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  • What Type of Engagement Ring Will Suit Your Partner Best? 4 Things to Know

    Choosing an engagement ring is a testament to knowing your partner - their style, their personality, their life. It's not just about finding a sparkling gem; it's about finding the one that reflects the unique bond you share. With myriad shapes, settings, and styles available, this decision can unfold like a complex puzzle.

  • Top Golf Trips for Guys: Florida Resorts For an Awesome Weekend Getaway

    Florida is one of my favorite places to visit and it is filled with hundreds of golf resorts, beautiful beaches, incredible food, and in the past few years a beer scene that has gained national recognition. When planning your Florida golf though, it’s important to pick the right places, so here’s a few of our top picks for the best golf trips.

  • Tips For Hassle-Free Cancelation Of Your Holiday Inn Club Vacation Timeshare: Expert Guidance

    I'm sure you've seen those ads inviting you to stay at a fabulous-sounding Vegas resort for next to nothing or a free Caribbean cruise. The first time you see those offers, most of us respond exactly how they want us to and we jump at the chance to get something cool for free. Those tactics work and the next step does too - the high-pressure timeshare sales seminar. But what happens next? Even if you've enjoyed your purchase for a few years... most folks that have time shares or "vacation club" memberships want to get rid of them at some point and that's where the trouble begins. 

  • Should You Buy Used Or Go With New Construction If You Move To The Suburbs

    Potential buyers face various considerations when choosing between a new-construction home and a used property in the suburbs, such as customization options, energy efficiency, maintenance needs, and cost. This article comprehensively compares the two, focusing on key differences that impact long-term satisfaction and financial feasibility. Whether you're interested in the tailor-made features of new homes or the established charm and quicker move-in potential of used homes, this guide provides the essential insights needed to make an informed decision tailored to your suburban home-buying goals.

  • Getting Car Sick Sucks: How To Avoid Motion Sickness On A Road Trip

    You're driving down the highway when you start to feel nauseous. You know that feeling all too well, it's car sickness! The symptoms can range in severity but they are always unpleasant. However, you may not be aware of some facts about getting car sick. Read on to find out five things you didn't know about getting car sick and how they might affect your next drive!

  • A Beginner Guide To Buying A Car At An Online Auction

    So, you're thinking about buying a car through an online auction? While it might seem complicated to new bidders... and frankly, the thought of making a mistake on a purchase costing thousands of dollars can be a bit nerve-wracking. Luckily, it's not as intimidating as it may seem initially. The most important thing is finding the right auction site and resisting the natural emotion to bid on something that you think you "must have". Instead, make sure to do your homework on the vehicle's market value and history, then set a reasonable bid limit. Stick to your plan and don't be afraid to walk away. There are additional nuances in the bidding process and important steps after the auction that you need to be aware of, but that's what we're going to explore below. ready to learn the ropes and avoid common pitfalls that newbies face in the world of online auto auctions? Let's get our engines started!

  • Father And Son Camper Van Trips Where You Can Explore At Your Own Pace

    imagine starting on a father-and-son adventure in the comfort of a camper van without needing to plan your route to the next hotel or worrying about rushing to catch flights. When you travel together like nomads you can explore at your own pace, discovering new places, and creating invaluable memories. The freedom of the open road, the joy of spontaneous detours, and the bonding that comes from shared experiences isn't worth considering? But what makes these trips so special, and how do you plan one? Let's explore this further, shall we?

  • Manitoba Fly-In Fishing Trips: A Bucket List Guys Trip Adventure

    So, you're contemplating a fly-in fishing trip to Manitoba? This vast province is home to a wide array of trophy fish like walleye, pike, bass, and trout that swimming in those pristine waters... some have never even seen a human before. However, as you'd expect, there's more to a fishing trip like this than just dropping your lure in the water and waiting. To make this as epic as possible, it is essential to select the right lodge, best locations, hiring experienced guides, select the right amenities, and of course, make sure to check the local fishing regulations. When all that comes together though... yeah you've got one heck of an awesome bucket list fishing adventure!

  • Carbon Steel Pans May Be The Goldilocks Solution For Ceramic Cooktop Chefs

    I'm obessed with cast iron pans for cooking. They hold their heat, can withstand high temperatures and they don't have a problem being placed in the oven for the perfect reverse sear steak. There's a whole bunch of other benefits that for my style of cooking make them a cherished part of my kitchen. Unfortunately, with my new condo and a very fancy new cooktop, the instructions had a call out that I should avoid using cast iron cookware. What to do!? The answer came in the form of a product pitch from KitchenAid who suggested that I try their new line of NITRO Carbon Steel Cookware since it offers similar benefits to cast iron in terms of being able to build up a non-stick surface through active seasoning but was lighter and easier to cook with like aluminum core pans that I typically avoid since I don't like non-stick coatings. After a few weeks of using these new carbo steel pans I definitely have more than a few thoughts to share!

