Guide to beer pairing for Thanksgiving

There's nothing like sharing thanksgiving dinner together as you celebrate the bond of family and friends while appreciating what you have. Good beer helps to cement that connection and enhance the holiday even further with incredible options! Take this opportunity to use any fancy beer glasses and you might even like to decorate them with a leaf ornament for a memorable drink. Pairing beer with food helps to enhance the flavor and complement it well. It's always an exceptional idea to enjoy a pumpkin ale around this time or you could even use cranberry flavored beer! Freeze your glasses prior to pouring for an added frosty approach that will enhance beer even further!

Best Beers To Pair With Turkey

Now is the time to compliment your fine-feathered friend with a delicious Amber or brown ale. It is important to note that the browning which occurs during the brewing process is very similar to how a turkey is cooked. Because of this, you will attain a perfect pairing with a darker beer. However, not everyone likes dark beer and in this case, you might want to go for a satiating lager like the Oktoberfest. Stuffing is also important to consider since it is essentially combined with the turkey flavor. Consider a winter warmer or perhaps a milk stout option that compliments and matches this bread flavor. This is a very important pairing to get right because the turkey is obviously the center of attraction!

Delicious Options With Pumpkin Pie

There are many great selections of beer to compliment your pumpkin pie and you need a strong and spicy beer with a complex flavor profile to make it work. Consider chocolate or coffee-flavored porter with a thick body and foaming head. Boulder's beers shake chocolate porter is a great option to consider. Anything that brings out the pumpkin flavor more is excellent and if you haven't tasted a beer with dessert before then you're in for a treat. The Psycho Penguin Vanilla porter is also a great beer to pair with pumpkin pie. Not only that, but it is interesting when paired with a chocolate pie to give some contrast. These are all worth considering, but you might like to enjoy a pumpkin-flavored beer that matches the exact flavor of the pie. Don't forget that dollop of whipped cream which mirrors the foam on a savory dessert beer!

Lucrative Beer Options With Potatoes

Potatoes have always been a staple at Thanksgiving and you want to make sure the beer is paired correctly with them. They are a lighter and fluffier addition to the table which adds contrast to the meal. Therefore, you want a beer that is stronger and much heavier to pair well with them. Go for spiced and strong ales when looking for the perfect selection here. The Poor Richard's Tavern spruce is a great option to consider that will aid in bringing out the light deliciousness of your potatoes. Potatoes have been one of the most popular dishes during thanksgiving and are cemented as a modern classic that will live forever. If you add cheese then you might want to consider a lighter beer option because that makes it heavier. Many choose to use twice-baked potatoes with cheese and there is actually an IPA called Twice Baked Potato which is a delicious imperial-style beer.

What To Pair With Vegetables

Vegetables are another classic addition to your special Thanksgiving meal and you probably never thought of the beer pairing possibilities with them. It's definitely something that's overlooked, but there are some great options to consider. It is recommended that you pair a much lighter beer with veggies at the table because these dishes tend to have a larger blend of flavors. You don't want to get overwhelmed with an overly complex beer with your vegetables. A light lager works perfectly here or you may like to try a Hefeweizen. These are the perfect addition to your vegetable dishes because they won't overwhelm the pallet. Try having multiple glasses of beer for each separate dish for the ultimate experience which will be memorable and scrumptious!

Sweet Potato Casserole With Marshmallows

How would we forget this delicious vintage potato casserole recipe? This one is a little trickier to deal with as the flavors are so sweet. It is essentially a blend of dinner and dessert, but here you will discover how to tackle this pairing challenge with ease. A Hoppy IPA is a great choice because the bitterness will offset the sweetness of this delicious dish. An India Pale ale will help to enhance the sweet flavors of the casserole and it's the perfect selection that will have you wide-eyed at the dinner table. A great suggestion on the market would include Gigantic Brewing's IPA or the Anchorage Brewings Galaxy White IPA! Both of these options are just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities. Always make sure these beers are as cold as possible for the maximum flavor and you will have the best thanksgiving of all time!