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  • Carbon Steel Pans May Be The Goldilocks Solution For Ceramic Cooktop Chefs

    I'm obessed with cast iron pans for cooking. They hold their heat, can withstand high temperatures and they don't have a problem being placed in the oven for the perfect reverse sear steak. There's a whole bunch of other benefits that for my style of cooking make them a cherished part of my kitchen. Unfortunately, with my new condo and a very fancy new cooktop, the instructions had a call out that I should avoid using cast iron cookware. What to do!? The answer came in the form of a product pitch from KitchenAid who suggested that I try their new line of NITRO Carbon Steel Cookware since it offers similar benefits to cast iron in terms of being able to build up a non-stick surface through active seasoning but was lighter and easier to cook with like aluminum core pans that I typically avoid since I don't like non-stick coatings. After a few weeks of using these new carbo steel pans I definitely have more than a few thoughts to share!

  • ClearCast PAL Review: Helping My Father-In-Law Reconnect With Those Around Him

    There comes a point in life when your hearing starts to fail you. For some folks that comes earlier due to hearing damage from health issues or abuse but most folks as they age will face this challenge to some degree.

    Unfortunately, far too many men refuse to acknowledge or accept this disability. Fortunately, there's now a great device that is both affordable and effective that you can get without a doctor's prescription that will help. We tried ClearCast PAL with my father-law Jim to help him hear his doctors and therapists better but quickly discovered that it also helped with reducing his stress levels since he didn't face the constant struggle of not understanding what was going on around him as well as the frustration of misunderstanding when someone asked him a question.

  • DREO Purifier Tower Fan 710S Review

    I'm obsessed with indoor air quality right now, part of it is a response to being stuck in a house where we have to shut the windows due to weather - something we didn't have to do in San Diego, and partially because Jim's house has it's windows painted shut and sealed tight so even on beautiful days like earlier today... there's no way to get fresh air aside from opening the front door. While we had a big, expensive air filtration system in his home... at our condo in Michigan, we faced a similar issue and needed a good filtration system to get rid of dust and pollen without having to run our HVAC constantly.

  • Four Awesome Dash Cams with Local and Cloud Storage Capabilities

    I feel like dash cams are a lot more popular in Europe and other parts of the world than they are here in the United States. However, as someone who loves gadgets, I've had the pleasure of testing out more than my share of different dash cam devices over the past decade or so. They've come a LONG way in those years and it's fun to see long time leaders like Garmin joined by newer competitors like Nexar, RedTiger, and dozens of smaller competitors who you've probably never heard of before. One of the most exciting segments of the industry though is the rise in dash cams that support cloud storage backup. 

  • Nokia T21 Review: A Budget Priced Tablet That Is Everything Most Men Need

    I remember the days... the good ole' days when Nokia ruled the world and brands like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei were not even something we thought about when it came to mobile phone technology. It's amazing to think that those infuriating days of T9 texing on a Nokia 6310 was 20 years ago. Somehow, the Nokia brand refuses to die, and despite being lost in the wilderness while owned by Microsoft... Nokia is back, and it is now owned by a Finnish company dedicated to bringing back the stuff that makes me still fondly recall the brand... two decades later.

  • Laifen Wave: The Toothbrush For Gadget Geeks

    I both love and hate the Laifen Wave toothbrush that they sent me to review. On one hand, it is technically superior to the high-end toothbrushes that sit on my bathroom counter from brands like Oral-B and Philips Sonicare. On the other hand, it just feels like exactly what it is - a sub $100 product bridging the gap between the tech world and the tried and true oral care market. With that being said, this really isn't a problem or a criticism. At this price point (currently $69.99), it makes for an excellent product that I can keep in my backpack and if I leave it behind at a hotel somewhere, it isn't that big of a deal compared to my $200+ toothbrush I use currently.

  • WellBody WingSpan Review: A Massage Gun That Finally Hits The Right Spot

    After countless reviews of different massage guns I've come to the opinion that they are pretty much all the same. Sure... some have heating or cooling heads, better/worse quality materials that they are built from but they all pretty much do the same thing and have the same biggest weakness - they are impossible to use if you want to massage awkward areas like shoulders and back. Even calf muscles and triceps can be a challenge.. While we've reviewed a dozen or so massage guns over the past several years - nothing was like the WingSpan. While we've been let down in the past, this one promised to hit the right spot.

  • Review Of The Hedgehog Turbo T2 Family Boot and Glove Dryer

    Drawing from the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin who said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," I recently invested some time to check out the Hedgehog Turbo Boot and Glove Dryer. Straight from the icy fjords of Norway, this little gem is a travel friendly accessory that will keep you comfortable hiking in Utah, fishing in Montana, or Skiing in Tahoe. No matter where you go, you'll be armed with a compact brushless motor and high-pressure airflow, promises to nip the problem of damp footwear in the bud. Its design has claimed prestigious accolades including the Red Dot Award, MUSE Design Award, and NY Product Design Award in 2022.

  • Urban Armor Gear - Monarch Pro Case Review For Galaxy S24 Ultra

    I've said this before but it needs to be said again - Urban Armor Gear is the only case company that I trust with my mobile phones. I'm not paid by them but they have provided me cases to test over the years. Occasionally I decide to stray from them to see what other options are out there that might be cheaper. I always come back though because even though they charge a premium - $50-$100 for their cases, this is something that protects my investment from being unusable.

