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JumpSmart is an all-in-one Jump Starter, Flashlight, and Power Bank
September 03, 2018

JumpSmart Jump Starter, Power Bank, and Flashlight Review

in Stuff by James Hills
There are a LOT of car gadgets out there, but few have earned themselves a spot in my "go bag" to take with me for road trips. This JumpSmart all-in-one Jump Starter, Power Bank, and Flashlight from Limitless Innovations is one of them. It not only combines…

Food & Drink

Ultimate Ham, Apple, and Cheddar Grilled Cheese Recipe
September 17, 2018

Ultimate Ham, Apple, and Cheddar Grilled Cheese

in Food and Drink by James Hills
I love taking classic items and kicking them up a notch (or three?). One of my favorite lunches to make is a classic grilled ham and cheese. While there’s nothing wrong with simply throwing some random ham and cheese slices between pieces of bread and…
STK San Diego Porterhouse Steak
Sep 10, 2018

Not Your Dad's Steakhouse - STK San Diego

in Food and Drink
Don The Beachcomber Original Mai Tai Recipe
Aug 29, 2018

Don The Beachcomber Original Mai Tai Recipe

in Food and Drink

Festivals & Events

munich-beer-gardends-pinnable copy
December 29, 2017

Best Beer Gardens in Munich

in Mancation Blog by Party Earth
Christianity has Bethlehem. Judaism has Jerusalem. Islam has Mecca…and beer-lovers have Munich. The capital of Bavaria is not only home to some of the oldest breweries in the world, but also some of beer’s most important history. It was Duke Wilhelm IV, the…
Reno Air Races
Aug 24, 2016

Annual Reno Air Show and Air Race

in Mancation Blog
James and Heather at Sip n Ship
Aug 23, 2016

Sip 'n Ship - a San Diego Beer Festival On Boats!

in Mancation Blog

Men's Style, Fashion & Health

male causes of infertility
September 05, 2018

Trouble Making a Baby? Men Are Part Of the Fertility Equation Too

in Stuff by James Hills
It comes to that point in life, where we think about settling down with our significant other and talk about having children. But, while problems getting pregnant are usually attributed to the woman in the relationship, the fact is, men have their part to…

Car Reviews

Nissan Pro4X is a Sand Storm
July 30, 2018

How To Stay Safe While Driving in a Dust Storm

in Stuff by James Hills
The desert is an amazing place to explore - on road as well as off. Despite the fact that some people might think it is dead and desolate, this is an environment that is incredibly dynamic. Dangers as well as beauty can pop up at any moment and disappear just…

Travel & Vacation Ideas

Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle mancation package at Fairmont Southampton
September 23, 2018

Fairmont Southampton Explore the Bermuda Triangle Mancation Package

in Mancation Blog by James Hills
Looking for a reason to visit Bermuda for your next guys weekend or mancation adventure? Well, there's obvious golf, food, beautiful beaches, and fishing ... but now there's a new Bermuda Triangle: Unlock the Secrets exhibit at the Bermuda Underwater…

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