Orange Chicken. Unfortunately, like anyone with dietary restrictions and those simply trying to eat more healthfully, that's usually not a good choice. However, with a bit of inspiration and some tweaking I've come up with a solution that is super quick and easy to make as well as relatively healthy for you. Plus, it's gluten free so my…
Rhine Getaway
April 24, 2017

Ten Reasons Why Guys Love a Viking River Cruises Rhine Getaway

in Mancation Blog by James Hills
I tend to be a major advocate for a cruise lifestyle. Simply put, I LOVE the experience of being on a boat, but I know a lot of guys who aren't convinced that a cruise is for them and not every line or itinerary is. However, last fall I had the chance to explore the Rhine thanks to Viking Cruises and I still can't believe how many opportunities there are for guys to have an amazing time on this…
Craftsman World of Outlaws Race
Apr 24, 2017

Craftsman World of Outlaws - The Greatest Show On Dirt!

in Stuff
Last weekend Sear & Craftsman Tools invited me out to check out the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series at Perris Auto Speedway, in Perris California. This was my first time ever at a Sprint Car race and I really didn't know what to expect.
Preparing for Summer Camp
Apr 22, 2017

Tips To Prepare Your Son for His First Overnight Camp Experience

in Stuff
Summer is almost here and that means that it's almost time for you to send the kids off to summer camp. This can be traumatic the first time and maybe even after then depending on your child. However, with a bit of preparation and planning you can make this a positive experience for all parties…
over consumption of alcohol has serious consequences
Apr 21, 2017

Reminder - Enjoy Your Drinks in Moderation, Alcohol Has Consequences

in Stuff
I live in San Diego's Gas Lamp Quarter above a nightclub, it's a fun an exciting place to live but it's also a great study in the negative effects of alcohol consumption. From people tripping over the sidewalk to stupid fights, being drunk just makes you stupid ... and that's honestly part of the…
Frito Chili Pie Recipe
Apr 21, 2017

Frito Chili Pie Instant Pot Recipe

Like most guys, I LOVE chili. I don't just love one style, I pretty much love them all. But no matter what I'm making, it tends to be a pretty labor and time intensive endeavor. However, with some help from Stubb's Cooking Sauce and my Instant Pot, the process is a lot faster. So, today I'm going…
AVG antivirus android security app
Apr 20, 2017

Keep Your Android Phone Running Great with AVG AntiVirus

in Stuff
I bet you thought that your mobile phone was safe from being attacked by viruses. In the past, this was true but with billions of mobile devices in use today hackers are targeting mobile devices too. However, while there are some of the same risks such as protecting against "bad websites" and…
Rediculous Men's Fashion Trends
Apr 19, 2017

Ridiculous Men's Fashion Trends We're Glad Are (Almost) Gone

The one thing that can make any man cringe are the fashion trends that men have embraced in the past. While we no longer wear long robes and heavy wigs and comfortable clothes are the standard today, it's still important to dress well and look great. It's hard to quantify, but throughout all of…

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