Go, Die Hard, and other wicked Christmas movies you won't find on the Hallmark Channel

So, by now you're probably sick and tired of those syrupy sweet Christmas movies with princesses, puppies, friends who fall in love, and poor people who discover they actually have rich relatives. Now, it's time for some hard-hitting brutal Christmas movies the expose the other side of the holiday season with greed, lust, and violence instead. While you are probably thinking about the debate about whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie (it is!), there are tons more wicked Christmas movies to enjoy too!

die hard is a christmas movie

Die Hard, 1988

This is perhaps the most controversial, "Is it a Christmas Movie" on the list. In my opinion it clearly is a Christmas movie - even though it was originally released in summer. From Christmas music, to the action being set during a Christmas party, and even the whole premise of going home for Christmas to be with family makes it one of the best Christmas movies of all time. Plus, to anyone thinking Christmas isn't the focus - the trailer litterally begins with "It's Christmas Eve In LA" ...

However, clearly this is meant for adults and that's why it is at the top of our list!


lethal weapon movie

Lethal Weapon 

This is possibly the second most debated Christmas movie out there. Like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon is set at Chrismas with intense action and bloody special effects but also includes themes exploring the importance of family, intergenerational relationships between men and good vs evil. There's also cocaine selling Christmas tree merchants and exploding houses dressed up for Christmas with Frosty on the roof.

eyes wide shut movie

Eyes Wide Shut, 1999

Traditional Christmas movies often feature romance, secret societies, and uncovering truths about one's life during this special time at the end of each year. Eyes Wide Shut does this in its own special way through the exploration of fidelity, temptation, and social status set against the backdrop of Christmas.

 black christmas movie 1999

Black Christmas, 2019 and 1974

Sorority girls, stalkers, murders and Christmas music ... need I say more about this one? Black Christmas 2019 is a remake based on the 1974 classic.

go movie 1999

Go, 1999

Christmas is a time when friends get together, party and have fun. Not everything has to be about traditional families and so Go earns its place on the list. It is an awesome drug-fueled Christmas-time coming-of-age story featuring raves, crashing weddings, stealing cars and more. Plus, it features some of the era's best young stars including William Fichtner, Katie Holmes, Jay Mohr, Sara Polley, Scott Wolf, Taye Digs, Breckin Meyer, Timothy Olyphant, and more awesome actors than I can name here. 


 anna and the apocalypse movie

Anna and the Apocalypse, 2018

The end is here so it's left to Anna and her friends to fight off zombies at Christmas. There's some great singing and dancing involved too, because it's Christmas time!

 christmas evil movie

Christmas Evil, 1980

Santa knows who's been naughty or nice and this certainly isn't your typical ho-ho-ho jolly fella', so watch out!

gremlins movie

Gremlins, 1984

It all started with searching for the perfect unique gift, everything goes wrong after they discover the what happens when the cute and cuddly mogwai isn't taken care of properly.

Just make sure not to feed them after midnight!

trading places movie

Trading Places, 1983

 Wealth vs poverty, friendship, and redemption are all themes explored in this Christmas classic.

the night before movie

The Night Before, 2015

Drugs, religious jokes, Christmas parties, and three men coming together to explore the true meaning of the season. What could possibly go wrong in this movie staring Joseph Gorden-Levitt, Seth Rogen, and Anthony Mackie as childhood friends who reunite on Christmas Eve in search for the best Christmas party in New York City!

metropolitan movie

Metropolitan, 1990

Set mostly during a Christmas party in New York, Metropolitan includes romance, strip poker, and explicit conversations between young wealthy people in Manhattan.

Adult Christmas Movies Meant As Christmas Movies:

 While the list above includes Christmas movies that some may not consider being Christmas movies since that's not really how they were designed. Instead, they simply used Christmas as a backdrop, others are explicitly developed as Christmas movies for adults to enjoy. While kids may watch and laugh at movies like the ones below. Adults will get the nuances and humor in a whole different way!

bad santa movie

Bad Santa, 2003

Billy Bob Thorton as a mall Santa ...

what more do you need to know?

 better watch out movie

Better Watch Out, 2017

Imagine Scream and Home Alone blended together and set during Christmas with the parents away. 

 home alone movie

Home Alone, 1990

They left him at home when the family went off on Christmas vacation, now Kevin has to fight off evil robbers all by himself.

 office christmas party

Office Christmas Party, 2016

Everyone knows the debauchery that can go on at your office Christmas party, but here's what can REALLY go on if you have nothing to lose.

 a bad moms christmas movie

A Bad Moms Christmas, 2017

Sequel to Bad Moms, now they are getting ready for Christmas.

 harold and kumar christmas movie

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, 2011

Best friends Harold and Kumar along with Neil Patrick Harris explore Christmas-time with the help of drugs and 3D special effects. 

Even More Santa and Christmas Themed Action & Horror Movies

There are way more Christmas movies for adults that deserve to be on this list, so here are some additional ones that deserve to be included as well.

Silent Night, Deadly Night (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), 1987

Krampus, 2015

Mother Krampus

The Dorm That Dripped Blood, 1982

Jack Frost, 1996

Silent Night, Deadly Night, 1984

While She Was Out, 2008

P2, 2007

Red Christmas, 2017

Nights Before Christmas, 2020

A Christmas Horror Story, 2015

Saint, 2011

The Gingerdead Man (Part 1, 2, 3)

What's your favorite adult Christmas movie?

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