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Thanksgiving Watching Football

It's that time of year again - friends and family gather and according to Rockwellian lithographs everything is supposed to be full of joy and excitement. I'm here to state the obvious ... that's all a bunch of BS created by marketers to put people in the mood to buy more stuff! At the end of the day, while family is fun it's often best to do Thanksgiving out at a restaurant and the just go somewhere else to watch the games. 

football game

Grab Some Friends and See it Live

There's really nothing quite like watching a football game live. Whether a college ball game or professional, there's a thrill to hearing the players smash into each other and the smell of hot chocolate and coffee as people cradle their cups desperately trying to stay warm.

football on slingbox

Go Outside and Watch it on Your Phone

Sometimes you just need to escape to the back yard when things heat up inside. Whether its to watch the game YOU want vs what uncle Barney insists is "the game to watch", technology is your friend here. 

football on screen

Watch It Live from the Caribbean on a Cruise Ship

This requires some planning but I've found that watching football on a giant screen while sitting in a hot tub cruising the Caribbean with friends can be quite enjoyable.

glacier berry tops

Watch it At Home With Plenty of Mikes on Hand

Ok, at the end of the day it's most practical to watch it at home but only if you are prepared. I've found that family can be a lot more easy to tolerate if everyone's had a Mike's Hard Lemonade or the new Glacier Berry. For some reason, having something tasty like a Mike's can help make friends and soothe differences. 

penthouse suite panorama

Rent a Suite in Vegas

Had enough of home and need to head out with the guys? Why not rent a suite in Vegas where you can relax and watch two games at once. Heck, maybe even place some bets then head out for a fantastic steak dinner to celebrate afterwards.

glacier berry

Whatever way you choose to watch your football games this holiday season, just be thankful that you always have a built in excuse to take some "me time". 

Family gatherings can be a pain, but at the end of the day they are just that - family. These are the moments you need to treasure and be thankful for.