  • Suvie Truely Is The Robotic Chef That Most Busy Men Didn't Realize They Needed

    For most Gen X men like myself, the notion of having a hearty delicious meal waiting for us when we got home after a long day of work is a romantic notion that faded away as more moms and wives took an active role in the workplace. Along with that trend though was a resugence in men taking on kitchen duties at home. Somewhere in the middle of this transition is an entire spectrum of services ranging from Freshley to Blue Apron to game changing platforms like SUVIE that for the first time is a product that I can see having as a part of my life beyond a particularly busy time when I don't have time to shop and source my own stuff.

  • Sensibo Air PRO: The Tech That Should Be Built Into Every Air Conditioner

    A few months ago I was really excited... our contractor was putting the finishing touches on our new heat pump unit. We'd selected an advanced model with some pretty cool energy savings features that drew inspiration from the mini-split systems that were common in wall-mounted systems but weren't quite standard yet for systems like ours that were built in. I held my Google Nest thermostat in hand and was excited to have that installed to complete our smart home network. Until the installer shared with me that while Google's tech was great, it was never really designed to offer the full set of features found on our new unit. On the other hand, Sensibo Air PRO was exactly what we needed.

  • Gourmia 43L XL Air Fryer Oven Saved Our Holiday Meal Plans

    Gourmia has been a fantastic partner this year by sending us various air fryers to check out, and frankly, I was surprised by how different the various styles are. However, non has become as valuable of a part of our kitchen... and indeed our Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meal plans as the Gourmia 43L XL Air Fryer Oven that is available right now exclusively at Costco. From roasting turkey to baking pizzas, reheating leftovers, and even baking cookies - this machine handled everything we threw at it like a champ!

  • Revolutionize Your Hydration With Smart Water Bottle

    Do you believe that you're keeping up with your hydration needs? Sure, you carry around a water bottle and there's maybe even a bigger one on your desk - but how much are you actually drinking? That's the core concept behind Smart Water Bottle from WaterH. It monitors your fluid intake, reminds you when it's time to hydrate, and even offers personalized hydration advice. It may not have the most volume or the best insulation, but its tech-friendly attributes and sturdy form make it stand out as an option for someone who needs to be reminded to drink enough water during they day.

    So, whether you're into fitness, always on the go, or simply health-conscious, the Smart Water Bottle is set to reshape your hydration routine. Let's Go ahead and get familiar with this game-changing gadget.

  • The Shark CarpetXpert Has Been My Holiday Cleaner Upper Super Weapon

    As someone who's always on the go and has a keen interest in the latest technology and gadgets, I understand the importance of having efficient and effective tools that make everyday tasks simpler. Years ago I didn't think I'd get giggly like a school girl while shopping for appliances or home tech to do my chores. But here I am and a couple months ago when Shark asked if we'd like to check out their CarpetXpert Carpet Cleaner I couldn't wait.

  • Dreo Slim H3 Space Heater Review

    Space heaters vary greatly, and the Dreo Slim H3 Space Heater is one that stands out in the crowd. I had the opportunity to test this sleek and efficient device, and it certainly impressed me. In this review, I'll evaluate this heater in detail, comparing it to other well-known brands, and assess if it meets the expectations set by its reputation. Let's discover together if this could be the heating solution you've been seeking.

  • This Peugeot All Terrain BBQ Pepper Mill Is Perfect For Any Guy Who Wants To Be King Of The Grill

    One of the things that I love about doing what I do here at ManTripping is that we get introduced to all sorts of different brands - fresh faced startups trying to disrupt an industry to established companies with decades of experience., Sometimes though we discover brands like Peugeot that are a mixture of both and have a product offering I'm shocked to have never worked with previously. In this case it's their quirky "All Terrain BBQ Mill" and combined with their library of different types of pepper, might just be one of the coolest gifts for guys that's out there this year!

  • The ScanWatch Nova Is Your Secret Weapon To Staying Healthy and Managing Stress

    As a reliable travel ally, the new ScanWatch Nova by Withings serves as your secret tool for health maintenance and stress management for men on the move. This chic watch, packed with advanced health-tracking features, is not just a fashionable accessory, but acts as your personal health aide. Nobody is going to mistake this for a glass slab smart watch when you wear it but it packs features I've never even considered a watch able to include. For instance, it carries out on-demand electrocardiograms, keeps a check on your body temperature, and even provides comprehensive sleep analysis to help you stay at your best during your travels. Boasting an impressive 30-day battery life, the ScanWatch Nova is always on standby to assist you, no matter your destination.

  • Tranya Nova Lite: Proof That Tech Can Go On Even Without Qualcomm

    As a seasoned tech enthusiast, I love testing out the latest gadgets. In this case, I've had my hands on the Tranya Nova Lite True wireless earbuds - a product designed in part to show that while Qualcomm represents quality, performance, and elite production - Chinese manufacturers are doing amazing things by developing domestic solutions that cost a whole lot less but deliver a similar level of sound These buds are a game-changer - not just for their features … advanced ANC, high-fidelity sound and customizable audio experience but also for the fact that Tranya produced them for just over half the price by dumping Qualcomm chips!

  • RUX 70L Is A Gear Hauling Bag For Guys That Have Tried Everything Else Already

    A good gear bag might not be the sexiest piece of gear in your collection but it is an invaluable "store it all" when you need toss stuff somewhere to keep it safe, dry, and easy to move it around. I have a handful of mission-specific rugged duffle bags for this but after using the RUK 70L for the past few months I'm actually thinking about ditching those bags and investing in more of these instead.

  • myQ Is More Than Just A "Smart Garage Door" System

    At first glance, myQ seems like it might just be a fun piece of trade language that LiftMaster and Chamberlain added to their marketing material to make their offerings unique compared to others out there but what I've discovered after living with it for the past few months is that it is a legitimate eco-system that improves the way we interact with the portals to our home - in the same way that other smart home tech improves our daily lives living inside.