how men can grow great looking long hair

Hair has been a symbol of masculine strength and virility for thousands of years. Think back to Biblical stories when Samson lost his power after an untimely haircut! While many things have changed since those days, one thing that hasn't it that women see long well-kept hair as being sexy and frankly a lot of guys do too. Don't worry though, we've put together a guide for how you can grow your hair long and look great.

When you see some of today’s famous men with long, luscious hair, you wonder how it could look on yourself. Be it Jason Momoa, Jared Leto, or Kit Harington, it’s hard not to immediately wish for flowing locks paired with some cool facial hair. Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that with patience and a bit of hard work, it’s possible to have long hair like Aquaman or Jon Snow. The bad news? It’s going to take some time and it’s not always an easy transition from short back and sides to a wild mane of hair.

Still, if you’ve got the determination and a profession where neat and tidy hair isn’t important (perhaps even a partner who likes guys with long hair), then it’s time to start growing and reaping the benefits! Here’s what you need to know if you’re a man that wants to grow out his hair.

Don’t Bother with Supplements and Oils

There are all sorts of companies selling special hair oils and supplements which claim to make hair grow faster than the speed of light, but don’t buy into it. A healthy diet, regular exercise, doses of vitamin D, and a good night’s sleep all help hair to grow thick and fast, but it’s really just time and persistence that will be your biggest allies here.

Keep Getting Regular Trims

You might think it’s counter-productive to cut your hair if your goal is to keep growing it, but hair needs trims to stay healthy and in good shape. Tell your hairdresser that you’d like to grow long hair and they’ll simply trim the ends and usually fix up the areas around your ears and neck, where it gets a bit unruly. Visiting the hairdresser roughly every three months is recommended.

If you think your usual barber doesn’t really have the expertise to handle long hair, then switch it up and find someone who knows the drill – it would be horrible to get a bad haircut and feel like you want to either start over or give up entirely on long hair.

how men can grow great looking long hair

Styling and Caring For Your Hair

Although there are some decent creams or pomades that are specifically made for men with longer hair, you might not need to use them much. The differences between styling product and no styling product is very subtle when growing your hair, but once it gets past your ears at least, you can begin to slick it back and experiment more with different parts. Unless you have a strong hair styling background (or unless you’re in an 80s glam rock tribute band), don’t worry too much about hairspray.

In terms of hair care, giving yourself a head massage now and then will help to stimulate the roots and encourage growth. Men’s hairstyles need a good amount of maintenance when they’re being grown out. Brushing your hair once or twice a week (but not when wet) is also a good way to keep the strands healthy and strong.

Using shampoo a couple of times a week is okay, but remember to bring conditioner into your routine in order to keep your hair moisturized – don’t use it on the scalp, only the middle and tips. Using dry shampoo is also a good way to give your hair a bit of bounce and to keep it clean when on the go. Skip the blow-dryer unless you’re in a major rush, as it can sometimes damage hair when overused and on high heat.

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Don’t Forget…

  • Long hair gets everywhere. You’ll have to vacuum and check the shower drain a lot more, as you’ll lose a few strands every day. Don’t worry, you’ve still got thousands more left on your head!
  • Hair grows a little bit faster in warmer weather, so try to go outside as much as possible and soak up those sweet rays. You’ll have to keep up with your hair care routine more in cold weather, as it can become dryer and more brittle if you expose it to the wind and freezing temperatures – luckily, it’s easy to wear a hat and still look great in winter.
  • Buy proper hair bands that don’t put strain on the hair. It feels like a milestone when you’re able to tie it back. Even if it’s a small bun or ponytail, it means progress!

Getting Through Awkward Phases and Bad Hair Days

There’s really no getting around the fact that your hair won’t look its best during the middle phases of growing – not quite short or long is tough to stomach. However, embrace the look and style it as best as you can, or simply wear a hat whenever possible! Remember your goals and look at male celebrities for inspiration for the final look you’re after. It can be a struggle, but the long, epic hair you’ll have in the end will be well worth it.