  • Protecting Your Truck from Salt Damage: How to Prevent Costly Repairs and Maintain Performance

    It might be warm right now, but winter is around the corner. After living in southern California for the past decade, I'd sorta forgotten about the beating that cars up north take due to salt and other chemicals used to keep the roads safe to drive on during winter storms. As good as these are to get rid of ice... they are equally good at damaging trucks, SUVs, and cars. That means that you need to do something to shield your truck from the damaging effects of road salt corrosion. Sure, I'd already planned to wash my undercarriage regularly and I'd thought about applying protective coatings last winter but it seemed like overkill. Last week, though, I was talking with a friend who's lived in Ohio all his life, and he shared some efficient and effective ways that he uses to keep his truck going strong. Here's what he shared about maintaining a vehicle's body condition throughout the colder months and some mistakes he made that we can avoid!

  • Why You Shouldn't Depend On Cash When Traveling Internationally

    A trip overseas can be one of the most memorable journeys of your life – it helps you grow, be more understanding, and take in new abilities. But everything requires money, so you have expenses as you travel just as you would at home. Don’t ruin your entire vacation by finding yourself unable to pay for dinner or the train fare while you’re away. The ever-expanding ATM fleet worldwide and the emergence of smartphones have made paying for things abroad easier than ever. Apps, for instance, allow for the quick conversion of any currency into any currency; they even locate the nearest ATM that takes your card. 

  • Decluttering Your Man Cave: Maximizing Space

    Your man cave is a space that is entirely your own; it’s a place to relax, unwind, and practice hobbies you enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with having a space of your own, but with comfort zones like this, it’s quite easy for the area to get cluttered, messy, or downright filled with junk.

  • Why Every Man Should Get Into Premier League Football

    While not as popular in the United States, Premier League football is one of the world's top sporting events and certainly ranks up there when it comes to things to do on a European vacation. 

  • How To Avoid A Hangover On Your Next Guys Trip

    Vacations mean fun and drinking is often part of the total experience. Whether it's visiting breweries, whiskey tasting at a distillery, or a late night of partying at the nightclubs, drinking too much can lead to a hangover, leaving you feeling sick with headaches and nausea. While the best way to avoid this is to eat something before going out, drink plenty of water, and moderate your alcohol consumption - avoiding a hangover on vacation can be more complicated than that. Luckily, I've had some experience with this and hopefully you can avoid the troubles that I've experienced over the years. Get ready. This article will guide you through steps to prevent that dreaded hangover while still enjoying your vacation drinks.

  • Buying A Car Is Stressful: 10 Strategies to Prevent Car Shopping Stress

    Car shopping is one of the most stressful things anyone can do. As men we are expected to be strong negotiators and lead the way when it comes to haggling with a car dealership. However, in a way, this is why car shopping is so stressful - it's because society expects us to deliver success on one of our families largest purchasing events. No pressure there! This is a five to ten year commitment - sometimes even longer! This makes shopping for a new car a very long process, and one that involves a lot of different elements. In this blog post, we will discuss seven strategies that will help make your car shopping experience less stressful!

  • 10 Tips To Be A Better Boyfriend

    Let’s park the masculine bravado for a minute. We ultimately all want to be in a loving relationship with the woman (or man) of our dreams. That means we need to be better men, a better boyfriend and indeed ultimately better husbands and fathers too. This isn't about just simply buying flowers for your special person, it's an ongoing commitment being the best boyfriend possible.

  • Activities for Men: Keep Active and Involved

    The importance of activities that contribute to the physical, mental and emotional state of a person has never been more than in today’s dynamic world. Men who participate in activities that are in line with their hobbies and passions are likely to achieve a boost in their general well-being and happiness. Men can engage in outdoor activities, do-it-yourself projects and sports leagues among so many activities to keep them active. In this section, some of the most frequent activities for men and their benefits will be elaborated.

  • Guide To investing: Attributes Men Need To Be Successful

    It’s natural for men to want to be financially secure, especially considering they must provide for their families. Financial security enables you to live a comfortable life, retire safely, or achieve other personal goals that you’ve set for yourself. Now, this concept looks different for everyone: to some, financial security translates into a successful business, while for others, it might mean a highly paid job. However, men have recently become increasingly interested in investing, and that’s for a reason: this is an exceptional way to improve your financial well-being in the long run. But of course, investing isn’t a piece of cake – it is an endeavor that requires responsibility, commitment, an excellent strategy, and the right mindset.

  • 15 Self Care Ideas For Men

    The world self care seems to be popping up in the media everywhere I look and it is the latest trend among progressive women. So why you ask am I talking about it here? The simple answer is taking the time to relax, step back from your daily life and spend some time getting to know yourself is just as important for men as it is women. While the origins of this term come from a soft woke place, that doesn't mean we can't take things and turn it up a notch. The core concept though is the same, so let's take a look at some fun self care ideas for men.

  • Tips For Sober People Who Still Want To Enjoy A Summer Party With Friends

    Staying sober at summer parties can seem tough. One fact stands out: fun doesn't require alcohol. This article offers strategies to enjoy these gatherings without booze. Read on for solid advice.