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Golden Steer Steakhouse

Old Vegas may have slipped behind the curtain over the past decade to make way for hipsters and people looking for upscale luxury experiences but below the surface there are still a few Vegas treasures that will transport you back to the golden age of Vegas when being a "celebrity" meant something more than just how many Instagram followers you have. 

For the Month of December, the Golden Steer will be celebrating Frank Sinatra's birthday with a special "Frank's Menu" including the opportunity to dine in "Frank's Booth" - #22 for $100 (plus tax and tip) per person.

  • Experience “Frank’s Menu” will dine in his actual booth (table 22) which seats up to four guests. His menu will include:
    Clams Casino: from Narragansett Bay, this dish is prepared with clams on the half shell, baked with white wine, bacon, diced red and yellow peppers and bread crumbs.
  • New York Strip Steak, 16 oz.: served with sautéed diced tomatoes, garlic and white wine and medium rare, just like he ordered it.
  • Bananas Foster: the house specialty, The Golden Steer is one of the few restaurants in Las Vegas able to stylishly serve this dessert tableside as a flambé.
  • Jack Daniels: the drink will be prepared just as he drank it – with three fingers of Jack and two ice cubes.
  • Italian red wine.
  • One classic Zippo lighter, engraved with The Golden Steer logo and the date of Sinatra’s 100th birthday.
  • One ticket for admission to The Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, where guests can learn more about Sinatra’s history with the mafia including FBI photos regarding the kidnapping of Sinatra’s only son, Frank, Jr. (see below for more information) and his ties to Chicago Outfit boss Sam Giancana and the Cal-Neva lodge.

The iconic Golden Steer Las Vegas is one of the most iconic  Vegas steakhouses out there and while there are some who prefer sharp metalic edges and 20-something waitresses in skimpy outfits, I like my steak served in a warm and enviting environment served by professionals who know how to make someone welcome. 

As someone who enjoys both sides of Vegas, you need to visit a classic steakhouse like this at least once to fully understand what it means to visit "Sin City".